Major Productivity Hacks for Call Center Agents in 2022

Major Productivity Hacks for Agents in 2022

Call center agent productivity does not mean handling too many calls within the shift, but it s about delivering quality results while handling more and more calls. Utilizing the best resources like an omnichannel call center solution at its best is necessary to boost agent productivity. In this article, we will share the major hacks that you can try in 2022 to boost the productivity of your agents.

1. Define and convey agent productivity KPIs

The productivity parameters have shifted majorly due to various reasons such as shifting client demands, pandemic, wars, increasing agent attrition rate, etc. Thus, for a call center, it is necessary to define the right success metrics that define the productivity of agents. Moreover, it is necessary to keep agents informed about major productivity KPIs, so they can focus on improving the values of these KPIs.

2. Empower agents with the right tools

It is necessary to use the best call center tools to empower your agents. In this digital era, using an omnichannel call center solution is a must. This will help agents provide a unified experience across channels to clients. You will also need to add different tools to your contact center software. For example, integrate CRM into the call center solution to let agents lead the context-driven conversations. If your call center uses any other software that your agents need to explore such as an ERP solution, IP PBX software, etc., then you need to integrate these solutions within the call center solution. This will give all the required features within a single system with a single sign-on.

3. Measure the value of KPIs in real time

Don’t wait until you get time to measure the productivity KPIs and then get panicked about bad values. Rather, use the live call monitoring features available in the omnichannel contact center solution to monitor productivity KPIs in real-time. This can help in taking the right actions in real-time, so you can coach your agents in real-time to work on boosting the productivity of your agents.

4. Use AI voice analysis for quality assurance

You can automate the quality assurance process with artificial intelligence-driven tools. AI voice analysis can evaluate all calls for quality parameters. It will analyze all calls and give scores to each call and different parameters depending on the quality of calls. This will give the case-wide data to train and coach agents to work more productively.

5. Incentives and rewards

We expect quality and productive work from agents, but that is not really a driving factor for them to deliver excellent work. To keep them motivated and stress-free, you must invest in training your agents to deliver better. Moreover, call centers need to give the best incentives and rewards to inspire agents to work more productively and also focus on quality.


By following these five effective tips will help you boost the productivity of your agents. If you are interested in getting the right call center solution or an AI voice analysis tool for call centers, we can help you. Contact us to explore our range of software offerings for call centers.


Predictive Dialer: Key to Success for Call Center Software Users

Predictive Dialer- Key to Success for Call Center Software Users

A predictive dialer is a powerful tool for outbound campaigns that can boost results. A predictive dialer can be a feature available in the call center solution or it can be a self-governing solution to run outbound campaigns effectively. This software can boost the success of call centers and even boost the performance of the individual users of this software.

What is a predictive dialer?

 It is one of the most efficient auto dialers available in a call center solution. It is the only auto dialer that dials multiple phone numbers in one go and it can also filter out the calls that go no answer, unreachable, busy, disconnected number, etc.

How does a predictive dialer boost success for call center software users?

As mentioned earlier, a predictive dialer can not only boost the success of a call center that uses it, but also individual users that take advantage of this software. Let me share the top ways it can help boost the success of the software.

1. Improved time management and enhance the utilization of time

In a business like a call center, time is really important and time management is crucial. The predictive dialer of call center solution can help agents manage their time more effectively. It predicts how much time an agent is likely to take on a call and when he will finish up his disposition job to be available and take the next call. As soon as the agent shows readiness to take the next call, this feature of the best contact center solution will assign the next call.

This helps agents in utilizing time at its best without wasting any moment waiting for the next call. This helps in taking more calls and staying more productive.

2. Sharpen the skills of agents

The predictive dialing feature lets agents of a call center take more calls. Taking more calls will not only improve the productivity of each agent, but it will also augment the experience of each of these contact center software users. Improved experience will add up to better knowledge about the product and how to handle calls of customers.

This can help in sharpening the skills of the agents that use predictive dialing.

3. Efficient lead management

The predictive dialer software can manage leads more efficiently. It will reach out to clients when they are more likely to attend calls. This ensures that agents can connect with clients and that the leads or calls assigned to them are handled more efficiently. This also helps in boosting results and returns for a call center that uses this call center solution.

A predictive dialer is one of the features available in this call center software and you must use it to boost overall and individual success in your call center.

If you are interested in using the best call center solution that is furnished with a predictive dialer and multiple other advanced features, we can help you with DialShree, which is an AI-driven call center solution. To book a free demo, contact us.


Major Utilities of a Call Center Solution in the Banking Industry


A call center solution is one of the most useful telephony communication solutions gifted by VoIP. It is useful for all industry verticals. In this blog post, we will share the major utilities of a call center solution in the banking industry.

Banking and finance are major industries that use this software for their benefit. Therefore, you can find specifically designed and developed call center solutions for banks. This type of call center solution will have custom features to benefit and speed up banking operations. Thus, it is recommended to use a call center solution for banks instead of using any random contact center software.

1. Customer care

Customer support is one of the major operations in banks. From asking simple questions and queries related to account or check status to handling complex operations such as discussing discrepancies and credit card bills, blocking net banking access, and many other operations require support from the banks and small finance companies.

The custom feature in a call center solution for banks can help in handling all sorts of banking customer care campaigns. Some of the features can even help in automating the job of handling client support in Fintech organizations.

2. Sales of banking products

Similar to multiple other industries, banks, and other finance companies run different campaigns to increase sales of banking products like:

  • Commercial and saving account opening
  • Credit cards
  • Loans (Personal, home, automobile, business, etc.)
  • And more

To increase sales, the banking agents need to reach more and more clients and pursue them to buy the banking products. The major outbound calling features available in the on-premise or cloud contact center solution for banks can help in increasing results.

3. Collection for loans, credit card bills, and more

Banks and similar finance companies need to run dedicated campaigns to increase the collection of due amounts for loans, credit card bills, etc. The contact center software for banks will have an exclusive module, called, the collection module. This module automates multiple tasks related to collection campaigns for banks. Moreover, it provides specific features to help agents in the process of grouping clients depending on their group, auto calling to increase reach, and boosting collection with payment utility available in the collection module for banking call center software.

Wrap Up

These are three major utilities of a contact center solution in the bank. As banks need to connect with clients via different modes of communication, it is necessary for banks to use an omnichannel contact center solution. This can help in increasing the utilities of this software. For example, the SMS helps in sending an SMS with broadcasting related to system maintenance that may affect net banking during specific hours of the day. Likewise, call center social media integration helps in responding to comments and concerns of clients shared on social media.

We are one of the leading telephony and unified communication solution providers. We have benefited several industries with our communication solutions. We have built the best unified communication tools to enhance banking operations and communication, which includes an omnichannel call center solution. For more details, contact us.


Omnichannel Contact Center Solution: Redefining the Future

Omnichannel Contact Center Best Practices for Customer Experience

The world is moving faster with technological advancement. These technological advancements have made our lives simpler and faster. That’s the reason today’s consumers need a fast response in one go. They are more impatient and need faster support services. This has increased challenges for customer care and support center. However, these issues can be resolved with the omnichannel contact center software. The amazing range of features made it loved by consumers as well as users. It has been predicted by the industry leaders that the omnichannel call center solution is the future. Let us share the top reasons for the popularity of this solution:

A single solution to manage complete customer support

The omnichannel contact center software is an all-in-one solution for any small to big call center or customer support center. It is furnished with all advanced tools and communication modes a customer care center would require to provide holistic support to the customers. It eliminates the requirement of additional software and hardware which decreases capital investment and ongoing maintenance costs. For example, this type of contact center solution has a WebRTC-based web phone, which eliminates the need for softphones and IP Phones. Now, a contact center can give web to web calling features to its customers. There are many as such features which reduce the operational cost of the owners and increase the quality of service (QoS), which made it the perfect solution for business investors and owners.

Match pace with the latest trends

The omnichannel contact center solution supports all recent technological trends. For example, the contact center solution can get set up over the cloud to ensure the availability of data all the time. That type of call center software is known as a cloud contact center solution. Also, it supports the latest security mechanisms, browser-based calling, and other trends to give a foolproof solution to both consumers and users.

Boost customer satisfaction

The omnichannel contact center solution is furnished with the advancements and different communication channels so it can delight each type of customer. Also, it adds many tools of self-serving so the customers no longer need to stay in the call queue; they can fulfill their requirements on their own. Advanced communication feature such as video calling helps in increasing the satisfaction of tech-savvy consumers. Furthermore, the texting mode of communication gratifies the millennial who prefers texting over voice calls according to the study results. The omnichannel contact center solution also has features such as a sticky agent and skill-based routing, which ensure the best customer experience.

The omnichannel contact center solution satisfies the business need of call centers and customer support centers. Also, it meets the preferences of the customers of the businesses aka customer care and customer support centers which make it the future contact center solution for any industry.

Want to know more about the omnichannel contact center solution? Get in touch with the experts to book a free mode and explore more about these solutions.


Major Features to Boost ROI of Your Outbound Call Center

Boost ROI of Your Outbound Call Center

Outbound call centers perform amazingly well for sales, telemarketing, cold calling, collection, and multiple other types of campaigns. The outbound contact center solutions provided by the top call center software providers are loaded with an array of amazing features that can take the ROI graph higher.

Let’s explore more about the major features of the call center solution that boost outbound call center’s ROI.

1. Predictive dialer

An outbound call center solution provides an array of auto dialers like a progressive dialer, preview dialer, power dialer, etc. The predictive dialer is one of the most advanced auto dialer solutions. It predicts the availability of agents and call connect rate. It makes sure as soon as an agent is ready to take the call, the next call is allocated to him. This helps in boosting productivity, which will increase sales and reduce expenses to boost ROI.

2. Collection module

This module is available for collection agencies. The call center collection integration provides automation in multiple jobs related to the collection. This helps in maximizing collection with the available manpower and other resources.

3. Truecaller phone number verification

The Truecaller business number verification helps in positioning a positive business brand. This helps in increasing the call connect rate up to 75%. This increases sales conversations and sales to boost ROI.

4. Agent call script

The outbound call center solutions provide customized campaign-based call scripts for agents. This helps in offering the required support with an easy-to-skim script. The agent call script helps in converting leads into sales or customers.

5. Voice and SMS broadcasting

Call center automation always helps in enhancing resource optimization and productivity-boosting. The best outbound call center software provides multiple automation features. SMS and voice broadcasting features help in sending the same promotional message to all customers without occupying agents in the calls with customers. This helps in boosting agent productivity and performance.

6. Callback scheduling

The call center software with outbound campaigns also helps in scheduling callbacks automatically. This feature adds the number to the list of phone numbers to be auto dialed by the auto dialer like a predictive dialer or a power dialer. This ensures that all follow-up calls from the customers are generated at the right time without any misses. This not only enhances the brand image, but also increases the sales and goal conversions.

The call center solutions offer an array of features to benefit different campaigns and businesses. The outbound contact center software provides various other features along with the top six mentioned in this blog post. These features help in enhancing the results of the software and boosting ROI.

We have built the most powerful call center software with omnichannel communication, Truecaller business number verification, AI voice analysis, and multiple other amazing features that can help you boost your ROI even higher. This software is available as a licensed and rental solution. Contact us to book a free demo of this outbound contact center solution.


3 Proven Ways to Increase Call Connect Rate in 2023

Proven Ways to Increase Call Connect Rate

Communication is an integral part of many businesses. In fact, for some industries like BPO, KPO, call centers, etc. communication is the main operation. In this type of business, it becomes necessary to use tools that can help in increasing the call connect rate.

The call connect rate defines the success of not only a campaign, but also a business. Thus, it becomes necessary to invest resources to increase the call connect rate in 2023. (more…)


5 Major Tips to Balance Massive Call Volume in a Call Center in 2023

Major Tips to Balance Massive Call Volume in a Call Center

Most call centers provide customer support services to improve customer experience. To improve results, improving all aspects of customer experience is necessary. Massive call volume with a few agent seats, outdated call center solutions, or other roadblocks can affect the performance and KPIs of a call center.

To help your call center overcome major issues and roadblocks related to massive call volume in a call center, here are the top tips to follow. (more…)


Latest Technology Trends that Define Growth of Call Centers

Latest Technology Trends that Define Growth of Call Centers

Call center technologies constantly evolve and benefit users of call center solutions. Even in 2022, conventional call center solutions are available. But, using the contact center software that has incorporated the latest technology trends has become necessary. This necessity of the market is acknowledged by call centers, which is why they have been adopting the best call center solutions. (more…)


How Can Voice Analysis with AI Help Call Centers?

How Can Voice Analysis with AI Help Call Centers_

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been introducing different call center automation features. By leveraging the power of AI for call center solutions, we have built the most advanced AI-driven voice analysis tool for call center solutions.

In multiple ways, this AI voice analysis for call centers can benefit contact centers, customer care centers, and any business that uses a call center software. (more…)


Best Features of Auto Dialers that Increase Sales

Best Features of Auto Dialers that Increase Sales

Auto dialers have been an important tool to increase sales and customer experience. Thus, it has been an imperative tool for lead generation and sales. Traditionally, auto dialers were available as an independent software platform, known as auto dialer software. However, now, you can find them as one of the features available within the modern call center solutions.

In the best call center solution, you can find more than one auto dialers such as: (more…)


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