How Does an Omnichannel Contact Center Solution Make a Difference?

How Does an Omnichannel Contact Center Solution Make a Difference_

Your call center is the first point of contact for your customers. It is also the driving tool for your customer care team to deliver the best customer service, increase sales for your business, and boost your collection. Thus, it is essential to have the most reliable and powerful call center solution.

An omnichannel contact center solution is making its mark as a powerful system supporting businesses and making a huge difference.

1. Quick and efficient customer case handling

Unified communication channels are handy and cheap to access for end users. Thus, based on their preference and convenience, users use multiple communication channels. Businesses offering customer care or pre-sales support have to be available across all unified communication channels. An omnichannel call center solution makes it efficient and quick as agents don’t need to juggle among different platforms. With a single sign-on facility, agents can handle customer concerns in a more efficient and faster way.

2. Perfectly mapped the customer journey

As an omnichannel contact center solution uses a single platform to let you provide support via different communication channels, you can be rest assured that all conversations will be logged. This will help you map a complete customer journey to make important decisions related to marketing, sales, and customer care campaigns. This information can also help your agents to lead conversations with context-driven information.

3. Empowered agents

Agents need to communicate with tens of clients daily and if you add multiple communication channels for them to handle client conversations, it becomes way too complicated for them to handle conversations. The omnichannel call center software can ease out the stress on your agents as they will be able to handle all conversations within a single platform. In addition to that, they will also have a history of past conversations. This will help them handle all conversations in a better and more confident manner.

4. Better tracking

Whether you use an omnichannel call center solution or not, your customers will send you messages over different communication channels. In this case, it will become necessary to keep track of all customer conversations. It is possible to lose track of context if you are using independent platforms like WhatsApp, call center solution, Facebook, and more to respond to client queries. On the other hand, an omnichannel contact center solution will log all conversations within your call center solution. This will help you have a better track of the conversations you are having with your clients.

Wrap up

In a nutshell, having a feature-rich, omnichannel contact center solution can provide a more powerful tool for your agents and business to lead and drive client conversations in the right direction. You will also be able to answer queries across favorite communication channels of your clients. This will make a huge difference in the life of your clients, agents, and your business.

We have the most powerful omnichannel call center solution. Let us share more insightful information about this software in a free consultation call. Contact us.


Must Have Features in a Call Center Solution to Deliver Exceptional Customer Support

Must Have Features for Exceptional Customer Support

Customer experience has become a vital contributor to the success of a business. If your customers are unhappy, you are likely to lose your clients. An experienced team often helps in improving client satisfaction. In addition to that, using the right tools can contribute to elevated client experience and satisfaction. A call center solution is one of the known tools that help businesses to provide exceptional customer support.

You can find different call center solutions in the industry and all of them will have some similar and some different features. It is necessary to choose a contact center software that has the best features to support your aim of delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Following are the must have features in your call center software to support customer care operations.

1. AI voice analysis

AI voice analysis for call centers automates the job of assuring the quality of calls. This tool will review each call and rank it based on different performance criteria. From sentiments analysis to usage of correct or incorrect phrases, silence and verbose communication, etc. can be detected and highlighted by this tool. It works as a boon to measure the efforts of your strategy and agents to improve and enhance customer support.

2. Omnichannel communication

In the 21st century, it is impossible to neglect the importance of omnichannel communication. You must use an omnichannel call center solution to provide customer support across all touchpoints without getting your agents all over the place. The omnichannel contact center software can help you deliver customer services via different channels without leaving the window of a call center solution.

3. Advanced call distribution rules

In customer care or support center, it is a must have feature. The best call center solutions will have different and multiple automatic call distribution (ACD) features, but remember, you need advanced call routing strategies, which include, skill based routing and sticky agent. This can help you deliver a better customer experience.

4. Unified communication view

As customers use more than one communication channel, even if a customer support center uses an omnichannel call center solution, it becomes difficult to keep track of communication made via different channels. The disposition message may not provide added information. Thus, it is necessary to use a call center solution, which provides a single view of all customer interactions. For example, DialShree has a customer profiling feature that supports viewing all interactions via any mode of communication. This provides a holistic view to agents to deliver better and personalized responses.

5. Self serving features

There is no surprise that self serving features are a must in a contact center solution to deliver better customer support. Multiple customers prefer using these features to enhance their customer satisfaction and agent productivity altogether.

These are the must have features in your call center solution to provide satisfactory customer support to your clients. If you are looking for a complete contact center software that has all these features, then we have one of the most renowned solutions, DialShree. Contact us for more details and to book a demo.


Inbound Call Center Solution: Do’s and Don’ts to Boost CSAT Rate

Inbound Call Center Solution - Do's and Dont's to Boost CSAT Rate

Customer care is a crucial part of any business. The inbound call center solutions are used to boost customer satisfaction rate. An inbound contact center solution can be used to handle customer concerns and engage customers to improve customer satisfaction.

Even though inbound call center solutions offer the best features to handle clients more efficiently, the incorrect use of these features can cause negative customer emotions and reduce customer satisfaction (CSAT) rate.

To make sure you use your call center solution efficiently, you must know the major Do’s and Don’ts of the software.

Do’s of inbound call center solution

Use correct ACD

ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) is one of the best and most efficient features available in the call center solution to support customer care campaigns. This feature will have different call routing strategies like a sticky agent, skill-based routing, round robin, etc.

A call center must use the right ACD depending on the nature of the campaigns and goals to be converted. If a business uses any random feature, it can cause frustration in clients.

Personalize the conversation

If you are not already using the CRM widget in your call center solution, you must integrate the one. You should also use features like customer profiling to give the complete interaction history of a customer to the agent so agents can use this information about the client to personalize the conversation. Personalizing conversation can help in boosting client engagement and satisfaction.

Measure KPIs

You must measure the values of major key performance indicators to gauge how your customers are treated and if there is any way to improve this. The call center solutions offer multiple reports to clients and these reports can help in identifying strengths and weaknesses to handle major customer concerns with better responses.

Don’ts of inbound call center solution

A majority of customer care centers that use an inbound call center solution know don’t of the software, but still, here are the major points to keep in mind.

Don’t force self serving options

Many call centers want customers to use more and more self serving features available in the call center software to reduce call queues and load on agents. But, every time automation features cannot resolve client concerns.

Don’t increase the call transfer rate

Customers would have waited in the call queue already. Now, pushing them to wait while their call gets transferred and asking them to repeat the same story would add up to frustration. Thus, it is necessary to reduce the call transfer rate to a possible extent.

Don’t put customers on hold for long

Keeping customers on hold for too long also increases frustration among them, thus, it is recommended to avoid this practice. You can retrieve calls and inform clients that are taking a bit longer and stay on the call to keep the interaction live and not make customers feel ignored.

These are the top do’s and don’ts if you are using a call center solution to handle inbound customer concern calls. If you need the best call center software to handle customer care campaigns more efficiently, contact us.


Major Utilities of a Call Center Solution in the Banking Industry


A call center solution is one of the most useful telephony communication solutions gifted by VoIP. It is useful for all industry verticals. In this blog post, we will share the major utilities of a call center solution in the banking industry.

Banking and finance are major industries that use this software for their benefit. Therefore, you can find specifically designed and developed call center solutions for banks. This type of call center solution will have custom features to benefit and speed up banking operations. Thus, it is recommended to use a call center solution for banks instead of using any random contact center software.

1. Customer care

Customer support is one of the major operations in banks. From asking simple questions and queries related to account or check status to handling complex operations such as discussing discrepancies and credit card bills, blocking net banking access, and many other operations require support from the banks and small finance companies.

The custom feature in a call center solution for banks can help in handling all sorts of banking customer care campaigns. Some of the features can even help in automating the job of handling client support in Fintech organizations.

2. Sales of banking products

Similar to multiple other industries, banks, and other finance companies run different campaigns to increase sales of banking products like:

  • Commercial and saving account opening
  • Credit cards
  • Loans (Personal, home, automobile, business, etc.)
  • And more

To increase sales, the banking agents need to reach more and more clients and pursue them to buy the banking products. The major outbound calling features available in the on-premise or cloud contact center solution for banks can help in increasing results.

3. Collection for loans, credit card bills, and more

Banks and similar finance companies need to run dedicated campaigns to increase the collection of due amounts for loans, credit card bills, etc. The contact center software for banks will have an exclusive module, called, the collection module. This module automates multiple tasks related to collection campaigns for banks. Moreover, it provides specific features to help agents in the process of grouping clients depending on their group, auto calling to increase reach, and boosting collection with payment utility available in the collection module for banking call center software.

Wrap Up

These are three major utilities of a contact center solution in the bank. As banks need to connect with clients via different modes of communication, it is necessary for banks to use an omnichannel contact center solution. This can help in increasing the utilities of this software. For example, the SMS helps in sending an SMS with broadcasting related to system maintenance that may affect net banking during specific hours of the day. Likewise, call center social media integration helps in responding to comments and concerns of clients shared on social media.

We are one of the leading telephony and unified communication solution providers. We have benefited several industries with our communication solutions. We have built the best unified communication tools to enhance banking operations and communication, which includes an omnichannel call center solution. For more details, contact us.


Major Productivity Hacks Each Call Center Must Know

Call center agents are associated with the hustle and bustle of delighting angry customers. At the same time, they need to keep learning about newly added features in the contact center solution and other technical tools.

There are some easy hacks that agents can try to increase productivity without hampering routine performance. All they need to do is use some amazing features available in a call center solution correctly.

1. Use auto dialers

The urge of dialing a number that is received during a live call for a reference sale is often high. However, it is necessary to save each second of productive hours. Adding all leads and customer numbers in the auto dialers available in the call center software is necessary. Auto dialers like predictive dialer dial numbers automatically and assign the calls to agents only if customers are connected directly. This saves a lot of time that can be used in increasing productive hours.

2. Schedule automated callbacks

Receiving callback requests is common in any business. In a contact center, agents can manually dial a number or use the automated callback feature. It is noted that only advanced call center solutions like DialShree offers automatic callback with advanced options. It is necessary to use an automated callback to save the time of remembering the callback schedule and call a customer exactly at the requested time.

3. Use CRM integrated call center solution and customer profiling feature

Customer profiling is an advanced feature that gives an overview of all interactions a customer had with different agents in the call center. You can find this feature only in advanced call center software like DialShree. This feature shows all past touchpoints of customer interaction to let agents quickly understand the behavior pattern of a customer and deliver a personalized resolution.

In addition to that, if a call center invests in call center CRM integration, agents can use a CRM integrated call center solution. This software shows more details about a customer to the agent, so the agent can personalize responses.

Both of these options help in increasing the first call resolution (FCR) rate along with customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

4. Take advantage of self-assessment features

Not all call center solutions offer self-assessment features for agents, but it is necessary to have this feature to help supervisors increase their productivity, too. Some of the common self-assessment features available in a call center solution are call recording and playback of agent’s calls, agent statistics, agent reports, etc. Agents can monitor their own performance and make the required enhancements and improvements to boost productivity and performance.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, using a call center solution and its major features, productivity can be increased with ease. We have shared the top five tips that agents can use to boost their productivity using an advanced call center solution. There are many more features this software offers, which can be used to boost not only agent productivity, but also other KPIs in a business.

We have a call center solution that offers multiple features to enhance team productivity to reduce expenses and increase ROI. Contact us to book a free demo.


How Predictive Dialer Drives Increased ROI?


Call centers actively experiment with the latest technological advances to increase their efficiency as to successfully gain promising prospects and achieve maximum ROI. Automated systems, with their lightning speed of computing, can meet these standards easily. Predictive dialer is an advanced dialer available in the call center solution that can be used to boost the out-turn. Predictive dialer packs extensive functions in one software like client availability prediction, fast-dialing, back-to-back calling mechanism, and other important features. Its algorithms are designed to target various aspects of the requirements of call centers individually. The call center solution will not only assist the agent in making a number of successful calls, but also reduce the delay due to manual tasks with automation. Below are the key features of this call center software:

A. Feedback Tracking

This is the most important metric that every call center wants to record in order to analyze the performance of individual agents. A number of metrics such as the number of calls, duration of calls, customer satisfaction and much more can be measured through this software. Using the call center solution, the supervisor can review the effectiveness of the employees and take decisions accordingly.

B. Faster Operations

With an automated system, manual tasks are cut to a great extent and so is the hold-up they cause. An environment where agents have predictions at their disposal to manipulate can increase their efficiency big time. Agents can also schedule a call with the next client as the current one approaches completion, hence making the most out of every second.

C. Boost Agent Competency

Predictive dialer notifies an agent when a client is available to take the call, thus avoiding vain attempts. Earlier, an agent would have to keep a record of each unsuccessful call and dial them again later. However, with this auto dialer of the call center solution, an agent can reach the client when they are available to avoid inconvenience at both ends. This keeps the agent motivated and also, boosts the proficiency of their work.

D. Greater ROI

The predictive algorithm utilizes the VoIP to predict varied aspects like current call completion and availability of the next client. Such predictions can help the agent to skip busy clients and reach the clients that are currently available to take calls. It ensures that no time or effort is wasted and maximum clients are reached per day. With smart algorithms and the latest technology, increased ROI is guaranteed by this call center solution.

Increased competition in the call center business demands to push the boundaries to get ahead in the race. Automation of minor tasks and smart predictions can help save a large amount of time, which can be skillfully implemented towards more weighted applications. The call center solution can help call centers achieve multiple industrial goals while ensuring a convenient experience for agents as well as clients. According to research, predictive dialers can almost double the efficiency of the agents. Efficiency and ROI of call centers are observed to increase with the use of such an advanced call center solution with a predictive dialer.

Looking for an advanced call center software with predictive dialer and other advanced features? Contact us for more details.


3 Biggest Challenges Faced By Contact Centers and Their Solutions


At this moment, the business of contact center is at peak. The main reason behind this is the fact that this industry is growing very fast and also, people have started paying more attention to the customer support. These days, businesses are relying on the call centers and have started to outsource their customer care services to contact center service providers. The contact centers are getting more opportunities both, from an operational standpoint and a technological one. As businesses are adopting the best practices and all the latest solutions, in order to support their customers, employees, and organizations as a whole, contact centers are facing a number of challenges. From this article, you will get to know what the challenges are and how you can deal with them!

1. Poorly trained staff

A single incident of unprofessionalism or a single word out of anger can lead you to disaster. Your business can be affected negatively if you have supervisors or agents who are trained poorly. You need to take this very seriously. There are a number of things that you can do to deal with this issue. The first thing that you need to do is to hire a highly qualified team that can recruit the right individuals. In order to make sure that your employees are well-aware of the company and its different offerings, you need to create in-depth training programs. Coach them on how to use advanced QA tools and let them use the tools that they need such as CTI, easy-to-use dialers, click-to-call etc.

2. Poor cross-departmental collaboration

There are many contact centers that are greatly affected by poor cross-departmental collaboration. As it relates to both customer service and sales, it can affect your employees’ ability to meet customer expectations and needs. They cannot meet the customer’s need on the first call, as they fail to access systems data quickly. You can resolve this issue to a great extent by integrating various database management solutions that can be used across an organization, from marketing automation to accounting, to call center software; or integrate call center solution with the CRM system – giving all your employees a complete view of each of your customers.

3. Poor infrastructure

Poor infrastructure can be regarded as one of the biggest issues that can mar the growth of your business. You need to upgrade to advanced tools and use advanced technology. For any contact center, one of the most essential tools is an advanced contact center solution. Make sure that you are using an updated call center software, with the help of which, your employees will get to use both simple as well as advanced features. This will make it a whole lot easier for your employees to help your customers with professional assistance and quick response. Also, this will contribute a lot in the increased ROI of your business.

The cost of such losses can be huge. Don’t want your business to face such challenges? Then, get our contact center solution and/or integration service for call center and CRM system from experts, and see your business reap profits. Contact us today!


How to Transform Your Call Center Digitally?

Tips to Transform Your Call Center Digitally

Digitization is not just a trend; it is a whole wave that has touched all industries and each individual in the world. More than 50% of businesses across the globe in more than 78% of industries have started using digital solutions and adopting 100% digital operational models.

Call centers have been using the best call center solutions and running their inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns digitally. With the technological shifts and multiple other advantages, more options to transform a business digitally are available for call centers.

If you are using traditional call center software or if you have not yet moved your call center digital at all, here are the top tips to follow to transform your call center digitally.

Cloud call center solution

A cloud contact center solution should be your first choice if you want to transform your call center digitally. The cloud contact center software will eliminate the need for physical space, server, wiring, etc. It will set up the call center solution in the cloud space. Moreover, you can let your agent work remotely by accessing this software.

Omnichannel call center software

Along with using a digital approach to set up your call center solution, you must also adopt digital channels for your software. All digital communication channels and platforms used by the top businesses have to be part of your call center solution. The software for call centers with unified communication support is known as an omnichannel call center solution. To deliver a digital customer experience, your omnichannel solution must-have social media, WhatsApp, video call, chat, SMS, email, voice call, and fax support.

AI voice analysis

Digitization helps in optimizing and automating processes. The call center software providers add multiple features and add-ons to support automation and optimization. The AI voice analysis for call centers is one of the must-have tools for your contact center. It will automate the whole process of analyzing all calls and quality assurance. It has an array of features to benefit call centers in the process of increasing the quality of service and quality of the call.


Digitization helps in benefiting call centers to use a comprehensive and all-inclusive call center solution. You can take the help from a call center software provider to integrate all solutions you use for your business. For example, if you are using a CRM system along with a call center solution, you must invest in call center CRM integration to use an integrated platform. This comprehensive system will eliminate repetitive and monotonous jobs. Moreover, it streamlines all operations. If you are using the right call center software, you can integrate any other software or API with that platform.

The top technology tools can simplify your journey of transforming the call center digitally. We are one of the leading call center software providers that offer the best call center solution along with multiple other tools, technologies, and services. We can provide the best and most comprehensive digital solution, as well as, help you move digital using call center technologies. Contact us to discuss your requirements and book a free demo of our digitized contact center software and tools.


Omnichannel Contact Center Solution: Redefining the Future

Omnichannel Contact Center Best Practices for Customer Experience

The world is moving faster with technological advancement. These technological advancements have made our lives simpler and faster. That’s the reason today’s consumers need a fast response in one go. They are more impatient and need faster support services. This has increased challenges for customer care and support center. However, these issues can be resolved with the omnichannel contact center software. The amazing range of features made it loved by consumers as well as users. It has been predicted by the industry leaders that the omnichannel call center solution is the future. Let us share the top reasons for the popularity of this solution:

A single solution to manage complete customer support

The omnichannel contact center software is an all-in-one solution for any small to big call center or customer support center. It is furnished with all advanced tools and communication modes a customer care center would require to provide holistic support to the customers. It eliminates the requirement of additional software and hardware which decreases capital investment and ongoing maintenance costs. For example, this type of contact center solution has a WebRTC-based web phone, which eliminates the need for softphones and IP Phones. Now, a contact center can give web to web calling features to its customers. There are many as such features which reduce the operational cost of the owners and increase the quality of service (QoS), which made it the perfect solution for business investors and owners.

Match pace with the latest trends

The omnichannel contact center solution supports all recent technological trends. For example, the contact center solution can get set up over the cloud to ensure the availability of data all the time. That type of call center software is known as a cloud contact center solution. Also, it supports the latest security mechanisms, browser-based calling, and other trends to give a foolproof solution to both consumers and users.

Boost customer satisfaction

The omnichannel contact center solution is furnished with the advancements and different communication channels so it can delight each type of customer. Also, it adds many tools of self-serving so the customers no longer need to stay in the call queue; they can fulfill their requirements on their own. Advanced communication feature such as video calling helps in increasing the satisfaction of tech-savvy consumers. Furthermore, the texting mode of communication gratifies the millennial who prefers texting over voice calls according to the study results. The omnichannel contact center solution also has features such as a sticky agent and skill-based routing, which ensure the best customer experience.

The omnichannel contact center solution satisfies the business need of call centers and customer support centers. Also, it meets the preferences of the customers of the businesses aka customer care and customer support centers which make it the future contact center solution for any industry.

Want to know more about the omnichannel contact center solution? Get in touch with the experts to book a free mode and explore more about these solutions.


Major Features to Boost ROI of Your Outbound Call Center

Boost ROI of Your Outbound Call Center

Outbound call centers perform amazingly well for sales, telemarketing, cold calling, collection, and multiple other types of campaigns. The outbound contact center solutions provided by the top call center software providers are loaded with an array of amazing features that can take the ROI graph higher.

Let’s explore more about the major features of the call center solution that boost outbound call center’s ROI.

1. Predictive dialer

An outbound call center solution provides an array of auto dialers like a progressive dialer, preview dialer, power dialer, etc. The predictive dialer is one of the most advanced auto dialer solutions. It predicts the availability of agents and call connect rate. It makes sure as soon as an agent is ready to take the call, the next call is allocated to him. This helps in boosting productivity, which will increase sales and reduce expenses to boost ROI.

2. Collection module

This module is available for collection agencies. The call center collection integration provides automation in multiple jobs related to the collection. This helps in maximizing collection with the available manpower and other resources.

3. Truecaller phone number verification

The Truecaller business number verification helps in positioning a positive business brand. This helps in increasing the call connect rate up to 75%. This increases sales conversations and sales to boost ROI.

4. Agent call script

The outbound call center solutions provide customized campaign-based call scripts for agents. This helps in offering the required support with an easy-to-skim script. The agent call script helps in converting leads into sales or customers.

5. Voice and SMS broadcasting

Call center automation always helps in enhancing resource optimization and productivity-boosting. The best outbound call center software provides multiple automation features. SMS and voice broadcasting features help in sending the same promotional message to all customers without occupying agents in the calls with customers. This helps in boosting agent productivity and performance.

6. Callback scheduling

The call center software with outbound campaigns also helps in scheduling callbacks automatically. This feature adds the number to the list of phone numbers to be auto dialed by the auto dialer like a predictive dialer or a power dialer. This ensures that all follow-up calls from the customers are generated at the right time without any misses. This not only enhances the brand image, but also increases the sales and goal conversions.

The call center solutions offer an array of features to benefit different campaigns and businesses. The outbound contact center software provides various other features along with the top six mentioned in this blog post. These features help in enhancing the results of the software and boosting ROI.

We have built the most powerful call center software with omnichannel communication, Truecaller business number verification, AI voice analysis, and multiple other amazing features that can help you boost your ROI even higher. This software is available as a licensed and rental solution. Contact us to book a free demo of this outbound contact center solution.


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