MassMeet for Better Communication and Collaboration during Lockdown


Long lockdowns have been the norm in the world. The world economy is suffering due to lockdowns. However, as there is no effective and proven vaccine to COVID 19 as well as because this disease is contagious, it has become necessary for the government to take the required steps. In many countries, the only effective step is locking down the people into houses until and unless they need to buy life essentials or there is a medical emergency. This reduces the close contact of a Coronavirus infected people to one or more healthy people. This method helps in breaking the chain of this deadly virus and also restricting its spread.

The lockdown would definitely help saving people from getting infected, but what about work? What about businesses? All businesses cannot operate from home. However, in this world of digitization, many businesses can work from home or remote locations. All they need are

  • Clear policies
  • Disciplined staffs and
  • Top tools to support the remote work environment

There are different tools that help you execute a successful “Remote Work” model. For example, a call center solution with a Remote Agent module is used by many companies. However, all businesses cannot use a call center software solution as they might not need to communicate that much with the customers or team members. Still, communication will be there which has to be taken care of.

MassMeet is the solution you are looking for.

MassMeet is a feature-rich video conferencing solution. There are many reasons which make it perfect for business communication and collaboration.

1. Cost effective

It is affordable compared to other popular enterprise video conferencing solution. This helps businesses take care of ongoing communication and collaboration cost-effectively.

2. Frequent team meetings

There are many companies in which employees are working remotely for the first time. Working from home can be very distracting. Furthermore, time is also distracting. People are more likely to spend time on checking the latest news related to Coronavirus, see how celebrities are reacting, etc. Thus, tight follow-ups and frequent meetings are essential. You can have ad-hoc meetings as well to see who is available in front of the system and who are taking naps. MassMeet: video conferencing solution is perfect for this type of meeting as you can have an unlimited number of participants in an online meeting.

3. Better customer care

It is more likely that you are not getting new leads as a majority of businesses have put their new investment plans on hold. They are waiting for this pandemic to stop or show the worst side ever. All an all they need a normal life to take the business decisions as they do not know how things will evolve. Thus, your sales and business development team might not have much work. Using video conferencing solution to have meetings with existing clients can help you have a bond with the customers and continue repeat business.

There are many more benefits of MassMeet: video conferencing solution. For more details, contact us.


Use Cases of Video Conferencing in Healthcare Industry

Video Conferencing in the Healthcare Industry

Video conferencing solutions are used in all different industry verticals. It is an amazing tool for remote communication and collaboration. One of the industries which can leverage a plethora of benefits by using this software is the healthcare industry.

There are many articles written on the benefits of a video conferencing solution for the health care industry. Thus, we are not going to repeat the same. (more…)


Benefit of MassMeet Video Conferencing Solution in Education Industry

MassMeet Benefits for Education Industry

Virtual education is in existence for many years, but the Coronavirus has made it necessary in many countries and cities. Schools have started taking online classes to keep education going on as well as assuring the safety of the students. To take online classes, schools need to use a video conferencing solution.

We have a feature-rich video conferencing solution, called, MassMeet. There are some schools, coaching classes, and colleges that are already using MassMeet to take online classes. (more…)


Top Benefits of Video Conferencing Solution during the Pandemic

Top Benefits of Video Conferencing Solution during the Pandemic

It is pretty evident that Coronavirus is here to stay. Nobody knows how long will it take to get rid of this deadly virus, but one thing is pretty clear that we all need to learn to live with this virus. In many parts of the world, lockdown is lifted. Each government has enforced different safety measurements such as work with half of the workforce and avoiding visitors as much as possible. Even if lockdowns are lifted, people prefer to stay in their houses to be safe. Here, video conferencing solutions have come up as saviors for many businesses. (more…)


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