Truecaller for Business Increases Customer Engagement and Reach

Truecaller for Business Increases Customer Engagement and Reach

We have been benefiting businesses with our unified communication solutions. We keep on bringing the best products and solutions that can help you empower your business. Truecaller for business is one of the solutions we offer to aid businesses with good reach and engagement. It can be used for your existing business phone number that you use with a VoIP business solution like a call center solution or with a legacy system.

What is Truecaller for business?

As we all know, many consumers use the Truecaller app as a caller ID to identify who is calling them and now Truecaller can also show the reason for calling, which is added based on public demand.

The Truecaller for business is a service that can verify the phone number of your business with this caller ID app and receive a trustworthy called ID that will have the following:

  • Business name that cannot be altered by any other user
  • Logo
  • Verification tick
  • Verification badge
  • Green highlight

We provide verification of your phone number with Truecaller at competitive rates.

How does Truecaller for business increase customer engagement and reach?

We all often receive calls that flash caller ID names in Truecaller as “Spam”, “Navri Company”, “Not useful”, “Boring”, etc. These caller ID names are edited by free or any third party user of the Truecaller app without the knowledge of the company. As a common fact, the users are less likely to attend calls that have this type of caller ID.

If you get your phone number verified, you will not need to worry about these notorious users of the caller ID apps as after that your company identity and caller ID cannot be tempered by anyone. It will not only show your correct company name, but also your logo. This will help in getting more calls attended. This will help you increase your reach.

Once your calls are getting attended by more customers, your team can engage more clients or prospective customers in the call to increase engagement. A trustworthy brand can be recognized with several factors and its caller ID is one of them in today’s world. People tend to connect with businesses they find trustworthy.

In addition to caller ID, as mentioned earlier, the Truecaller business number verification with Elision will also help you use other features that can help you boost engagement. Some of the most useful features to boost engagement are listed below:

  • Reason to call
  • Priority call highlight
  • Green highlight with a small flag if your phone number is flagged as spam by users
  • And more

There are many amazing features available for businesses that verify their business phone number with Truecaller for business. Let’s connect in a call to discuss more in detail. Our team will give you a live demo of all Truecaller for business features and how it can help your business to increase reach up to 75% and boost customer engagement. Contact us to start the discussion.


Courier Companies Boost Efficiency up to 60% with Truecaller for Business

Courier Companies Boost Efficiency up to 60% with Truecaller for Business

Truecaller for business is gaining massive popularity due to the fascinating benefits it has to offer. Various industry verticals that coordinate with customers or end users can use this tool in one way or another. Courier companies and logistic businesses are some of those companies that gain a lot of advantages of using this service.

Truecaller for business verifies one or more phone numbers of a business and provides beneficial features like a trustworthy caller ID. There are several other features available for the users of this service. You can avail of this service from one of the legitimate partners of Truecaller like Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We are one of the authorized partners of Truecaller that provides phone number verification service with Truecaller.

For more details or to verify your phone number, contact us.

Role of Truecaller in courier companies to boost efficiency up to 60%

Smoothly communicate with customers

Courier companies may need to communicate with a client who is going to receive the courier to confirm some facts such as address or direction. In many cases, customers don’t attend the call from unknown numbers or if caller ID does not reflect the correct company or person name. The benefit of using number verification from Truecaller for business is that the courier company can reflect the name of the company with a logo, verification badge, etc. in the caller ID of the Truecaller users. This will help in increasing customer reach and call pick-up rate up to 75%.

Deliver the courier on time

It has often been experienced by delivery boys that customers don’t pick up the calls when it is at their doorstep or nearby. When a delivery boy is searching for the exact house to which the courier needs to be delivered or wants to confirm if the customer is at the home to collect the courier or not, customers don’t attend the call. This results in missing deliveries and getting blamed for the same. The Truecaller for business helps in ensuring that the courier companies don’t need to worry about not getting attended to and still getting blamed. The companies can show the logs in case of discrepancies. Moreover, customers are also likely to attend the calls as they will know who is calling and what could be the reason.

The courier company can also show the reason for calling or use priority calling highlight to show the importance or urgency of a call to increase customer call reach and pickup rate.


Big companies that send couriers such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc. have already started using these features to increase the efficiency of reaching out to clients on a timely basis by up to 60%. You, too, can gain the advantage of using these features and boosting your customer engagement rate, and increasing operational efficiency by connecting with clients at the right time using Truecaller for Business.

Are you interested in exploring more about Truecaller for business and using it to gain benefits in your courier business?

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How Can Truecaller Business Help in Building a Brand Trust?

How Can Truecaller Business Help in Building a Brand Trust?

Calling has been one of the important activities for businesses and enterprises. However, caller ID apps and their features make it challenging for businesses to achieve the required call connect rate. Some people flag all unknown numbers as spam and some edit the name of the company in a caller ID with something mischievous. All this adds up to the roadblocks for businesses to connect with customers.

This requires a reliable model to connect with clients and engage with them for better customer care and sales campaigns and increase their returns. In this case, Truecaller for business helps companies to build a trust factor with clients to achieve a higher connect rate of up to 75%.

Truecaller for business is an enterprise solution and it provides business number verification with Truecaller service. The partner companies of Truecaller for a business like Elision Technologies can verify your business number with Truecaller to let you have your own business brand identity

This business brand identity will consist of the following:

  • Trustworthy and authentic caller ID with company name and logo
  • Green highlight
  • Verification tick mark and verification badge

Whether you send an SMS or you call the customer, your custom caller ID will be shown to the Truecaller user to show your real identity and brand. This helps in establishing the bond of trust to increase the call connect rate.

Along with an authenticated caller ID, the Truecaller for business will also provide value added features to the businesses that help in building even more trust to ensure a higher call connect rate and engagement rate.

The businesses can show the reason for calling to increase the chance of getting connected. Many customers have been asking Truecaller to show the reason for the call along with the caller ID. Truecaller has developed this feature for its consumers and clients. It can help businesses show the genuine reason for calling, so they can connect with more clients.

A business gets a genuine chance to connect with the audience even if some customers have flagged the number as a spam call. The verified number with Truecaller shows a small flag of spam instead of showing a red highlight. The caller ID will be highlighted with a green background to send positive psychological signals. This can help in connecting with more clients with a trustworthy brand image.

The Truecaller for business also provides a priority calling feature to the businesses that use phone number verification with Truecaller. The businesses can highlight that this call is of priority and it has some important information to convey. This helps in receiving a higher pick-up rate as customers will understand and acknowledge the urgency of the matter.

These are some of the top ways in which the phone number verified with Truecaller can help in positioning a positive business brand. Moreover, the verified business number also helps in building a strong connect with customers in a positive manner to leverage higher call connect and engagement rates up to 75%.

If you are interested in verifying your business number with Truecaller or need any further information, contact us. We are an authorized partner of Truecaller and we provide phone number verification with Truecaller service.


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