5 Types of Customer Service [Highs and Lows]

5 Types of Customer Service

Client-centric businesses can increase sales and marketing opportunities. Businesses can even position their brand better with their customer centric approach by winning high customer loyalty. To win client loyalty, it is necessary to invest in a reliable and strategic customer service plan. You cannot make the right customer service strategy until you know the types of customers you have and the types of customer service you can offer them.

If you are unaware of the types of customers you have and don’t know how to classify clients into different categories, then read our latest article on major types of customers.

To help you define the right customer service types, we have penned down this article as the top unified customer care solution provider.

By knowing the possible types of customer services, you will be able to make the right strategy by getting the best tools and team onboard.

Major types of customer services

1. Phone customer service

This is the highly used and most popular type of customer service followed by the major business brands. For years, it has been used in businesses to provide pre-sales and post-sales support to clients. This form of customer service is always preferred by customers that don’t want to visit the store and are still looking for some answers. In the 21st century, this type of customer service is a must because many businesses operate virtually or serve international customers. In this case, it is impossible for a business to provide in-store support.

The phone based customer service is also recommended when the customer needs to explain the query to the support agent to get the resolution. It is a faster mode of communication and helps in resolving concerns within a few minutes in a majority of cases. According to Statista, more than 61% of consumers prefer to receive customer service over the phone.

Benefits of phone customer service

  • High FCR (First Call Resolution) rate
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Personalized customer experience

Drawbacks of phone customer service

  • Complicated process to connect with customer care executive
  • Efficiency is dependent on manpower and skill
  • May frustrate customers even more

2. Walk-in customer service

This is typical customer support, which is disappearing due to the busy schedule of clients. Still, this is one of the important types of customer service. As the name suggests, the customer walks into the physical store to receive support. In some sectors, it is necessary. For example, hardware related technical support. The customer has to visit a technical center to show the laptop or any other device to get it repaired.

Benefits of walk-in customer service

  • Physical interaction increases customer engagement rate
  • Increase opportunity of cross selling and upselling
  • Get the non-verbal clues to deliver even more personalized customer care

Drawback of walk-in customer service

  • Extra cost of having a physical support center
  • Cause inconvenience to customers visiting the store
  • Make you appear obsolete in the modern digitized era.

3. Email customer service

Since 1971 when the first email was sent, email has become one of the favorite modes of communication for many businesses and consumers. Still, many businesses love this mode of communication, which makes email customer service one of the major customer service types. It is one of the asynchronous types of customer service, which means customers don’t need to sit and wait for the agent to respond. Likewise, agents also have enough time to study the issue and respond. This can be a vital type of customer service in some cases such as technical or premium services, in which screenshots, receipts, invoices, etc. need to be exchanged.

Benefits of email customer service

  • It is cheap for both the customer and the company
  • Completely documented, logged, and digitized communication
  • Automate acknowledgment, send canned responses
  • Get enough time to study and respond
  • Reduce pressure on agents

Drawback of email customer service

  • Slow in process
  • Long email chains can make things complicated
  • Long email responses can be tedious and irritating
  • Lack of personalized responses

4. Chat customer service

Live chat is one of the top types of customer service offered by a majority of customer care centers. It can be simple live chat using a chat widget or it can be WhatsApp chat to give a digital touch to your customer care department. In fact, WhatsApp chat is more popular than live chat because consumers don’t need to go to your landing page or chat widget to initiate the conversation. It is one of the most effective customer service types because customers can chat about their issues on the go.

Benefits of chat customer service

  • Give real time customer services
  • Excellent for short conversations
  • Preferred types of customer service for introvert consumers
  • Improved agent productivity as agents can handle multiple chats in parallel

Drawback of chat customer service

  • Lacks human touch
  • Difficult and complicated when longer responses need to be given
  • Logging conversations is a tough task
  • No way to comprehend the mood of customers to give personalized responses

5. Social media customer service

As things are getting more and more digital, digital channels are taking over each department in the business. Then how can customer service be left behind? Major social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter are on the top list for the best types of customer service. Consumers have started posting their issues and concerns on social media without even checking if your brand includes social media in one of the customer service types. Moreover, they expect rapid responses over social media. According to a stat result shared by Statistia, more than 20% of consumers demand a response immediately after posting on social media. This shows how this platform is taken so seriously by the young generation. Of course, the old generation also uses it, but the young generation demands customer support over major social media platforms. Thus, it has to be one of the customer service types you are offering.

Benefits of social media customer service

  • Position your enterprise as a modern business brand
  • Satisfy demands of millennial and Gen Z audiences
  • Give convenience to your customers to reach via their preferred channel
  • Skyrocket your reputation management and digital marketing campaigns
  • Position your business as a customer centric brand
  • Enhance brand reputation by showing proactive customer care
  • Low cost and affordable

Drawback of social media customer service

  • Everything is online and transparent. It can work in your favor or against you.
  • For businesses with multiple concerns, it becomes tough to maintain a positive brand reputation
  • Makes it difficult to track all mentions along with the DMs
  • Possibility of skipping or missing out on a customer concern

Nowadays, customers need what they find appropriate to meet their demands and types of customer service are not at all an exception. Your customer care team has to incorporate major customer service types in the strategy to match the pace with the growing demands of customers and stay tuned with modern trends.

Your software such as contact center software must also implement all these communication channels into the software to help you provide all major types of customer services using a single platform. We can help you make this possible with our communication tools. Let’s connect to discuss more about these solutions and major customer service types that must be part of your business to level up your customer care game.


Top 7 Customer Service factors in Africa

Top 7 Customer Service factors in Africa

Today’s customers are active players in any business, unlike traditional times when clients used to play a passive role. Earlier customers were less demanding and not that educated about their options and rights. However, now the paradigm shift is witnessed in the customer service industry. In countries like Africa, in which investors are investing to build new infrastructure, technologies, services, etc. customers have become more demanding. Demands and expectations of clients in African regions like Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, etc. have the highest number of consumers. Thus, businesses based in Africa and other countries that are investing in African regions must invest in learning about major customer service factors

In different customers, the factors that affect customer service would be different. Therefore, to design a winning customer service strategy, it is a must to explore the top influencing factors for a specific country. 

What is customer service?

According to the report shared by Forbes, 96% of customers are likely to repeat purchases from the same brand if they receive a good customer experience. This shows the importance of customer service. 

In African countries where the market is growing, understanding the factors of customer service is very crucial. Even if many markets are unfolding, customers are very well aware of their rights to receive a positive customer experience. 

7 Major factors that influence customer service

1. Trust

One of the major factors of customer service that can help in retaining clients and their investment in your business is trust. In Africa, trust is still the number one factor to do business. If your customers trust your business and customer services, then they are likely to keep patience until your team resolves their concerns. Thus, it is necessary to build a trust relationship with your clients.

One of the ways to build and retain a trustworthy relationship with your clients is to maintain transparency in your business with your clients. This can give the required understanding of processes, the possible time it may take, and the expectations your customers can have from your business. This can keep their trust intact in your business and customer service and it can be one of the top customer service factors you must invest in.

2. Proactive services

Proactive nature is one of the factors that affect customer service and its effectiveness. A majority of customer service centers in Africa focus on first contact resolution and that is what your customers expect from you. Thus, it is worth investing in your software, team, etc. to make the whole process of delivering customer services proactive.

3. Empathy

When clients contact a customer service center, they are agitated or frustrated because something is not working as per their expectations. This makes it vital to be empathetic to them. Being empathetic to clients is one of the major customer service factors in Africa to cultivate. A majority of agents focus on giving the solution to clients on an immediate basis. However, it is necessary to be an active listener and keep patience to show empathy to clients for their situation. The right training and experience can help you work on this one of the factors that influence customer service and delight your clients.

4. Consistency

Unified experience delivery is one of the major factors that affect customer service in a positive manner. Consistency in services, growth, customer experience delivery, etc. can impact your other customer service factors, too. Therefore, it is necessary to be consistent with your efforts of delivering excellent customer service to African customers. Defining clear processes, using the right tools and team, and giving ongoing training can help in adding consistency to your services. 

If you are using multiple communication channels to deliver customer services, you must use an omnichannel contact center solution to keep the whole process consistent across all touchpoints. This software gives integrated solutions to agents, so they can have a complete view of all customer interactions and deliver consistent services across all communication channels. 

5. Autonomy

It is also one of the important factors that influence customer service in Africa. African people are quite tech-savvy and they know how to use technology tools like an IVR to use self serving features. In Africa, businesses and end users often stay occupied with multiple personal and professional responsibilities, which makes it difficult for them to have too much time to wait for agents to respond. Thus, if a customer service center can add the required autonomy, then it can meet customer expectations. Whether you add it or not, it is definitely one of the major factors that influence customer service and its effectiveness. Customers definitely love this option as they don’t need to stay on hold. Moreover, they also don’t need to interact with agents who might be quite formal in the whole process as per the standards to be followed.

In addition to delighting clients that prefer autonomy options, it can also help other factors of customer service that influence quality standards of services. For example, self serving options will reduce the workload on agents as they will have some customers removed from the call queues getting autonomy options. This will help agents cater to other clients quicker and with less pressure so it is a better factor. Thus, it is necessary to consider the list of top customer service factors.

6. Expertise

Nothing can be achieved in any country in terms of customer service if you don’t have expertise in what you are offering. No matter what product you offer or what service you have to cater to clients, you must know that inside out. Likewise, your agents also must have knowledge of what they are offering support for. They must also know how to efficiently use the tools they are using to deliver customer services. Therefore, expertise is one of the factors that affect customer service negatively or positively. 

7. Timeliness

This is also on the list of major factors of customer service because your expertise, proactive and empathetic nature, consistency, and other factors that influence customer service will fail if you do not provide services and resolution on time to your customers in Africa. This is necessary to have a timeline and even deadline to resolve any customer query to enhance customer experience and retain clients. Using the right software, alerts and notifications can also be sent to supervisors if agents fail to deliver resolutions as per the predefined timeline. This can really meet the expectations of your clients and clutch them with your business.


Customer service is an unavoidable part of any business because competition is way too high and fierce in the African market. The opportunities are increasing and so does competition. Defining the right customer care strategy to meet customer expectations and demands to survive and grow in African regions like Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, etc. is necessary. 

There are multiple customer service factors that improve customer satisfaction rates to bring in several benefits related to delighted clients. We have shared the top 7 factors that directly or indirectly affect and influence customer service results and standards and each of them must be involved. 

We offer a feature rich call center solution that can help in working on major factors to help you improve your customer service outcomes. For more details, get in touch with us NOW! 


An Ultimate Guide to Boost Customer Retention with Effective Call Center Services

An Ultimate Guide to Boost Customer Retention with Effective Call Center Services

Have you heard that profit comes from the customer that you succeed in retaining?

A majority of businesses put all their efforts into acquiring new clients, so profit can be increased. That is definitely a good strategy and even necessary for any business. But, what is equally important is retaining your existing customers because you have already gone through the ordeal of finding the right lead, having multiple conversations, and converting that lead into a paying customer. Now, you must encash that lead into more profit paid by that client, as well as, getting referred by that client. This can be done with a high customer retention rate.

There is too much fuss about retaining clients, but nothing to worry about. You can retain customers simply by following some best practices. If you are unsure how to retain customers, then don’t worry. We will share the top tips to increase customer retention in this blog post. Moreover, we will share some more vital information related to client retention.

What is customer retention?

All businesses are not service based, in which customers keep on paying monthly fees to use the services. Thus, often the phenomenon of retaining clients confuses businesses. Thus, here is an easy explanation of this term.

When a customer converts the lead into a paying customer and puts in some more effort to delight that client, so it keeps coming back to that business, it is called customer retention. The customer would purchase from your business only or put your business as a priority when he/ she wants to buy a product or solution that your company offers. It is also called customer loyalty as this increases the number of loyal clients that love to stick to your offerings.

It is neither possible nor feasible to retain customers for a lifetime. Thus, the retention rate is counted for a specific time period, which can be a few months or years.

Here is the formula to calculate the customer retention rate.

Total number of clients at the end of the specific interval – Total number of clients acquired during that specific interval / Total number of clients at the start of that interval.

This gives the exact rate.

What is the ideal customer retention rate?

Commonly, customer loyalty is difficult to earn due to several driving factors even if putting the right efforts to improve customer service can directly increase the value. The customer retention rate in a business is as low as 20% in general. However, the ideal rate is more than 60%. Thus, focus on achieving that with your post sales services or call center services.

Top reasons to focus on retaining clients

There are several reasons to focus on call center services to increase customer loyalty. Let’s explore some of the major reasons.

  • According to the statistics shared by Crazzyegg, you have more chances to sell to your existing client compared to a new customer. Moreover, happy customers can pay 31% extra compared to your leads that are yet to be converted into customers.
  • According to the same statistical result, when you launch any product or service in the market, your existing and loyal clients are more likely to buy it compared to new clients or leads.
  • The cost of retaining an existing customer is 5x to 25x times less than the cost of acquisition of a new customer.
  • According to the statistical result shared by Harvard Business School, if a business succeeds in increasing client retention rate by just 5%, then the business can increase its profit up to 95%.
  • According to the result shared by Gartner, 20% of your existing and loyal clients will contribute to your 80% of annual revenue.

These statistics are self explanatory and explain the major reasons to put as much effort as possible to retain clients.

What are the top driving factors that can affect the retention rate of clients in a business?

There are several factors that affect the retention rate of customers. Often, the quality of call center services is considered the major factor, but there are multiple other factors, too. Thus, if you are trying to understand how to retain customers, it is necessary to understand what can reduce or increase the loyalty and retention rate of your clients.

Some of the driving factors are briefly explained hereunder:

1. Pre-sales support

Many people keep all their focus on post sales support, but pre-sales support is as important as post-sales support. Your team must be by your customer’s side to handle all the questions and assist customers through different stages of the sales cycle. Usually, businesses handle this part flawlessly to convert a lead into a paying client. However, the focus here should be leaving an irreplaceable first impression that can help in the later efforts put in to increase customer satisfaction.

2. Post-sales support

From this point, the problem or lag usually starts. Businesses often leave clients on their will once the product is sold. However, if you really want to retain customers, you have to improve customer service standards and quality. You need to have a team of customer care agents to answer the queries of clients whenever they feel stuck or need any help. This can be as simple as answering a query or as complicated as giving a walkthrough of a technical product with a product guide. A call center solution is often used to manage this business part and a group of customers handles inbound calls from customers to provide memorable and delightful customer experience.

3. Customer relationship management and nurturing

If your clients don’t come to you with their queries, it doesn’t mean you should forget them. If you want to retain them, you have to use call center services to engage clients that are passively connected to your business. Sending occasional greetings, offers, etc. to clients can help you leverage the advantage of a strengthened bond with your clients and increase your retention rate.

4. Quality of service or product

Even if you have been offering excellent call center services, if your product or service has bugs and issues, then nothing can save you from losing the client. This should be addressed before you convert a lead into a client. Your product or service must be extraordinary in quality and there is no escape window here.  

5. Cost of offering

Your happy clients would be happy to pay more for your services and products if they are of good quality and you are excellent in your customer service game. But, at some points, the cost can make you lose some loyal clients against competitors. You have to be competitive in pricing structure to give no chance to your clients to leave your brand.

6. Competition

The sensibility and competitive spirit of your existing customers can also be one of the major contributors to the success and failure of your retention and loyalty campaigns. If your competitors constantly contact your clients and try to lure them, then you need to have something really good to retain them. You can also not be slouchy with your efforts, else you are likely to miss them and your competitors may take away your happy clients.

Tips to increase customer retention rate

As now you understand the driving factors that can affect your customer loyalty, now is the time to explore more about how to retain customers.

1. Always offer great quality products and services

Everyone loves to get good value for money and your clients are not an exemption here. The first thing any client will measure to evaluate brand credibility is the quality of the offering. Nobody would appreciate getting a buggy or sloppy item if he or she has paid for it. Even if you have given it as part of the New Year discount campaign or any other program at cheaper rates, the quality of the product has to be excellent and not less than that. Your development and research team must focus on customer experience to make this first stunning impression on your clients and enjoy brand loyalty from them.

2. Be available on multiple channels to answer a customer query

Once the quality of service or product is addressed, the next step is to define a strategy related to call center services. You need to go all in to improve customer service, so you can delight your clients. Traditionally, clients used to connect with business brands only through voice calls. But, now, communication has gone beyond just voice calls. Thus, using an omnichannel contact center solution has become inevitable. Your customer service team must provide support across all touchpoints to delight and retain customers.

3. Define a clear and approachable support strategy

Keep customer support hassle free and that will turn in your favor to increase client retention. Don’t make it too difficult to connect with the technical person, agent, or an IVR to get the required help at any point. Define a clear call center strategy and make it available publicly, so your clients can explore the possible and the best ways to connect with customer support agents whenever they need.

4. Collect customer feedback and showcase positive reviews

One of the most vital tips to increase customer retention is to impress other clients with already impressed clients. Take feedback from your clients to learn from their experience to improve customer service. In addition to that, collect reviews, ratings, and testimonials from your existing clients and showcase that publicly. To make these reviews and ratings more credible, ask clients to give them on public domains like Google Reviews, Facebook or LinkedIn pages, etc. This will attract new clients and also give a new perspective to your existing clients and help in increasing the retention rate.

5. Stay connected with clients

Whether you have a business on a hosted model or you are selling some e-commerce products, it is necessary to stay on top of your client service game. For that, you need to stay connected with your clients via different communication channels. For example, you can use social media for retargeting your existing customers that are not interacting with your brand or business. You can also send them some exciting offers to reconnect or purchase something. You also have the option to run a cross selling or up-selling campaign as your loyal clients are likely to purchase faster from your brand.

6. Focus on personalization

If you use a call center software solution, digital advertising platforms, or similar tools to run your business and customer service campaigns, you can actually collect a lot of data from different sources related to how your customers feel about different things and offers. You will also be able to group customers based on their likings, disliking, and several other factors. You need to use this information to create personalized offers, greetings (Refer our Greeter Product), reward programs, and other campaigns. Sending personalized offers and messages will not improve customer service and customer satisfaction, but it will also impress them. This can help in increasing the retention rate even further.

7. Incentivize loyalty

Being loyal to a brand for a long time is honestly a difficult choice for a customer in today’s distractive world. There are so many options available. Your competitors also run their digital marketing campaigns using your own target audience and sometimes keywords as well. Your loyal customers constantly receive alluring offers from other businesses. They may also get disappointed or disconnected from your brand sometimes, but still, if they are with you, then they must be rewarded. In fact, they can be rewarded to be with you at least and constantly give you business or keep your retention rate high.

You must create loyalty and reward programs for your happy and loyal clients and give them those rewards publically. This can be a great way to promote brand loyalty and advocacy in your clients. In addition to that, you will be able to leverage the advantages of encouraging other clients to be your loyal customers.

8. Use the latest technology

Technology can be your great pal in this game when you are looking for the answer to the question of how to increase customer retention. One of the must incorporate things is technological advancements. You have to use the latest tools and technology that can help you define, run, and execute your campaigns to retain clients.

Following are some of the tools that can help you in increasing retention rate:

  • Omnichannel call center software:

    It is one of the must have tools when you want to focus on retaining more customers. This tool lets you connect with your clients across channels, listen to their queries, and answer their issues immediately.

  • Social listening:

    We all know how much time consumers spend online on different social networking platforms. All of them do not send direct messages or comments, but they may mention your brand on different social platforms and share their negative or positive remarks. Social listening lets you listen to them and respond back. You can even listen to mentions for your competitors to create a competitive strategy to win more clients along with winning the loyalty of your clients.

  • CRM system:

    A customer relationship management solution is definitely a must have to manage all vital details about customers in a digital form. Your agents can use this information to provide a more personalized and reliable customer experience to impress clients and increase retention. You can also get your CRM system integrated into the call center software, so agents can explore details of clients within the dialer system and use it to offer personalized responses to clients during customer care and support calls.

  • IT help desk ticketing system:

    If you offer technical products or technical support and you want to increase the retention of your clients, then you will need an IT help desk ticketing system. It will simplify and streamline the management of technical requests coming from clients with higher productive hours of the team as a result. This can help in creating win win situation because you can increase the loyalty of clients. Moreover, you can increase productivity. You can integrate this software with the call center software, too.

There are several other technological tools and software available in the market, which can help in increasing customer satisfaction, impress them, and encourage them to retain your brand. Depending on your business type and budget, you must use these tools.

9. Analytical and reporting tools

Usually, within your technology software, you will get tools like live monitoring, real time statistics, reports, and more. However, if you do not have the right tools for analysis and report generation, then this is the time to invest in it. You cannot keep guessing and continue your efforts to increase the retention rate of customers. You have to analyze data yielded from your client retention and customer service campaigns. You have to identify what is working and what is not. You have to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your customer care and relationship management tips. For all these, reviewing data and reports is necessary and for that, you must have the right tools.

10. Hire the right people

This is the most important thing to retain clients because your team will connect with them and also define strategies to engage clients and improve their retention rate. You must hire the best agents that can be polite and professional while responding to customer queries. Your managerial team should also be skilled to analyze campaigns and improve customer experience. You must hire the right team and constantly train them.

Concluding notes

A majority of businesses focus on customer acquisition, but customer care and retention are equally vital for the growth of the business. In fact, customer retention can help in increasing the profit of the company by reducing cost per sale and increasing profit per sale. Loyal customers can also help in increasing sales and lead generation if you succeed in impressing your clients.

If you are confused with questions about how to retain customers, we have already given you a complete guide to follow that can help you at different stages of this vital business function. You must also have the right and skilled team to meet your and your customer’s expectations. Along with the right strategy and team, you need the right tools.

We, Elision Technologies, have been empowering several businesses with our expertise in different technology tools. In the segment of customer care and service, we have developed several tools that have been empowering different businesses in diversified industry verticals. Your business can be the next happy customer of our company. Our DialShree: Omnichannel Contact Center Solution is one of the most widely used software solutions that have benefited businesses to increase the value of various key performance indicators including the retention rate of customers.

To know more about our technology tools and to book a free demo, get in touch with us Now! 


Major Applications of Auto Dialers

Major Applications of Auto Dialers

A call center solution offers an array of features to its users. This software is renowned for the call center automation features along with multiple other features it has to offer. An auto dialer is one of the fine examples of call center automation features.

What is an auto dialer?

A feature that dials numbers automatically to pass a connected call to the agent is called an auto dialer. This is one of the features available in a call center solution. (more…)


Benefits of Advanced Call Distribution in Call Center

Advanced Call Distribution (ACD) Benefits

A call center solution offers an array of features. Advanced call distribution (ACD) is one of the most popular and useful features available in this software. In this article, we will share more details about ACD and its major advantages for the users of a call center solution.

What is ACD?

It is an automatic call routing rule available in the call center solution. This feature automatically routes incoming calls to the right agent. (more…)


Video Contact Center and Its Advantages

Video Contact Center and Its Advantages

Video contact centers are gaining a lot of popularity. In-person customer support and services are getting emphasized to build a better customer relationship.

What is a video contact center?

A call center that uses a call center solution that supports video chat is a video call center solution. This software will have all features you will find in a contact center solution. Moreover, it will have one-to-one video chat support.

The agents can use this feature to have a video call with the customers. The contact center that uses this type of call center solution and provides video support is often referred to as a video contact center.

What are the major advantages of a video contact center?

There are many advantages of using a video contact center. Some of the major benefits are briefly explained below:

1. Better customer engagement

The video chat option available in a call center solution can be used to fill the gap between a voice call and a physical meeting. It is almost like a physical meeting. The COVID 19 has made virtual calling a new normal. Video calls allow agents to engage customers in a better way with interactive and personalized conversations.

2. Better prospecting

Cold calling is outdated. Video calling is another trend in the sales and lead generation industry. The call center solutions have started offering a video chat option that can be used to divert more results towards sales and lead generation calls.

3. Take advantage of body language

The reason video chat gives better results is that both customers and agents can see each other. This form of calling lets agents see the body language of customers and based on that the call script can be personalized and updated in real-time. For example, if the customer seems uninterested from his body language, the agent can make a quick change in the sales pitch. If a customer looks irritated, the customer support agent can try to give another resolution. There are many advantages of looking at the body language of a customer in improving KPIs and goal conversion.

4. Quick resolution to the issues

The key to increasing customer satisfaction is resolving their concerns as fast as possible. The video contact center has this opportunity better than a contact center that uses a simple call center solution. The video contact center can provide a more interactive medium of communication. The agents can quickly resolve the issues with the demonstration. It is even better when technical support needs to be provided. It is also good in banking processes like KYC verification.

5. Save money and other resources

Many processes can speed up with a video contact center. It can avoid the need of visiting a business or an agent visiting a customer, i.e., for KYC verification. Product demo can be done using a call center solution; no other software would be needed. Likewise, there are many operations that can be done remotely without losing the personal touch to impress customers.

These are the major benefits of video contact centers. There are multiple other advantages one can leverage by adopting video contact centers.

We offer an omnichannel call center solution that supports unified communication channels, including video chat. Let our representatives give a complete demo of this feature-rich call center solution and explain how it can benefit your business. Contact us to book a free demo.


What Is Call Wait Time in a Call Center? How to Reduce Call Wait Time?

Call Wait Time and Tips to Reduce Call Wait Time

Call centers keep on focusing on different KPIs to improve performance. The main agenda usually is to deliver better customer services in an inbound call center and increase collection or leads in an outbound call center. Experienced and well-trained agents and the best call center solution often help call centers to improve major KPIs.

In this blog post, we will share more details about one of the important call center KPIs and how to improve its value. We will talk about the call wait time. (more…)


How Does Sticky Agent Benefit Call Centers?

Benefits of Sticky Agent

A contact center solution offers an array of features to call centers that use this software. Each feature has some use cases and benefits. In this blog post, we will talk about one of the most important and useful features, called a sticky agent.

What is a sticky agent?

It is one of the call routing features available in the contact center software. This feature routes a call of a customer to the same agent every time, the customer calls. It means the customer gets connected to the same agent every time he seeks support. (more…)


We Have Launched Communication Tools for Banking Industry

We Have Launched Communication Tools for Banking Industry

We are happy to announce the launch of multiple communication tools for the banking industry. These unified communication tools are available for the FINTech industry. It means any financial or banking service provider companies or organizations can use these tools.

Some of the major FINtech organizations are listed below:

  • Banks
  • Robo-advisors
  • Insuretech
  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • NBFCs (Non-banking Financial Companies)
  • And more



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