Use of Web Conferencing Solution in Customer Journey

Use of Web Conferencing Solution in Customer Journey

There are many VoIP solutions that can be used for communication by different organizations to convert a prospect into a paying customer. Some companies also use different VoIP solutions to nurture the leads to take care of customers’ concerns. The web conferencing solution is one of the most useful solutions that can be used during different stages of the customer journey. In this article, I will share more details about the use of this powerful conferencing software to increase the chances of lead conversion and customer retention.

Conduct a video conference in the first meeting

Generally, people use email or telephonic conversation to discuss the first phase requirements. (more…)


Conference Calling and Its Top Benefits

Conference Calling and Its Top Benefits

A business conference calling is simply a phone call with three or more people involved. It allows people in the same or different geographical locations to discuss routine stuff or solve urgent business problems that require “meeting” or multiple individual inputs at predetermined times over the phone. Conference calls can greatly facilitate business communication, which is essential to business success.

What is Conference Calling?

The conference call has been for decades. (more…)


How to Increase Engagement in a Web Conference?

Tips to Increase Engagement in a Web Conference

When you run a web conference, it is very much important to make sure all attendees are attentive. Often, it is witnessed that during a virtual conference, attendees check their emails, reply to chat messages or scroll social media profiles. All these actually reduce the effect of conducting a virtual meeting and dilute benefits one would get by using a web conferencing solution. Fret not. This article shared the top 4 tips to increase the attention and engagement of attendees during a live web conference.

1. Provide simplified access on all devices and platforms

Some people use the web conferencing solution that enforces users to install web conferencing software or widget on their devices. (more…)


Web Conferencing Solution and Its Benefits

Web Conferencing Solution and Its Benefits

Web conferencing solutions are pretty much in use by businesses these days. From web conferencing services to white label web conferencing software, everything is in-demand. Still, there are some businesses that don’t use it and yet not know the advantages of this powerful solution. This article sheds more light on this topic and the necessity of this solution.

What is a web conferencing solution?

It is a conferencing software or app which comes with a wide array of features. It can be accessed from any web browser as it is a web conferencing system. It allows participants to be part of a meeting or a conference via any device. (more…)


Conferencing Solution for Business

Conferencing Solution for Business

Conference is a mode of communication in which more than two people can have a conversation with each other. In a business which deals with international clients and vendors can take benefit of a conferencing solution. Also, a business with multiple branches or allowing remote work can take maximum benefit from a conferencing solution. Of course, there are many conferencing systems that allow you to have a conference, but if you require frequent conferences then having your own conferencing solution is more beneficial in many ways. If you are unsure about the utilities of a conferencing solution for your business, we are sharing the top 5 utilities of a conferencing solution for business.

Conduct demos with clients

Providing product demo or giving a complete overview of your solution and service is important. Generally, business developers visit the office of prospective client to give demos of the proposed solution or products. This is effective, but it can be really expensive because this kind of product doesn’t get sold within first meeting. (more…)