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KPIs to Monitor Performance of a Cloud Call Center Solution

Cloud Call Center Solution Performance KPIs

Cloud call center solutions or on-premises call center solutions, it does not make any difference to customers. However, it can positively impact call centers. Both, on-premises and cloud call center solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages. As cloud call center solutions are gaining more popularity because of added flexibility shared by this type of software, we will cover it in this blog post.

To help you assure you are receiving maximum returns from your cloud call center solution, we will share some major KPIs. You must measure these KPIs to review and enhance the performance of your team and call center solution, as well as, leverage several other advantages.

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that you must measure in a cloud call center solution:

1. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

There can be different types of SLA in a call center. Number one is the uptime of the software. Your cloud call center software must have 98% or more uptime SLA. If it is not, you must change the provider. Another SLA is the number of calls handled within working hours or a specific timeframe. This shows how productively your agents perform.

2. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

It is another important KPI that any call center that uses a cloud call center solution or on-premises contact center solution must measure. This score shows the percentage of clients that are happy with your offerings and services. You can run a survey using your cloud call center solution to collect feedback from customers to define CSAT. You can also measure other KPIs that can also give a hint of customer satisfaction rate. Some of the KPIs that show customer satisfaction are as below:

  • First Call Resolution (FCR) rate
  • Average call handling time
  • Average call transfer rate
  • Average call hold time
  • Average contacts to get a resolution

3. Customer churn rate

This is another important KPI that needs to be managed by your call center. The customer churn rate defines the number of customers you are losing in a predefined time period. This can be possible for multiple reasons such as:

  • Bad quality of product
  • Poor customer support
  • Poor post-sales support
  • Poor retargeting strategy
  • And more

It is necessary to focus on this KPI to make sure you increase CSAT and increase customer loyalty, too. Increased customer loyalty defines increased revenue.

4. Agent performance metrics

Agents not only use the cloud call center solution, but they are also responsible for improving or degrading the value of other KPIs. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor their performance via major KPIs such as:

  • Average speed to respond
  • Average call handling time
  • Average call abandoned rate
  • Average after call work time
  • Occupancy rate

These are the top performance indicators that can define whether your agents perform productively or not and whether they are taking advantage of your cloud call center solution or not.

We offer on-premises and cloud call center solutions. If you are interested in using a cloud call center solution for your call center, we have some interesting deals for you. Contact us for more details.


Tips to Train Work from Home Agents

Tips to Train Work from Home Agents

Virtual call centers are increasing because of a plethora of advantages available to them. Technology tools have been supporting the work from home models for call centers. Some innovative tools such as the Work from Home add-on are also introduced to empower call centers that offer a work from home option for their agents. A cloud call center solution has been in the market for some years to support secure access to the call center solution for remote call centers.

Along with the right technology tools, the remote call centers should also focus on designing the right agent training program. Let us share some of the tips to train your work from home agents.

1. Train agents to use work from home tools efficiently

Nowadays, easy-to-use technology tools are available in the market. A cloud call center solution will have easy to use user interface. The omnichannel communication tools will be integrated within the cloud call center solution, so agents will find them as one of the integrated features. Likewise, the work-from-home add-on is also very easy to use.

Still, giving a walkthrough of software and details of standards to use the cloud call center solution, work from home add-on, etc. can be beneficial to implement a standard working procedure for a remote call center.

2. Define regular training programs

In many call centers, training is considered a one-time process, but agent training has to be regular and recurring. Of course, it is not necessary to repeat the same thing again and again. However, covering different aspects of emotional engagement with customers to effective cold calling tricks, interpersonal skills, calling etiquettes, so on and so forth should be covered in training programs. Keep enhancing the knowledge of agents, so they can enhance their performance and improve productivity.

3. Give personalized training

Usually, the call centers focus on common training, which is good in some cases such as giving training on a call center solution. It has to be common as all agents need to learn the same thing. However, different agents can have different weak points in a remote call center environment. In this case, grouping agents according to the challenges they face and providing personalized training can help in improving the results of training. The cloud call center solution can provide the required details to group agents as per their performance.

4. Keep training material available for future use

Agents are likely to forget what they have learned in the call center training sessions. Therefore, it is recommended to let agents refer to training material in the future. The training sessions and material can be recorded and placed on the cloud and let work from home agents access it whenever they need it.

5. Engage agents

A majority of training programs for work-from-home agents don’t give expected results because call centers don’t engage agents during and after the training sessions. Ask questions, take feedback and comments, and in many other ways, try to engage agents in the training sessions, to increase returns and results.

These are the top tips to implement to give more effective training to work from home agents.

If you are looking for a cloud call center solution, work from home add-on, or any other software, then contact us.


How to Create the Right IVR for Customer Care?

Tips to Create the Right IVR for Customer Care

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system used to be an independent solution and still many companies and call centers use it as an independent solution. Because of its amazing functionality and several advantages, many VoIP and telecommunication solutions have made it an integral feature. For example, a call center solution, IP PBX software, etc. solution has IVR as one of the features out of many available.

The customer care departments or centers majorly use IVR for offering self-serving options or to connect customers with the right agents. The call center solution has this feature as one of the call center automation features. To deliver satisfactory customer care services, the call centers need to use this feature strategically. Immature use of the IVR feature of the call center solution can result in increased customer frustration.

To help you in the right IVR designing for customer care, here are the top tips.

1. Keep the IVR menu short

  • Customers need to remember the IVR menu along with listening to it. Therefore, it is necessary to keep IVR menus short.
  • Short IVR menu and fewer options are easy to remember, so customers will not need to re-listen to it.
  • This can help in reducing the efforts of listening to it.

2. Voice prompts must use natural and easy to understand language

  • The advanced call center solution offers a Text to Speech (TTS) feature and some customer care departments use professional voice artists to create voice prompts.
  • Whether you use TTS or a professional voice artist, it is necessary to have voice prompts in the local language and accents of the target customers.
  • The spoken words need to be loud and clear for the listener.
  • The professional artist needs to make sure there is no background noise while recording the voice prompts.

3. Put commonly selected options in the beginning

  • It is another way to create an easy IVR menu for the customers.
  • The call center solution can help to identify the options that are used commonly.
  • To design the right IVR menu, you must put the commonly selected options in the beginning.

4. Give options to repeat the menu or return to the main menu

  • Even if it is a commonly practiced standard, often some call centers and customer care departments skip this option.
  • The customer must get the option to re-listen to the IVR menu and also return to the main menu. This helps them choose the right option if they feel lost.

5. Give the option to talk to the agent

  • Many customers prefer to talk to a human agent compared to using self-serving options offered by a call center solution.
  • Instead of adding up to the frustration of the customers, it is better to give the option to talk to the human agents.

These are the top 5 tips to follow to design the right IVR in any company or call center that offers customer care services.

We offer the best call center solution along with IVR and other advanced features. We also offer a Text to Speech solution as an add-on for the call center software or as an independent solution. Contact us to know more about these technology tools for customer care and book a free demo.


How a Hospital Can Handle Abandoned Calls with a Contact Center Solution?

How a Hospital Can Handle Abandoned Call with a Contact Center

Hospitals have been adopting multiple technology tools to improve the patient experience. Just like many other industries, the healthcare industry also faces high competition. That is why focusing on improved patient experience is necessary. Technology tools such as an omnichannel contact center solution for the healthcare industry can help hospitals to overcome multiple roadblocks. One of the roadblocks that an omnichannel contact center solution helps in overcoming is dealing with abandoned calls. (more…)


How to Write an Effective Call Script in 2023?

Tips to Write an Effective Call Script in 2021

Call centers invest so much money in hiring the right agents and talented supervisors, buying a feature-rich call center solution, etc. All of this can fail if their call script fails. A call script is often considered one of the standard features available in the call center solution, but it has much value in a successful campaign. This is the reason it is necessary to get an effective call script.

With each passing year, a call script also needs to get upgraded. In fact, for each different campaign, there should be a unique call script. This is the reason a call center solution offers a call script feature for different campaigns. For each campaign, you can have a custom script.

In a nutshell, having the right and upgraded call script is necessary. Let us share the top tips to write an effective call script in 2023.

1. Use the language that your audience speaks

  • The first tip to follow is to adopt the language and phrases that your targeted audience uses.
  • Many call centers run virtual call centers using a work from home add-on and a cloud call center solution to hire native speakers to attend customers.
  • Even if you cannot hire native speakers, using the phrases and language they use can really be beneficial.

2. Eliminate the guessing game

  • This is the biggest mistake a majority of call centers made even if they have insightful data in their call center solution
  • Each call center solution offers reports as well as a call recording feature. These features can be used to review whether a call script is working or not.
  • Using the data you have in your reports section can help in making an effective call script.
  • If you want to write an effective call script, do not get into a guessing game. Use the data and insight you have and write an effective call script.

3. Be precise and quick

  • Respect others’ time is a very well-known proverb. A call center using a call center solution, whether to run inbound or outbound campaigns needs to follow and practice this proverb.
  • Do not make your script way too long that with too many adjectives.
  • Be professional and precise. Your call script should be easy to scan. Use more pointers.
  • This will not only help agents to save time, but it can also help agents to begin from somewhere in the middle.

4. Use simple to understand language

  • Every industry has some jargon and technical words.
  • Some writers are good with superlatives and adjectives.
  • Using high-level English, superlatives, adjectives, jargon, etc. can be great for you to some extent, but remember, all people your agents would talk with may not understand those words and phrases.
  • You have to use simple to understand language, so your customers or prospects can understand that with ease and without grabbing their dictionary.

These are the top 4 tips that you must follow to write an effective call script in 2023.

We can help you with our unified communication solutions that can assist your agents to deliver a better speech to win customers and prospects. A feature-rich contact center solution is one of them. Contact us to know more about our unified communication solutions.


Which Are the Must Use Phrases in a Customer Care Center?

Must Use Phrases in a Customer Care Center

There is a one really useful proverb, called “Words Matter”. What you speak makes a huge impact on someone. In the call center and BPO industry, it is even more important. Whether a call center is offering customer care services or if it runs lead generation campaigns, words matter.

Agents need to know the right phrases to use during each conversation. In a customer care center, this becomes even more important. Customers get upset and furious about the fact that some things are not working as per the expectations. At that time, using the right phrases and be empathetic words is necessary.

We have been offering the best call center solution to customer care centers along with many other industry verticals. Based on our years of experience, we have derived a list of some phrases that agents must use during a call with an upset or angry customer. This will create a positive impression of your call center and customers will feel valued.

1. I will resolve this for you

This statement gives affirmation and assurance to the customer. A customer would feel relaxed with the assurance that the agent will resolve the issue for him.

It is one of the most empathetic and encouraging sentences an agent can use in the call center. This can also be part of a call script mentioned in the call center solution to make sure the agent does not forget to use this sentence.

2. Please allow me some time to look into this

When a customer shares his/ her issues, it is likely that an agent needs to fetch some details and check if it is correct or not or if something can be done to resolve customer concerns. Instead of just saying “let me see” and put customers on hold by using the call hold feature of the cloud call center solution, it is necessary for an agent to be more empathetic and professional.

Asking for some time and permission to check the issue can make customers feel attended and valued. They will find it professional that the agent is not just putting a call on the hold abruptly, but taking permission to do that.

3. I can understand that it is annoying. I ask your apology for the inconvenience caused

Nothing can be as empathetic as getting validation for what you are feeling. The same applies to your customers. When the agent says, he/ she can understand the feeling of the customer and find it apologetic, the customer is likely to find it empathetic and feels good.

4. Let me reconfirm this and please correct me if I am wrong

Restating the issue to make sure the agent has understood it well and the right resolution can be found, it is necessary to reconfirm the issue with the customer. This will also show agents are attentive and are going to work to resolve the issue.

Wrapping up

These are the top empathetic phrases that agents must use to handle customer support calls more professionally. A call center can add all these and other empathetic statements into the call script feature of a call center solution to make it easier for agents to remember and use those empathetic lines.

We offer a call center solution that has a custom call script feature. Moreover, this software has some futuristic and customer care-centric features that can help you improve the results of customer care campaigns. To know more about this call center software and to book a demo, contact us.


Collection Analytics That You Must Know

Collection Analytics That You Must Know

Collection agencies specifically work for debt collection to collect EMIs for loans, credit card bills, mortgages, etc. Along with having skilled agents, the collection companies also need the best tools such as a contact center solution.

The contact center solution offers features like predictive dialer, lead grouping, etc. to speed up the process of collection calls. However, still, this is not it. The collection companies will also require add-ons. We have developed a specific add-on, called the collection module.

Call center collection integration integrates the collection module within the call center software. The collection module has amazing features and automation to empower collection agencies. One of the useful features available in this software is reports and analytics.

The collection analytics can help collection companies to operate more efficiently and increase money collection as well as score and credit as an efficient collection agency.

For this, the collection companies need to monitor key collection analytics. Here is a list of collection analytics that has to be measured:

1. Customer segmentation

In collection campaigns, there are three types of customers:

  1. Customers that pay on time, sometimes without reminders, too
  2. Customers that need a push and
  3. Defaulters who need to push really hard and still may not pay the EMI

The call center solution with an integrated collection module can be used here. In this case, the collection module will allow collection companies to create a bucket list of customers. The analytics given in the contact center solution that is integrated with the collection module can help collection agencies to segregate customers depending on their paying habits and other facts.

2. Call connection rate

The collection companies do a tough job of reaching a client and ask for debt collection. The reason it is a tough job is people are likely to avoid this type of call. Therefore, the collection companies need to keep an eye on the analytics that gives the value of the call connection rate. This can help collection agencies to make a strategy to increase the call connection rate. One of the most useful ways to increase the call connection rate is using the call rotation method. Call rotation can be done using different call routing strategies available in the on-premises or cloud call center solution. It reaches the customers during different times of the day and multiple times in a month or a week, so the probability of attending a call increases and the success rate, too.

3. Response rate on communication channels

The collection agencies need to use multiple communication channels to reach customers to ask for payment. The omnichannel contact center solution can simplify this job as within a single platform, unified communication channels can be used. The collection analytics that shows which communication channel is preferred by customers should be used to increase the customer response rate. The collection agencies can reach the customers via their preferred modes of communication and increase the response rate.

These are three major collection analytics metrics that collection agencies must measure.

We offer the best contact center solution with unified communication support. We have also developed a collection module to automate and empower different operations in a collection agency. Contact us to get further details and book a free demo.


How to Handle Call Overflow in Call Centers?

Tips to Handle Call Overflow in Call Centers

Call centers usually handle inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. In the case of inbound calls, the calls are related to customer support, inbound sales leads, etc. In these cases, the call centers have to make sure that the users get attended to and answered as soon as possible. Also, the callers get satisfactory responses.

Sometimes, the call volume increases suddenly. It may increase for the long term or it can be a seasonal spike in the call volume. In any case, it is necessary for a call center to handle the call overflow professionally to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

Here are some of the tips shared by the experts that can help call centers handle call overflow and reduce it.

1. Get an omnichannel contact center solution

Usually, a call center solution supports only a single communication channel, which is voice calling. This can be one of the reasons the call overflow bothers call centers. Customers have to connect via a single communication channel. On the other hand, an omnichannel contact center solution can offer unified communication channels. This can help in distributing call overflow on the different communication channels and this can reduce call volume and help in handling call overflow more professionally and strategically.

2. Take advantage of call automation

The best contact center solutions like DialShree offer the best features and functionalities to its users. This type of call center solution also takes advantage of call center automation to help call centers in multiple ways. Self-serving features are part of call center automation. By using these features, you can reduce the call overflow.

3. Increase agents

The call volume spike can be temporary or permanent. In both cases, it is necessary to have enough strength to handle call volume and customer queries on other communication channels, too. Depending on the scenario, you must hire more agents to handle increased call volume or customer requests. You may also need to increase the capacity of your contact center solution. If you use a cloud call center solution, you can scale up the capacity even within a few hours.

4. Train your agents

One of the reasons your call volume gets increased can be poor agent training. If your agents are not able to resolve customer issues within the first call or at least in two to three calls, then it can be the reason for call overflow. For example, the call centers handle some new calls daily. If these customers or prospects don’t get answers within the first attempt, they are likely to call again to check the status. This way the call volume includes new and past customer queries. To reduce call overflow, proper agent training is a must.

5. Upgrade product or infrastructure

If a majority of customers are facing the same issue, you may need to fix the product issue to reduce call overflow. If your call center software solution has some limitations, you better get an advanced version of the same. Upgrade the product and infrastructure to reduce call overflow.

These are the top 5 tips you must try to reduce call overflow or manage it professionally.

A contact center solution plays a vital role here. We have a call center solution, which also supports omnichannel communication. Contact us to book a free demo. In the demo, our team will explain how this can help you handle call overflow.


Tips to Reduce Agent Burnout in Call Center

Tips to Reduce Agent Burnout in Call Center

Agents are considered success drivers in any call center. Agents directly interact with customers and they are the real brand presenters. The latest technologies have introduced call center automation. However, the fact is human agents are still needed and will be needed. The call center software or artificial intelligence technologies cannot replace manual resources. But, the good news is that these technologies can help in improving the performance of agents.

One of the issues that a majority of call centers face is agent burnout. For all call centers, it is necessary to reduce agent burnout to increase productivity and performance.

The call center solution can help in reducing agent burnout and there are some more options, too. In this blog post, we will share the top tips that any call center can follow to reduce agent burnout.

Provide the best tools

  • The first thing to get into place is the right tools. You must start with the call center software.
  • Your call center solution must have all the latest features and functionalities to support faster performance and reduce tedious jobs.
  • The omnichannel call center solution is a must nowadays to reduce agent burnout and still increase productivity and performance. If your call center does not need all communication channels, you may also get the most important ones such as WhatsApp, social media, SMS, email, etc.

Reduce agent stress by encouraging work-life balance

  • The call centers usually work in a high-performance environment. That is why agents often have to take calls too frequently. The working hours are often extended. All this can directly contribute to higher agent stress.
  • Stress increases agent burnout and degrades performance and productivity, both.
  • In a call center, it is necessary to encourage work-life balance and give the working environment that can burst agent stress. Some tips to follow here are as below:
    • Allow agents to take short breaks. This can rejuvenate their mind and soul.
    • Arrange some recreational activities.
    • Appreciate a good job in front of everyone.
    • Give achievable targets.
    • Take agent feedback.
    • Encourage work-life balance.

Encourage automation

  • The call center technology is advancing rapidly and this gives a scope to take advantage of technology to reduce agent burnout.
  • One of the technology tools used in a call center is a call center solution.
  • The call center solution also offers call center automation nowadays. You must introduce automation for tedious jobs to reduce agent burnout.
  • You can also use a cloud call center solution to let agents work remotely occasionally or when possible. This can also help in reducing agent burnout.

Encourage collaboration in the team

  • Team collaboration can lead to a better work environment in which everyone helps each other to sharpen skills and perform better. Your call center must have an open environment where collaboration is encouraged.
  • The call center software will offer some features that can be used to empower collaboration such as internal chat, call transfer, coaching tools, etc.
  • Along with the technology tools, the call center can also take some actions to create a collaborative environment for agents.
  • The collaborative environment can help the team to perform better and reduce agent burnout.

These are the top tips that a call center can practice to reduce agent burnout. As you can see, a call center solution has a major role to play. We offer a feature-rich call center solution, which can help your call center to reduce agent burnout. Contact us for more details.


Omnichannel Contact Center Best Practices


The omnichannel call center software is now used in almost all industry verticals. It has several advantages to offer such as:

  • Increased reach
  • Increased agent productivity
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced branding
  • Increased ROI
  • And many more

Many call centers use an omnichannel contact center solution. A contact center or call center that uses an omnichannel call center solution is known as an omnichannel contact center. To leverage all the above-mentioned benefits, an omnichannel contact center needs to follow some best practices.

Read on to learn about these must follow best practices.

1. Identify which communication channels your customers prefer

Many call centers try to distribute the volume of support requests on their preferred communication channel. For this, often call centers ask customers to contact the support team via a specific communication channel. For example, if a call center has invested in call center WhatsApp integration, the call center will ask customers to contact via WhatsApp so call volume can be reduced. However, the best practice would be to identify which communication channel your customers prefer. The same rule applies to outbound communication as well. Instead of using a voice broadcasting feature of a call center solution or running an outbound calling campaign using a predictive dialer, the call centers must use an analytical tool or research to identify the preferred communication channel of the customers.

2. Cater to customers via their preferred communication channel

Once a call center identifies the preferred communication channels of customers, it can classify them. The agents should use the communication channels that are preferred by the customer while contacting them and let customers use their preferred modes of communication.

3. Define faster possible response time

Many omnichannel contact centers focus on higher response time to customers that use voice calls because the software automates call routing to the agents. Many call centers also focus on reducing overall waiting time and call hold time to make sure customers are catered to quickly. However, often these contact centers ignore or skip to define the response time for other communication channels such as email or SMS. The customers should receive a response within a few minutes regardless of the fact, which communication channel they use. If this can be achieved, then only using an omnichannel call center solution can be worthy.

4. Train your agents to use the communication channels correctly

It seems there is no rocket science in using different communication channels, which is true. But, what is equally true is often people forget about using the right etiquettes for using specific communication channels professionally. For example, email communication is quite formal and professional. However, an SMS will be short and quick. Agents need to be trained about using different communication modes supported by an omnichannel call center solution more professionally.

5. Monitor and fine-tune

The omnichannel contact center software will also provide performance metrics in the report section. The contact centers must monitor KPIs and keep fine-tuning their strategy to make sure they introduce new best practices, as and when needed.

These are the top 5 tips that you must follow to make sure you make the right use of an omnichannel call center solution.

If you are looking for custom call center integrations to integrate any of the communication channels into the call center software or if you are looking for an omnichannel call center solution, contact us. We provide a feature rich call center solution that can support unified communication.


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