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How Does an Omnichannel Contact Center Solution Make a Difference?

How Does an Omnichannel Contact Center Solution Make a Difference_

Your call center is the first point of contact for your customers. It is also the driving tool for your customer care team to deliver the best customer service, increase sales for your business, and boost your collection. Thus, it is essential to have the most reliable and powerful call center solution.

An omnichannel contact center solution is making its mark as a powerful system supporting businesses and making a huge difference.

1. Quick and efficient customer case handling

Unified communication channels are handy and cheap to access for end users. Thus, based on their preference and convenience, users use multiple communication channels. Businesses offering customer care or pre-sales support have to be available across all unified communication channels. An omnichannel call center solution makes it efficient and quick as agents don’t need to juggle among different platforms. With a single sign-on facility, agents can handle customer concerns in a more efficient and faster way.

2. Perfectly mapped the customer journey

As an omnichannel contact center solution uses a single platform to let you provide support via different communication channels, you can be rest assured that all conversations will be logged. This will help you map a complete customer journey to make important decisions related to marketing, sales, and customer care campaigns. This information can also help your agents to lead conversations with context-driven information.

3. Empowered agents

Agents need to communicate with tens of clients daily and if you add multiple communication channels for them to handle client conversations, it becomes way too complicated for them to handle conversations. The omnichannel call center software can ease out the stress on your agents as they will be able to handle all conversations within a single platform. In addition to that, they will also have a history of past conversations. This will help them handle all conversations in a better and more confident manner.

4. Better tracking

Whether you use an omnichannel call center solution or not, your customers will send you messages over different communication channels. In this case, it will become necessary to keep track of all customer conversations. It is possible to lose track of context if you are using independent platforms like WhatsApp, call center solution, Facebook, and more to respond to client queries. On the other hand, an omnichannel contact center solution will log all conversations within your call center solution. This will help you have a better track of the conversations you are having with your clients.

Wrap up

In a nutshell, having a feature-rich, omnichannel contact center solution can provide a more powerful tool for your agents and business to lead and drive client conversations in the right direction. You will also be able to answer queries across favorite communication channels of your clients. This will make a huge difference in the life of your clients, agents, and your business.

We have the most powerful omnichannel call center solution. Let us share more insightful information about this software in a free consultation call. Contact us.


Major Utilities of a Call Center Solution in the Banking Industry


A call center solution is one of the most useful telephony communication solutions gifted by VoIP. It is useful for all industry verticals. In this blog post, we will share the major utilities of a call center solution in the banking industry.

Banking and finance are major industries that use this software for their benefit. Therefore, you can find specifically designed and developed call center solutions for banks. This type of call center solution will have custom features to benefit and speed up banking operations. Thus, it is recommended to use a call center solution for banks instead of using any random contact center software.

1. Customer care

Customer support is one of the major operations in banks. From asking simple questions and queries related to account or check status to handling complex operations such as discussing discrepancies and credit card bills, blocking net banking access, and many other operations require support from the banks and small finance companies.

The custom feature in a call center solution for banks can help in handling all sorts of banking customer care campaigns. Some of the features can even help in automating the job of handling client support in Fintech organizations.

2. Sales of banking products

Similar to multiple other industries, banks, and other finance companies run different campaigns to increase sales of banking products like:

  • Commercial and saving account opening
  • Credit cards
  • Loans (Personal, home, automobile, business, etc.)
  • And more

To increase sales, the banking agents need to reach more and more clients and pursue them to buy the banking products. The major outbound calling features available in the on-premise or cloud contact center solution for banks can help in increasing results.

3. Collection for loans, credit card bills, and more

Banks and similar finance companies need to run dedicated campaigns to increase the collection of due amounts for loans, credit card bills, etc. The contact center software for banks will have an exclusive module, called, the collection module. This module automates multiple tasks related to collection campaigns for banks. Moreover, it provides specific features to help agents in the process of grouping clients depending on their group, auto calling to increase reach, and boosting collection with payment utility available in the collection module for banking call center software.

Wrap Up

These are three major utilities of a contact center solution in the bank. As banks need to connect with clients via different modes of communication, it is necessary for banks to use an omnichannel contact center solution. This can help in increasing the utilities of this software. For example, the SMS helps in sending an SMS with broadcasting related to system maintenance that may affect net banking during specific hours of the day. Likewise, call center social media integration helps in responding to comments and concerns of clients shared on social media.

We are one of the leading telephony and unified communication solution providers. We have benefited several industries with our communication solutions. We have built the best unified communication tools to enhance banking operations and communication, which includes an omnichannel call center solution. For more details, contact us.


Major Challenges Faced by Healthcare Industry without a Contact Center Solution

Major Challenges Faced by Healthcare Industry without Contact Center Solution

The healthcare industry is one of those industries that are early adopters of technology tools. Technology has empowered many tools and one of them is a communication tool. A contact center solution is one of the most advanced communication tools. It has many utilities and applications in the healthcare industry.

Case study, one of the leading hospitals got benefited by using a contact center solution

7 out of 10 hospitals have started using the contact center solution to leverage several advantages. However, still, some healthcare departments or organizations don’t use the contact center software.

Let us share the major challenges that the healthcare industry faces if it does not use the contact center solution.

1. Lost leads

  • The traditional telephony system has a limitation: with a single number, only one call can be attended. The rest of the callers will listen to the busy tone and are likely to hang up the call.
  • The big healthcare organizations usually don’t allow their representatives or receptionists to use a mobile phone to attend patient or customer calls.
  • If a contact center solution is not used, then all calls received while the representative was on another call are missed. There is no reliable way to track those numbers and give them a callback.

2. Lack of monitoring tools

  • A contact center solution offers a range of monitoring tools to the healthcare management, such as barge-in, whisper, live call statistics, performance reports, etc.
  • All the features of the contact center solution allow healthcare management to make sure that healthcare agents are focusing on delivering professional and empathetic responses to the patients or customers.
  • The traditional telecommunication solutions don’t provide this facility, which makes it challenging to assure better productivity as well as better services by the healthcare agents.

3. Lack of the most needed call controls

  • The contact center solution provides an IVR feature that not only auto attends the call, but also keeps the caller engaged until he is connected to the agent.
  • The contact center software also makes sure that all calls are connected to the right agents, so the patient experience can be improved.
  • Other than call routing and auto attend, this software also offers major call controls such as call mute and un-mute, blind call transfer, attended call transfer, etc. All these features help in delivering better patient care and customer experience.
  • The traditional system does not offer any of these features and therefore, it often creates major challenges for the healthcare industry.

4. Workforce management

  • The contact center solution shows reports that can give details about call volume, average call waiting time, etc.
  • All these KPIs can be used to define the required workforce in a specific shift so workforce management can be done more accurately.
  • Without a contact center solution, it is difficult to manage the workforce efficiently for a healthcare facility.

These are the major and crucial roadblocks the healthcare industry faces without a call center solution. There are some more communication tools that empower the healthcare industry along with a contact center solution. Explore our range of healthcare communication tools.


How to Transform Your Call Center Digitally?

Tips to Transform Your Call Center Digitally

Digitization is not just a trend; it is a whole wave that has touched all industries and each individual in the world. More than 50% of businesses across the globe in more than 78% of industries have started using digital solutions and adopting 100% digital operational models.

Call centers have been using the best call center solutions and running their inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns digitally. With the technological shifts and multiple other advantages, more options to transform a business digitally are available for call centers.

If you are using traditional call center software or if you have not yet moved your call center digital at all, here are the top tips to follow to transform your call center digitally.

Cloud call center solution

A cloud contact center solution should be your first choice if you want to transform your call center digitally. The cloud contact center software will eliminate the need for physical space, server, wiring, etc. It will set up the call center solution in the cloud space. Moreover, you can let your agent work remotely by accessing this software.

Omnichannel call center software

Along with using a digital approach to set up your call center solution, you must also adopt digital channels for your software. All digital communication channels and platforms used by the top businesses have to be part of your call center solution. The software for call centers with unified communication support is known as an omnichannel call center solution. To deliver a digital customer experience, your omnichannel solution must-have social media, WhatsApp, video call, chat, SMS, email, voice call, and fax support.

AI voice analysis

Digitization helps in optimizing and automating processes. The call center software providers add multiple features and add-ons to support automation and optimization. The AI voice analysis for call centers is one of the must-have tools for your contact center. It will automate the whole process of analyzing all calls and quality assurance. It has an array of features to benefit call centers in the process of increasing the quality of service and quality of the call.


Digitization helps in benefiting call centers to use a comprehensive and all-inclusive call center solution. You can take the help from a call center software provider to integrate all solutions you use for your business. For example, if you are using a CRM system along with a call center solution, you must invest in call center CRM integration to use an integrated platform. This comprehensive system will eliminate repetitive and monotonous jobs. Moreover, it streamlines all operations. If you are using the right call center software, you can integrate any other software or API with that platform.

The top technology tools can simplify your journey of transforming the call center digitally. We are one of the leading call center software providers that offer the best call center solution along with multiple other tools, technologies, and services. We can provide the best and most comprehensive digital solution, as well as, help you move digital using call center technologies. Contact us to discuss your requirements and book a free demo of our digitized contact center software and tools.


How to Reduce Cost per Call in Your Customer Care Center?

Reduce Cost per Call in Your Customer Care Center

Running a call center is an expensive business. From expensive technology tools to deployment, server costs, maintenance, staffing, human resource management, etc. is quite resource-intensive and expensive. Therefore, it becomes necessary to identify each possible opportunity to reduce cost per call.

In this blog post, we have gathered the top tips that you can implement in your customer care center to reduce the cost per call.

1. Hire experienced agents

The cost of training, coaching, etc. can be reduced if you hire an experienced team. Moreover, the experienced agents will be able to use the call center solution more efficiently and promptly. They can reduce the cost per call by reducing average call duration, increasing first contact resolution, etc.

2. Focus on strategic training

Even if you hire trained and skilled agents, you will need to provide the training and coaching to work more efficiently. Instead of giving training in a broadcasting manner, segregate agents based on their skills and give them skill based training. You must also deliver real-time coaching, so they can work more efficiently. This will not only reduce the cost per resource training, but it will reflect in reducing cost per call, too.

3. Adopt a remote working model

You can further chop down the cost per call by adopting a work from home model. The call center solutions support a remote working environment along with multiple other features. Some call center software providers also offer a work from home add-on to enhance the remote working model. The remote work will cut down expenses related to physical space, infrastructure, etc. to accommodate agents in a call center.

4. Use a cloud contact center solution

Using a cloud contact center solution can further help in reducing the cost per call. It helps in eliminating costs for the following:

  • You don’t need to use expensive and heavy hardware, servers, etc. This ensures a saving cost over infrastructure.
  • The cycle of scaling up the software can be reduced by using a cloud contact center solution.
  • Remote operations can be more cost-effective and inexpensive with this platform.
  • It eliminates the need of hiring on-premise technical engineers to handle servers and IT infrastructure.

All this contributes to reducing the cost per call.

5. Use the rental model

The hosted cloud contact center solution is often cheaper compared to the licensed version because:

  • You don’t need to pay the license fee
  • You don’t need to pay for hosting
  • You don’t need to invest in the maintenance

Thus, if you can, you should use rental call center software hosted on a cloud.

These are the top 5 tips that any call center or business that is using a call center solution can use to reduce the cost per call.

We provide a reliable call center solution, as well as, a cloud contact center solution to reduce the total cost per call and leverage multiple other advantages. Contact us to discuss more about our software for call centers and how it can help.


5 Major Tips to Balance Massive Call Volume in a Call Center in 2023

Major Tips to Balance Massive Call Volume in a Call Center

Most call centers provide customer support services to improve customer experience. To improve results, improving all aspects of customer experience is necessary. Massive call volume with a few agent seats, outdated call center solutions, or other roadblocks can affect the performance and KPIs of a call center.

To help your call center overcome major issues and roadblocks related to massive call volume in a call center, here are the top tips to follow. (more…)


Latest Technology Trends that Define Growth of Call Centers

Latest Technology Trends that Define Growth of Call Centers

Call center technologies constantly evolve and benefit users of call center solutions. Even in 2022, conventional call center solutions are available. But, using the contact center software that has incorporated the latest technology trends has become necessary. This necessity of the market is acknowledged by call centers, which is why they have been adopting the best call center solutions. (more…)


How Can Voice Analysis with AI Help Call Centers?

How Can Voice Analysis with AI Help Call Centers_

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been introducing different call center automation features. By leveraging the power of AI for call center solutions, we have built the most advanced AI-driven voice analysis tool for call center solutions.

In multiple ways, this AI voice analysis for call centers can benefit contact centers, customer care centers, and any business that uses a call center software. (more…)


Best Features of Auto Dialers that Increase Sales

Best Features of Auto Dialers that Increase Sales

Auto dialers have been an important tool to increase sales and customer experience. Thus, it has been an imperative tool for lead generation and sales. Traditionally, auto dialers were available as an independent software platform, known as auto dialer software. However, now, you can find them as one of the features available within the modern call center solutions.

In the best call center solution, you can find more than one auto dialers such as: (more…)


Must Have Tools for Effective Call Center Management

Must Have Tools for Effective Call Center Management

A call center is the first point of contact for customers. Whether they have a question or they have a concern, they will connect to your call center. This can be the reason, a call center is also known as a customer management center.

To successfully manage a call center and customer questions, it is necessary to have the right tools in place. This blog post shares major tools that each call center must have to ensure effective management of customer care centers. (more…)


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