Major Applications of Auto Dialers

Major Applications of Auto Dialers

A call center solution offers an array of features to its users. This software is renowned for the call center automation features along with multiple other features it has to offer. An auto dialer is one of the fine examples of call center automation features.

What is an auto dialer?

A feature that dials numbers automatically to pass a connected call to the agent is called an auto dialer. This is one of the features available in a call center solution. (more…)


Benefits of Advanced Call Distribution in Call Center

Advanced Call Distribution (ACD) Benefits

A call center solution offers an array of features. Advanced call distribution (ACD) is one of the most popular and useful features available in this software. In this article, we will share more details about ACD and its major advantages for the users of a call center solution.

What is ACD?

It is an automatic call routing rule available in the call center solution. This feature automatically routes incoming calls to the right agent. (more…)


Video Contact Center and Its Advantages

Video Contact Center and Its Advantages

Video contact centers are gaining a lot of popularity. In-person customer support and services are getting emphasized to build a better customer relationship.

What is a video contact center?

A call center that uses a call center solution that supports video chat is a video call center solution. This software will have all features you will find in a contact center solution. Moreover, it will have one-to-one video chat support.

The agents can use this feature to have a video call with the customers. (more…)


What Is Call Wait Time in a Call Center? How to Reduce Call Wait Time?

Call Wait Time and Tips to Reduce Call Wait Time

Call centers keep on focusing on different KPIs to improve performance. The main agenda usually is to deliver better customer services in an inbound call center and increase collection or leads in an outbound call center. Experienced and well-trained agents and the best call center solution often help call centers to improve major KPIs.

In this blog post, we will share more details about one of the important call center KPIs and how to improve its value. We will talk about the call wait time. (more…)


How Does Sticky Agent Benefit Call Centers?

Benefits of Sticky Agent

A contact center solution offers an array of features to call centers that use this software. Each feature has some use cases and benefits. In this blog post, we will talk about one of the most important and useful features, called a sticky agent.

What is a sticky agent?

It is one of the call routing features available in the contact center software. This feature routes a call of a customer to the same agent every time, the customer calls. It means the customer gets connected to the same agent every time he seeks support. (more…)


We Have Launched Communication Tools for Banking Industry

We Have Launched Communication Tools for Banking Industry

We are happy to announce the launch of multiple communication tools for the banking industry. These unified communication tools are available for the FINTech industry. It means any financial or banking service provider companies or organizations can use these tools.

Some of the major FINtech organizations are listed below:

  • Banks
  • Robo-advisors
  • Insuretech
  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • NBFCs (Non-banking Financial Companies)
  • And more



KPIs to Monitor Performance of a Cloud Call Center Solution

Cloud Call Center Solution Performance KPIs

Cloud call center solutions or on-premises call center solutions, it does not make any difference to customers. However, it can positively impact call centers. Both, on-premises and cloud call center solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages. As cloud call center solutions are gaining more popularity because of added flexibility shared by this type of software, we will cover it in this blog post.

To help you assure you are receiving maximum returns from your cloud call center solution, we will share some major KPIs. (more…)


Tips to Train Work from Home Agents

Tips to Train Work from Home Agents

Virtual call centers are increasing because of a plethora of advantages available to them. Technology tools have been supporting the work from home models for call centers. Some innovative tools such as the Work from Home add-on are also introduced to empower call centers that offer a work from home option for their agents. A cloud call center solution has been in the market for some years to support secure access to the call center solution for remote call centers. (more…)


How to Create the Right IVR for Customer Care?

Tips to Create the Right IVR for Customer Care

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system used to be an independent solution and still many companies and call centers use it as an independent solution. Because of its amazing functionality and several advantages, many VoIP and telecommunication solutions have made it an integral feature. For example, a call center solution, IP PBX software, etc. solution has IVR as one of the features out of many available. (more…)