A Complete Guide to Call Center Dialer

Complete Guide to Call Center Dialer

An omnichannel contact center solution is a radical business tool for call centers. It often comes with modern and advanced features to empower inbound, outbound, and blended calling campaigns. The call center dialer is one of the major features available in this software to support outbound campaigns in general. It can improve the value of inbound and blended campaigns, too. It means it is a general purpose and widespread system benefiting call centers to improve performance metrics.

In this blog post, we will explore details about the call center dialers with some really interesting insight.

In this blog, we have covered:

  1. What is a dialer in a call center?
  2. How many types of dialers are available in the call center software?
  3. What are the major types of auto dialers?
  4. Which is the best call center dialer for a call center?
  5. Why is it important to have a dialer in a call center?
  6. How to choose the right dialer for your call center?
  7. Conclusion

Let’s delve deeper into this interesting and insightful subject matter.

1. What is a dialer in a call center?

In general, a dialer is an automated system integrated into a call center solution to automate the process of making outbound calls. The automated process is often considered a boon because it eliminates the need to manually retrieve phone numbers from the database or list and make calls. In fact, some call center dialer systems are extremely intelligent such as predictive dialing and use different algorithms to automatically dial and connect the call to customers which leads to improved values of various KPIs.

This process can also be manual, which lets agents make calls manually using a dial pad. As this system is so much popular along with having as one of the features in on-premise or cloud call center software, it is also available as an independent dialing software solution.

The major goal converted by the call center dialers is to improve the efficiency of an important process of connecting agents with the customers or leads in call centers. This helps in improving various KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for a business. This is the reason the adoption rate of this software is quite high.

This feature is also referred to as sales dialer solution, phone dialer, call center dialer software, and several other names. But ultimately, each name signifies the same software.

2. How many types of dialers are available in the call center software?

In general, a call center dialer can be of two types:

A.       Automated and

B.       Manual

Due to the massive popularity of automated dialers, when people refer to call center dialer software, they refer to the automated system. There are multiple types of automated dialers in the contact center. Depending on the provider of the software, one can have a different number of dialing options in their software.

3. What are the major types of auto dialers?

As mentioned, the number of dialers may vary depending on the provider and the dialing software you use. However, there are 4 major types of call center dialers that you must consider if you are wondering whether to upgrade your existing system or want to get the new call center dialer software.

A. Auto dialer

It is one of the most basic types of automated dialers available in the software. As the name suggests, it automatically dials the numbers in a sequence one by one. It waits for an agent to finish his or her ongoing call. Once the agent gives the signal, this dialer for call centers retrieves the number from the list and dials it automatically. The agent will listen to the dialing tone, ringing phone, etc., and wait until the customer attends the call. In case the customer cannot be reached, the whole process will be repeated for the next number.

Benefits and drawbacks of auto dialer:


·         It saves time for agents from manual dialing.

·         It eliminates man made errors of dialing phones automatically.


·         Even if it is an automated dialing system, it is quite slow compared to other types of dialers.

B. Predictive dialer

It is also referred to as a rapid dialer because it rapidly dials numbers. It is the most advanced form of call center dialer. Unlike other dialer types, this is the most intelligent phone dialer. The reason is it can generate a prediction ratio that identifies the average dialing time and pick up time of the customer. It also predicts the average talk time of agents. Depending on that it creates a predictive dialing ratio and dials multiple numbers. It is the only dialer for call centers that dials multiple numbers in one go to connect with the client. Moreover, it is the only automated dialing system that dials the phone number even before the availability of agents. As soon as an agent is available for the next call, this dialer will have the next call ready for that agent.

It means there are some amazing functionalities associated with this dialing system and it is not available with any other dialer in a call center system. It can also detect answering machines, busy tones, unreachable numbers, etc., and based on that dials the next slot of phone numbers to be available with a call connected to a human.

Benefits and drawbacks of predictive dialer:


·         It can accelerate the productivity of agents to another level.

·         It can save a lot of time for agents.

·         It speeds up the dialing process and increases the reach rate.

·         It can increase major KPIs like the number of calls per agent, average talk time, average connection rate, etc. It also reduces the average idle time for agents to add up to the dialing rate.

·         It helps in boosting the overall performance of all agents along with individual agents.

·         It can increase the performance of a campaign and call center.

·         It increases goal conversion like leads, sales, collection, and more.


·         It may increase the call abandoned rate if the agent does not connect to the call immediately after a customer is connected.

·         It can contribute to the negative brand image if not used correctly.

·         It may increase the pressure and stress on agents, which may lead to reduced morale and motivation.

·         In some countries, the use of predictive dialing is abided by legislation and may lead to some legal consequences.

C. Preview dialer

As the name suggests, this call center dialer shows the preview of the lead to be contacted. This makes it unique in its type and beneficial in some specific types of outbound campaigns. It is not a 100% automatic dialer because it has an added step to be taken by an agent to make an automatic call. Once the agent shows the availability to take the next call, this automatic dialer will retrieve one number from the contact list. Moreover, it will fetch the basic or vital details about that lead from the dialer in call centers or if the system is integrated with a CRM system, it will fetch details from the CRM system. These details of the lead will be shown to an agent to study the lead to be contacted and prepare himself or herself for that call. The agent also has an option to “Accept” or “Skip” the call. On clicking the “Accept” option, this dialing system will automatically dial the call and once the human is connected, it will assign it to the agent. In case, if an agent clicks on the “Skip” button, then the system will skip that lead for that agent and may assign it to another agent. For this agent, it will repeat the process of retrieving the next number and its information to show in a preview window.

The advanced preview dialer will have 2 added options called dialing time for the agent as briefed below:

·         Timeout dialing. It means for a specific time period the preview of the lead will be displayed to the agent. Once the timeout happens, the number will be automatically dialed by the system. In this case, an agent may or may not have the skip option.

·         Selection based dialing. It is a common preview dialing mode in which the agent is not abided by the time limit. Depending on his or her own pace, one can choose to dial the number or skip it. It means the agent can read the preview for an unlimited time period.

Benefits and drawbacks of preview dialer:


·         Reviewing previews for customers can help in gaining insight into the lead with whom the agent will have a discussion. This can give the required morale boost and knowledge to convert more leads into sales.

·         It can make more goal conversions.

·         It boosts the morale of agents.


·         It can reduce the dialing pace compared to other auto dialing options.

·         It may reduce agent productivity.

·         It may be a waste of time.

·         It may result in the wrong usage of resources by agents.

D. Progressive dialer

It is another fundamental automated dialer available in the auto dialing software or solutions for call centers. It also waits for agents to show availability to take the next call and once agents show the green signal, it retrieves the phone number in a progressive manner and dials the next number. The advanced progressive dialer can identify an interactive voice response system, answering machine, etc.

Benefits and drawbacks of progressive dialer:


·         It reduces the number of dropped calls.

·         It improves customer experience.

·         It boosts the morale of agents.

·         It increases productivity moderately.


·         It can waste some resources as the process is slow.

·         It may connect to the customer when they are not ready to have a conversation.

·         It may increase the callback request ratio.

E. Power dialer

It is a basic auto dialer, but with an advanced algorithm. Instead of waiting for an agent to show availability, this system will dial the next number as soon as the agent hangs up an ongoing call. It means the agent might still be doing the disposition or admin job after completing the call, but meanwhile, this dialer in call centers will automatically dial the next number. As soon as an agent is available, a power dialer will also be available with the next call already connected to a human. This dialing system can also detect answering machines, voicemails, etc., and bypass those calls.

Benefits and drawbacks of power dialer:


·         It increases the number of calls per hour.

·         It increases agent to customer dialing ratio.

·         It increases agent productivity.

·         It increases performance and resource utilization in a call center.


·         Agents may have some wait time for the next call, which would affect overall productivity.

·         It may increase the call drop ratio.

4. Which is the best call center dialer for a call center?

In general, predictive dialing is considered to be the best dialer for call centers as it can increase multiple KPIs. Even if there is a risk of increased abandoned and drop call rate, there is always an option to automatically or manually control the predictive dialing pace to reduce the negative impact of predictive dialing. However, this might not be true in all cases. Each dialer has its own pros and cons, as well as applications in a call center. Thus, depending on the business needs, goals to be targeted, and nature of the campaign, a dialer can be the best call center dialer. You can read the top guides about selecting the right dialer for your business or you can choose to experiment with different dialers for campaigns to review, which one works the best for you and your campaigns.

5. Why is it important to have a dialer in a call center?

Due to multiple reasons, it is necessary to have a dialer in the call center. The basic need for implementing a dialing system in the call center is to increase the overall performance of the business, agents, and campaigns.

Let’s understand the real importance of the dialer based on the example backed by the statistics. As per the statistical result shared by Hubspot, on average a sales agent makes 8 cold calls to reach a real prospect. The same statistical result also mentions that on average, 15% of the time the agents get spent leaving voicemail messages. This signifies that each month, a call center wastes around 36 hours every month. This is a huge loss for a call center as this is a complete waste of time and resources.

Different call center dialers can boost not only the calling rate, but it can also identify voicemails and answering machines and bypass them for agents. That means a majority of the time agents get connected with a human. In the case of using a predictive dialer, it removes all calls that are not connected to the agents and only connects human attended calls to the agents to make agents more productive and resourceful. Depending on the target audience type and type of dialer used, the system can reap benefits for call centers. This makes it necessary to use them in any call center.

6. How to choose the right dialer for your call center?

A manual dialer is chosen based on various factors such as:

  • When an agent receives a lead during a live call and wants to dial it immediately.
  • When an agent does not have the right to add a number to the lead list.
  • When an agent is instructed to do so.

The selection of the right automated dialer is not as straightforward as it is for a manual dialer. There are some really vital driving factors that one needs to keep in mind to choose the right dialer for a call center. The following are the top factors to keep in mind to select the best auto dialer to maximize returns:

  • Campaign objective: collection, cold calling, sales, customer care, survey, lead generation, etc.
  • Total manpower: Available agents, active agents, active supervisors, etc.
  • Customer Avatar: Existing clients, prospects, reference leads, cold leads, defaulters, etc.
  • Type of lead source: Website, old database, reference, existing customer base, etc.

All these factors need to be compared together for the selection of the best dialer. For example, you have more than 100 active agents and a sales database collected from a third party website for cold calling. Your customers are strangers. In this case, using a predictive dialer can be the most beneficial option.

You can refer to the online articles that give detailed information about each dialer and the best use cases of that dialer along with considering tips shared in this article. You can also run an experimental auto dialing campaign with two campaigns and the same segment of leads to monitor which gives you the best results.

7. Conclusion

The dialing system is amazing in its all forms and it actually benefits call centers. This is the reason it has become necessary to use them in all outbound campaigns. They can also be used in some selective inbound and blended campaigns depending on the nature of the business and campaign. Even a manual dialer has a vital role to play in the call center.

The function of retrieving numbers and making calls is just one part performed by this system. There can be multiple other jobs that this dialing system can do in association with other features available in the software such as showing a call script to agents, recording calls, using CTI features during a live call, using soundboard Avatars, and more.

Elision Technologies have the best call center dialers integrated into its topmost contact center solution, which is popularly known as DialShree. DialShree has amazing and advanced dialers that have already backed different call centers to improve major KPIs and overall performance and revenue. You can experience how they make a real difference in the lives of their users in a live demo and live Q&A session with our business development team. So what are you waiting for? Book a Free Demo Now!


Phone Number Masking, The Definitive Guide: What, Why and How

Phone Number Masking, The Definitive Guide: What, Why and How

Security and privacy are two major concerns of businesses and end users. The phone number is one of the most exposed items in today’s digital world. From registering for a simple app like WhatsApp to making purchases online, paying money digitally, looking for directions, or even some other tasks, consumers use their phones and in more than 80% of cases, they need to use their phone number. This exposes their phone number to many sources and often, these consumers fall victim to data breach, stealing, and misuse. Thus, using masked phone numbers has become inevitable.

If we talk about businesses, the legislation has become stiffer towards them. Companies that deal directly with consumers via telecommunication have to follow certain security measures set by the government to keep consumer data protected. Phone number masking can be a great way to do that.

We will cover all aforementioned points in this blog post to give you insight into this really important tool that any business can use to protect the interest of its customers, business, as well as, agents.

What is phone masking?

Many companies run telemarketing and customer care campaigns, in which it exposes the complete database of client details. On the other hand, utility apps and on-demand services like cab services, food service, etc. usually connect the agent and customer with each other. This exposes the number of both parties. This often causes various issues along with data theft and misuse threats. To prevent this major challenge, phone number masking is used by businesses to add an added layer of security to protect the interest of everyone.

In simple words, phone masking is the process of hiding the real phone number of two parties that are communicating with each other using their own phone devices and numbers. The number displayed on the caller ID of the next person is called a masked or encrypted phone number.

If we look at the technicalities, then it is one of the powerful VOIP solutions that create a communication bridge between an agent and customer who are indulged in a conversation. A third party bridge gets created by the provider and a proxy number is displayed to the caller and callee. This way both parties can have a conversation without disclosing the real phone number to each other.

How does it work?

The concept of phone masking has been in the industry for many years, but now due to the increasing demand for secure communication and the inclining favor of consumers toward data privacy, this concept has become more popular. There are many companies that offer either a solution or phone numbers that are masked. Your business can choose to use either the number or solution depending on the application and utilities of these numbers.

How does phone number masking work?
How does phone number masking work?

You must be curious about the fact that how this whole concept works. Here is a stepwise guide on how it works that is simplified by our experts for you.

  • There will be a pool of short lived masked phone numbers.
  • Whenever there is communication needed, one of the numbers from the mentioned pool of numbers will be picked by the system automatically. To use this facility, the customer and agent have to communicate via your application that has this facility of masking the phone numbers of both parties
  • This number will act as a bridge between the customer and the agent and their calls will be routed and connected with each other via this proxy number. Both can have a conversation as they would have normally
  • Once the call is completed and disconnected, the proxy number will be removed from the list and discarded.

This means at the end of the conversation neither the agent nor the customer will be able to connect with each other using the same number. If they need to reconnect, they can by using your business app, which will generate another bridge for communication.

Why should a business use masked phone numbers?

There are multiple reasons to use this mechanism and the top 3 reasons to use these numbers are briefly explained hereunder:

A. Data privacy

As we have been emphasizing, the first and foremost reason to use this number is data privacy. It will protect the phone numbers of your clients as well as your agents from any mishaps. Neither a third party hacker nor your own agent or customer can misuse the contact details, which can blot your brand name. All thanks to phone number masking.

B. Protected business model

In India and many other countries, stealing clients is common for cheap benefits. The phone number maskings help in protecting your business and revenue from this kind of issue. As nobody gets the actual phone number, further discussions on making cheap deals are near to impossible. This helps in protecting your business, revenue, and business model.

C. Simplified call tracking

Many businesses need to track calls to ensure the quality of service other than other business advantages. If your agents’ direct numbers are involved, it becomes difficult to record all calls for quality checking. However, with a phone number masking solution, this is easy. You can log all call details, as well as, you can record each call to analyze them later on for quality assurance.

Common utilities of phone number maskings

There are several use cases of phone number masking in today’s digitized and mobile world. Three major utilities are briefly explained hereunder:

1. Call center

One of the major use cases of this concept is in call centers. By masking the numbers of customers and showing a proxy number to agents in the call center solution, call centers can protect the interest of clients. In inbound, outbound, or blended campaigns, the numbers of clients will not be shown to the agents.

2. Cab services

Communication between a cab driver and a customer can be made easier with the proxy numbers. Whether a cab driver is stuck in traffic or if the pinned location needs to be changed by the customer, proxy numbers can help them communicate flawlessly without any hassle.

3. Delivery services

Whether you offer food delivery, couriers, or any other type of delivery service, your team will need to communicate with your customers for directions, availability, etc. The masked numbers will make it easier for them to catch up and deliver things on time.

Wrap up

Phone number masking not only gives security to your customers, but it also gives them the confidence to use your offerings as they find them safe. Moreover, they can leverage several other advantages by keeping their identity anonymous. On the other hand, with this nominal investment, your business can build a secure business brand that only emphasizes quality of service, but also emphasizes quality of experience. You would be one of those top brands that care for their employees and customers.

We, Elision Technologies, offer the best phone number masking for several businesses. There are already several utilities, on-demand, banking, and other businesses that use phone number maskings from our business. Let our team share more details, use cases, and advantages of this concept in regard to your business. So what are you waiting for? Book a demo Now!


Elision Will Exhibit DialShree: Omnichannel Contact Center Solution Driven by AI Features at GITEX 2022

Elision at GITEX 2022

We, Elision, are excited that we are going to be part of one of the leading trade shows and conferences in Asia and the world. We will be participating in GITEX as one of the exhibitors. Our team will showcase our top products and solutions during our exhibition on GITEX Global 2022.

Stand number: H6A-3

Venue: Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai

Date: 10 – 14 Oct 22

We are excited to be part of this event and showcase our top products and solutions to our stand visitors. DialShree: Omnichannel Contact Center Solution is one of the top and most popular unified communication products of Elision. We have been catering to businesses with this top solution.

“Customer care has been one of the integral aspects of businesses and an omnichannel contact center solution can help businesses level up their customer care game. Businesses can deliver excellent customer care services across different communication channels, more specifically, the favorite communication channel of their clients. It can also help agents to drive context-driven communication with the customers to make it a more meaningful business call. There are several advantages of using this software. We are going to showcase these benefits to our stand visitors and explain how they can benefit their organization. There is a huge need for this software in Dubai and other UAE-based countries. We are excited that we will be part of it”, shared the spokesperson of Elision.

DialShree: omnichannel call center solution is used by the leading brands worldwide. It has empowered several industry verticals. A single system can be used to run inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. This provides ease of management to businesses as they don’t need to invest in multiple tools to handle different types of business calling campaigns.

DialShree supports all unified communication channels into a single call center solution to provide a truly reliable omnichannel contact center solution:

  • Voice call
  • Video call
  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Social media
  • WhatsApp
  • Screen sharing
  • Web forms

It is an on-premise and cloud-based call center solution. Thus, a business can take advantage of its preferred hosting model.

One of the major USPs of DialShree: omnichannel contact center solution is that it is empowered with artificial intelligence-based features. It can automate the job of analyzing all calls for quality criteria using AI features.

Following are the AI-driven feature available in this AI call center solution with omnichannel communication support:

  • Call analysis (overall and individual)
  • Voice sentiment analysis
  • Voice emotion analysis
  • Call scoring (overall and individual)
  • Call transcript with speech-to-text converter
  • Call flow analysis
  • Silence detection
  • Over-talk detection
  • Agent scorecard
  • And more

In a nutshell, DialShree is a powerful omnichannel contact center solution, which will be showcased from H6A-3 to the stand visitors. To know more about our participation in GITEX or to book a personal meeting with our team, click here.


How Does an Omnichannel Contact Center Solution Make a Difference?

How Does an Omnichannel Contact Center Solution Make a Difference_

Your call center is the first point of contact for your customers. It is also the driving tool for your customer care team to deliver the best customer service, increase sales for your business, and boost your collection. Thus, it is essential to have the most reliable and powerful call center solution.

An omnichannel contact center solution is making its mark as a powerful system supporting businesses and making a huge difference.

1. Quick and efficient customer case handling

Unified communication channels are handy and cheap to access for end users. Thus, based on their preference and convenience, users use multiple communication channels. Businesses offering customer care or pre-sales support have to be available across all unified communication channels. An omnichannel call center solution makes it efficient and quick as agents don’t need to juggle among different platforms. With a single sign-on facility, agents can handle customer concerns in a more efficient and faster way.

2. Perfectly mapped the customer journey

As an omnichannel contact center solution uses a single platform to let you provide support via different communication channels, you can be rest assured that all conversations will be logged. This will help you map a complete customer journey to make important decisions related to marketing, sales, and customer care campaigns. This information can also help your agents to lead conversations with context-driven information.

3. Empowered agents

Agents need to communicate with tens of clients daily and if you add multiple communication channels for them to handle client conversations, it becomes way too complicated for them to handle conversations. The omnichannel call center software can ease out the stress on your agents as they will be able to handle all conversations within a single platform. In addition to that, they will also have a history of past conversations. This will help them handle all conversations in a better and more confident manner.

4. Better tracking

Whether you use an omnichannel call center solution or not, your customers will send you messages over different communication channels. In this case, it will become necessary to keep track of all customer conversations. It is possible to lose track of context if you are using independent platforms like WhatsApp, call center solution, Facebook, and more to respond to client queries. On the other hand, an omnichannel contact center solution will log all conversations within your call center solution. This will help you have a better track of the conversations you are having with your clients.

Wrap up

In a nutshell, having a feature-rich, omnichannel contact center solution can provide a more powerful tool for your agents and business to lead and drive client conversations in the right direction. You will also be able to answer queries across favorite communication channels of your clients. This will make a huge difference in the life of your clients, agents, and your business.

We have the most powerful omnichannel call center solution. Let us share more insightful information about this software in a free consultation call. Contact us.


How Can Elision Improve Communication in the Banking Industry?

Elision Improve Banking Communication for Banks

The banking industry needs to make a secure and intelligent connection with clients to retain them and constantly improve the customer experience with reliable banking communication. To improve intelligent customer engagement, banks need the best communication solutions, too.

We, Elision, have developed a wide range of banking communication solutions that can help banks make an engaging connection with clients. These tools can help in improving customer experience by bridging the gap between communication and intelligent engagement.

Let us share how it happens, but before that, here is a quick brief of our banking communication solutions.

1. Omnichannel contact center solution

It is specifically designed for banks with custom features to help in handling emergency and premium banking services with a more professional approach along with handling common banking queries of clients and prospects.

2.IP PBX solution

Internal team collaboration in a bank is as important as handling customer engagement and concerns. The banking IP PBX solution helps in consolidating internal communication, plus, ensuring productive and fair usage of resources.

Now, let’s explore how our banking communication tools improve communication in the banking industry.

A. PCI and TRAI compliance adherence

PCI and TRAI compliances are set protocols by the government in India for keeping customer data and sensitive information protected while it gets exchanged over communication lines, which can be intercepted. The call center solution for banks and other banking communication tools makes sure these compliances are followed rigorously. The team of Elision can even implement other legislation or security compliances in the banking communication software solutions depending on the need of a bank. This not only keeps customer data protected and follows the legislation, but it also builds a positive and trustworthy brand.

B. Engage banking clients

Elision has developed the best banking call center solution that can engage clients even when banking executives are unavailable to handle calls. It makes sure that customers don’t hear unreachable or busy tones rather it engages clients with soothing music on hold. It also provides communication options like blocking a card with hot marking or connecting a client to a banking agent that can resolve the concern in the first attempt. The omnichannel contact center solution for banks developed by Elision helps in engaging clients by delivering an exceptional customer experience.

C. It helps in maximizing resource utilization

The banking communication tool such as IP PBX solution and call center solution manages better resource utilization. It makes sure that all calls and conversations are recorded and can be monitored in real-time. It helps in ensuring that each team member uses communication tools productively. All customers are managed professionally. There are multiple other ways, these tools help in boosting resource utilization.

In a nutshell, painstakingly developed features of the banking solutions help in monitoring customer experience, banking staff productivity, and fair usage of telecommunication resources. This contributes to the improved communication and customer experience in banks. It also boosts the performance of banking staff.

If you are interested in knowing more about these unified communication tools for banks and booking a demo for these tools, contact us.


Virtual Banking: How Is It Made Possible by DialShree: Call Center Solution?

Virtual Banking- How Is It Made Possible by DialSharee- Call Center Solution_

Virtual banking is a leading trend in the 21st century. Gone are the days, when customers used to walk in to banks for their banking requests. Now, people can take banking actions at their fingertips and there are multiple digital solutions that make it possible. The call center solution is one of the amazing tools that help in making virtual banking possible.

DialShree is one of the best call center solutions for banks that have benefited many banks and made virtual banking effective, accurate, and simple.

Let’s see how.

1. Emergency services made available immediately

Using banking products like mobile banking, net banking, credit cards, debit cards, etc., can also cause leakage of sensitive information. It is possible that the credentials of mobile or net banking get leaked or someone steals the credit card or debit card. In this case, the call center solution for banks helps customers to immediately block their accounts or cards without waiting to log in anywhere or having a conversation with the agents. The real sense of virtual banking is made true by providing immediate services to clients.

2. Exceptional customer care services for banking clients

Net banking and mobile banking can help take common actions, but it does not help in real customer care as there are only chatbots that can answer common questions. Moreover, chatbot technology is still in the learning phase, so often leaves clients frustrated. Unlike that, customers can simply call the banking customer care center for any question they may have for which they are seeking resolution. The right call distribution rules available in the best call center software for banks, DialShree, will make sure that the customer gets connected to the right banking agent and receives a satisfactory response to their queries and questions.

3. Help clients to make a strong financial portfolio

Banks provide multiple other products other than just banking services such as insurance, mutual funds, long-term and short-term financial plans, and more. The call center software for banks helps banking executives to identify potential leads using reports and KPIs shown in the reports. In addition to that, agents can also run sales campaigns using a predictive dialer and other auto dialers.

4. Make the collection process streamlined

Banks need to handle the collection process as well. Unlike the traditional way of sending collection agents to customers’ home, DialShree: collection module for banking call center solutions help in automating and streamlining multiple processes to make the collection process more streamlined and optimized. This solution helps in boosting the collection rate and overall score as well.


There are multiple benefits of using the DialShree call center solution, which is developed with cherry-picked features to benefit the banks. Multiple amazing utilities of this software cannot be replaced by any other alternative available in the market. Thus, it is quite popular among banks. Already several banks in India use this best banking call center software.

To know more about this call center solution for banks and get a free quote and consultation, contact us.


Major Productivity Hacks for Call Center Agents in 2022

Major Productivity Hacks for Agents in 2022

Call center agent productivity does not mean handling too many calls within the shift, but it s about delivering quality results while handling more and more calls. Utilizing the best resources like an omnichannel call center solution at its best is necessary to boost agent productivity. In this article, we will share the major hacks that you can try in 2022 to boost the productivity of your agents.

1. Define and convey agent productivity KPIs

The productivity parameters have shifted majorly due to various reasons such as shifting client demands, pandemic, wars, increasing agent attrition rate, etc. Thus, for a call center, it is necessary to define the right success metrics that define the productivity of agents. Moreover, it is necessary to keep agents informed about major productivity KPIs, so they can focus on improving the values of these KPIs.

2. Empower agents with the right tools

It is necessary to use the best call center tools to empower your agents. In this digital era, using an omnichannel call center solution is a must. This will help agents provide a unified experience across channels to clients. You will also need to add different tools to your contact center software. For example, integrate CRM into the call center solution to let agents lead the context-driven conversations. If your call center uses any other software that your agents need to explore such as an ERP solution, IP PBX software, etc., then you need to integrate these solutions within the call center solution. This will give all the required features within a single system with a single sign-on.

3. Measure the value of KPIs in real time

Don’t wait until you get time to measure the productivity KPIs and then get panicked about bad values. Rather, use the live call monitoring features available in the omnichannel contact center solution to monitor productivity KPIs in real-time. This can help in taking the right actions in real-time, so you can coach your agents in real-time to work on boosting the productivity of your agents.

4. Use AI voice analysis for quality assurance

You can automate the quality assurance process with artificial intelligence-driven tools. AI voice analysis can evaluate all calls for quality parameters. It will analyze all calls and give scores to each call and different parameters depending on the quality of calls. This will give the case-wide data to train and coach agents to work more productively.

5. Incentives and rewards

We expect quality and productive work from agents, but that is not really a driving factor for them to deliver excellent work. To keep them motivated and stress-free, you must invest in training your agents to deliver better. Moreover, call centers need to give the best incentives and rewards to inspire agents to work more productively and also focus on quality.


By following these five effective tips will help you boost the productivity of your agents. If you are interested in getting the right call center solution or an AI voice analysis tool for call centers, we can help you. Contact us to explore our range of software offerings for call centers.


Role of Truecaller for Business in the Banking Industry

Role of TrueCaller for Business in the Banking Industry

Truecaller has been a popular caller ID app in India and multiple other countries. It has been helping call recipients by showing who is calling to decide whether attending a call is worth their time or not. Now, Truecaller also helps callers with its Truecaller for Business plan.

Truecaller for business verifies the business number of a company or an organization to give a trustworthy caller ID with multiple features, which cannot be tempered by a third person, which is possible in not having a verified number.

Multiple industry verticals are gaining the advantage of this service made available by authorized partners of Truecaller business like Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

To verify your phone number with Truecaller for Business, contact us.

Along with multiple other industry verticals, the banking and finance industry can also gain a lot of advantages by using this number verification service with Truecaller. Let’s explore how.

1. Always reach a client or intimate about your call

In the banking industry, it is necessary to reach out to clients for various customer care and sales related campaigns. If a bank has verified the number with Truecaller, the customers will see the correct bank name, bank logo, verification badge and tick mark, and green highlight. This will spread a positive brand message, which often helps banks to increase the reach rate up to 75%. As the banks can reach out to clients at the right time, they can convey the required message and boost customer satisfaction.

2. Highlight emergency services

In banks, there are often some vital jobs that need instant customer attention such as KYC verification or missing document for that, cancelled check, unauthorized transaction alert, etc. With Truecaller for Business, banks can use the priority calling feature to highlight emergency calls to increase call reach and pick-up rate.

3. Increase pickup rate

Banks can also use the feature “Reason for calling” to increase the call pickup rate. When customers know the reason for the call along with seeing a trustworthy caller ID, the chances of call pickup rate are high. In case, a delivery boy is at the doorstep of the client to deliver a credit card or checkbook, using this feature can help in assuring a successful delivery for banks.

4. Analyze reports

Truecaller for Business not only provides caller ID related features, but also provides extensive reports to banks that use its number verification services. These reports can be used to analyze different parameters for future calling campaigns. The banks can also gauge the success of banking product sales campaigns.


The benefits of Truecaller for Business are several for banks when all features are used correctly. Banks can increase the reach rate, call pickup rate, and even the success of different campaigns.

Contact us to get the phone number of your bank verified with Truecaller for Business and gain all the benefits. You can also explore more details about Truecaller for business for banks and its benefits in detail in a personalized call with our representative. To schedule a call, please contact us.


Predictive Dialer: Key to Success for Call Center Software Users

Predictive Dialer- Key to Success for Call Center Software Users

A predictive dialer is a powerful tool for outbound campaigns that can boost results. A predictive dialer can be a feature available in the call center solution or it can be a self-governing solution to run outbound campaigns effectively. This software can boost the success of call centers and even boost the performance of the individual users of this software.

What is a predictive dialer?

 It is one of the most efficient auto dialers available in a call center solution. It is the only auto dialer that dials multiple phone numbers in one go and it can also filter out the calls that go no answer, unreachable, busy, disconnected number, etc.

How does a predictive dialer boost success for call center software users?

As mentioned earlier, a predictive dialer can not only boost the success of a call center that uses it, but also individual users that take advantage of this software. Let me share the top ways it can help boost the success of the software.

1. Improved time management and enhance the utilization of time

In a business like a call center, time is really important and time management is crucial. The predictive dialer of call center solution can help agents manage their time more effectively. It predicts how much time an agent is likely to take on a call and when he will finish up his disposition job to be available and take the next call. As soon as the agent shows readiness to take the next call, this feature of the best contact center solution will assign the next call.

This helps agents in utilizing time at its best without wasting any moment waiting for the next call. This helps in taking more calls and staying more productive.

2. Sharpen the skills of agents

The predictive dialing feature lets agents of a call center take more calls. Taking more calls will not only improve the productivity of each agent, but it will also augment the experience of each of these contact center software users. Improved experience will add up to better knowledge about the product and how to handle calls of customers.

This can help in sharpening the skills of the agents that use predictive dialing.

3. Efficient lead management

The predictive dialer software can manage leads more efficiently. It will reach out to clients when they are more likely to attend calls. This ensures that agents can connect with clients and that the leads or calls assigned to them are handled more efficiently. This also helps in boosting results and returns for a call center that uses this call center solution.

A predictive dialer is one of the features available in this call center software and you must use it to boost overall and individual success in your call center.

If you are interested in using the best call center solution that is furnished with a predictive dialer and multiple other advanced features, we can help you with DialShree, which is an AI-driven call center solution. To book a free demo, contact us.


Inbound Call Center Solution: Do’s and Don’ts to Boost CSAT Rate

Inbound Call Center Solution - Do's and Dont's to Boost CSAT Rate

Customer care is a crucial part of any business. The inbound call center solutions are used to boost customer satisfaction rate. An inbound contact center solution can be used to handle customer concerns and engage customers to improve customer satisfaction.

Even though inbound call center solutions offer the best features to handle clients more efficiently, the incorrect use of these features can cause negative customer emotions and reduce customer satisfaction (CSAT) rate.

To make sure you use your call center solution efficiently, you must know the major Do’s and Don’ts of the software.

Do’s of inbound call center solution

Use correct ACD

ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) is one of the best and most efficient features available in the call center solution to support customer care campaigns. This feature will have different call routing strategies like a sticky agent, skill-based routing, round robin, etc.

A call center must use the right ACD depending on the nature of the campaigns and goals to be converted. If a business uses any random feature, it can cause frustration in clients.

Personalize the conversation

If you are not already using the CRM widget in your call center solution, you must integrate the one. You should also use features like customer profiling to give the complete interaction history of a customer to the agent so agents can use this information about the client to personalize the conversation. Personalizing conversation can help in boosting client engagement and satisfaction.

Measure KPIs

You must measure the values of major key performance indicators to gauge how your customers are treated and if there is any way to improve this. The call center solutions offer multiple reports to clients and these reports can help in identifying strengths and weaknesses to handle major customer concerns with better responses.

Don’ts of inbound call center solution

A majority of customer care centers that use an inbound call center solution know don’t of the software, but still, here are the major points to keep in mind.

Don’t force self serving options

Many call centers want customers to use more and more self serving features available in the call center software to reduce call queues and load on agents. But, every time automation features cannot resolve client concerns.

Don’t increase the call transfer rate

Customers would have waited in the call queue already. Now, pushing them to wait while their call gets transferred and asking them to repeat the same story would add up to frustration. Thus, it is necessary to reduce the call transfer rate to a possible extent.

Don’t put customers on hold for long

Keeping customers on hold for too long also increases frustration among them, thus, it is recommended to avoid this practice. You can retrieve calls and inform clients that are taking a bit longer and stay on the call to keep the interaction live and not make customers feel ignored.

These are the top do’s and don’ts if you are using a call center solution to handle inbound customer concern calls. If you need the best call center software to handle customer care campaigns more efficiently, contact us.


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