How Can AI Voice Analysis Help Banks in Boosting Client Satisfaction?

How Can AI Voice Analysis Help Banks in Boosting Client Satisfaction_

Banking is one of the most competitive industry verticals. There are so many banks, including private banks that are trying to attract customers to use their services and banking products. Thus, unlike traditional times when customers used to use services from specific government banks only, now customer experience and satisfaction have become vital. This is the reason each bank has put a customer care department within the bank using skilled banking agents and the best call center solution. There are multiple other banking communication solutions available other than the call center software that can help improve customer satisfaction for a bank. AI voice analysis tool for banks is one of the tools like that.

What is an AI voice analysis tool?

This tool is also referred to as an AI call center solution because it is an artificial intelligence-drive module that can be integrated into the call center solution.

The AI voice analysis tool for banks analyzes each call for quality based on predefined parameters such as:

  • Usage of positive words
  • Tone of voice
  • Emotions in the voice
  • Silence in the conversation
  • Verbose minutes of conversation
  • And more

Based on these parameters, it gives an overall score along with scoring each individual parameter.

How does an AI voice analysis help banks to boost client satisfaction?

This quality assurance tool can boost client satisfaction in multiple ways. Let’s check how.

1. It checks each and every call for quality

Unlike a manual analysis system, in which the manager checks only some random calls, the AI call center solution will analyze each call for quality assurance. This tool will ensure that none of the quality of service-related mistakes are overlooked. Thus, it helps in taking care of each client and the experience delivered to him or her to improve overall and individual banking customer experience.

2. It highlights unspoken signs of client experience

It is easy to decode a client’s frustration when he or she gets angry and shouts at a banking executive, but it is difficult to decode whether a customer is happy, sad, or upset with the banking services if he or she is not using those kinds of words in his conversation. The AI voice analysis tool for banks can analyze the tone and emotions in the voice to highlight when a client was upset or disappointed with the answer of the banking agent. This helps in improving conversation style and decoding unspoken emotions of clients to deliver better customer service.

3. Improve training

Agents handle banking clients, so they must be trained for rectifying their mistakes. The AI voice analysis tool provides details on individual mistakes. This helps in training agents based on specific mistakes they might be making during a call. This helps in improving the customer care standards in banks and boosts client satisfaction.

If you are interested in exploring more about a banking call center solution and AI voice analysis for banks to boost customer satisfaction, we can help you. Contact us to initiate the conversation.


Deliver Empathetic Customer Service with AI Voice Analysis

Deliver Empathetic Customer Service with AI Voice Analysis

Empathetic customer service can give an upper hand to your business as that is what customers are looking for. A majority of businesses are focusing on mechanical customer experience to focus on KPIs and their values. But, businesses that focus on building a positive customer relationship by understanding the sentiment of customers can indeed level up their customer care game.

Human intelligence can often help in gauging the sentiments of customers with the clues of body language. But, in the case of customer care centers, they use either telephonic or chat based conversations using an omnichannel call center solution, which would not provide any body language related clues to the agents. Human intuition can be another option to judge the sentiments of clients to deliver an empathetic customer relationship, but in the hustle of call centers, it often makes it difficult for agents to be empathetic and they end up delivering empathetic customer service.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven tools have been benefiting all aspects of businesses, including, helping agents to deliver empathetic customer service. The AI voice analysis tool is made available by the top call center software providers like Elision. This tool can be integrated into the call center solution and it will work as one of the modules of that call center software.

The AI voice analysis tool shows multiple key performance indicators (KPIs) and it also shows the sentiments of customers and agents both. The great advantage of this tool is that it gives an overall score of customer sentiment, plus, it shows a second level graph of the customer sentiments. It also shows a graph of agent sentiments.

This detail can provide concrete data to the supervisors to judge the sentiments and emotions of clients, as well as, agents. The supervisors can use this data to show agents how customer sentiments shift based on their own reactions. This gives more detailed information to agents to understand how clients are reacting to the way they are talking, certain words they are using, the tone they are using, etc. Knowing this information can help agents to be more mindful of their own sentiments, usage of positive words, and empathize with customers to show them they care for their concerns and they are here to help.

On the other hand, the AI call center solution helps supervisors to be more attentive towards defining the right call script to be added to the call center software, using more positive words, highlighting negative words, etc. Supervisors can also define better training for agents to help them deliver empathetic customer services.

In a nutshell, the AI voice analysis tool for call center solutions has several amazing features, which make a difficult job of gauging client sentiments and delivering more empathetic customer service and experience simplified.

We provide AI voice analysis and integration with call center software. We also provide an AI call center solution that has AI voice analysis as an integrated feature. Contact us to book a free demo of this AI tool that can help you level up your customer service game.


Major Productivity Hacks Each Call Center Must Know

Call center agents are associated with the hustle and bustle of delighting angry customers. At the same time, they need to keep learning about newly added features in the contact center solution and other technical tools.

There are some easy hacks that agents can try to increase productivity without hampering routine performance. All they need to do is use some amazing features available in a call center solution correctly.

1. Use auto dialers

The urge of dialing a number that is received during a live call for a reference sale is often high. However, it is necessary to save each second of productive hours. Adding all leads and customer numbers in the auto dialers available in the call center software is necessary. Auto dialers like predictive dialer dial numbers automatically and assign the calls to agents only if customers are connected directly. This saves a lot of time that can be used in increasing productive hours.

2. Schedule automated callbacks

Receiving callback requests is common in any business. In a contact center, agents can manually dial a number or use the automated callback feature. It is noted that only advanced call center solutions like DialShree offers automatic callback with advanced options. It is necessary to use an automated callback to save the time of remembering the callback schedule and call a customer exactly at the requested time.

3. Use CRM integrated call center solution and customer profiling feature

Customer profiling is an advanced feature that gives an overview of all interactions a customer had with different agents in the call center. You can find this feature only in advanced call center software like DialShree. This feature shows all past touchpoints of customer interaction to let agents quickly understand the behavior pattern of a customer and deliver a personalized resolution.

In addition to that, if a call center invests in call center CRM integration, agents can use a CRM integrated call center solution. This software shows more details about a customer to the agent, so the agent can personalize responses.

Both of these options help in increasing the first call resolution (FCR) rate along with customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

4. Take advantage of self-assessment features

Not all call center solutions offer self-assessment features for agents, but it is necessary to have this feature to help supervisors increase their productivity, too. Some of the common self-assessment features available in a call center solution are call recording and playback of agent’s calls, agent statistics, agent reports, etc. Agents can monitor their own performance and make the required enhancements and improvements to boost productivity and performance.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, using a call center solution and its major features, productivity can be increased with ease. We have shared the top five tips that agents can use to boost their productivity using an advanced call center solution. There are many more features this software offers, which can be used to boost not only agent productivity, but also other KPIs in a business.

We have a call center solution that offers multiple features to enhance team productivity to reduce expenses and increase ROI. Contact us to book a free demo.


How Can You Improve Call Quality in Call Centers?

Call Quality Assurance Is Necessity in Call Centers

In a call center, call quality defines how good your customer service standards are. Many call centers put an extra force to monitor the quality of calls by recording and screening calls. The best call center solution providers now also offer AI voice analysis tools to automate monitoring the quality of the calls and quality of service.

What is the call quality assurance?

It is the process in which the call centers analyze and ensure that agents deliver a good quality of service by delivering professional and satisfactory responses to customers.

In each call center, there is a set of standards that each agent has to follow. If agents follow all of these standards, then it results in delivering good quality calls. On the other hand, if agents ignore these quality standards, then they are missing out on the call quality.

How can you improve the quality of the call in a call center?

There are multiple ways to improve the QOC using the best call center solution that is furnished with the best technologies.

1. Monitor all calls for the quality

Mostly call centers to analyze calls randomly. This is like throwing darts in the dark. Each call must be reviewed for quality purposes. This can help in improving case-by-case calls and overall quality of service. Thus, it is necessary to monitor all calls for quality purposes.

If it is too much work to manage, you can use AI voice analysis for automated call analysis and monitoring for call centers. It will automate the process of quality assurance.

2. Score calls and agents for quality

Monitoring the calls for quality is not enough. You have to pass the information to the agents to perform better. For this, assigning the score to each call can help in passing more accurate information to the agent. The AI voice analysis for call centers automatically scores each call based on different performance criteria to pass accurate information.

3. Let agents self assess and improve

The best call center solution also provides some features that can help agents to analyze their own performance to identify weaknesses and improve. Using these features can help in saving time for supervisors and still motivate agents to perform better.

4. Provide real-time coaching

All modern call center solutions provide real-time reporting features to clients. The features of call center software can be used to monitor calls and their quality in real-time and deliver a better customer experience. Supervisors can also provide real-time coaching to improve client satisfaction.

5. Use the best technology for quality assurance

Using top tools such as AI voice analysis, call recording, call monitoring, etc. integrated into the call center solution can help in enhancing the quality of service. Even if it may require additional investment, it is worth as it will give better returns over investment, too. You must use the best technology tools to deliver better quality services to your clients.

If you are looking for these technology tools, we are here at your disposal with the best call center software and features like AI voice analysis, live call statistics, call recording, reports, and more. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to book a free demo.


5 Must Have Features for Customer Support in 2023

Must Have Features for Customer Support in 2022

Customer support has become one of the most crucial operations of businesses in 2023. The increasing competition, compressing profit margins, and difficulty in converting leads have enforced companies to retain their clients. The role of a well defined customer support strategy can help in increasing customer retention rate.

One of the important aspects of a winning customer support strategy in 2023 is to use a feature-rich call center solution. (more…)


How Can Voice Analysis with AI Help Call Centers?

How Can Voice Analysis with AI Help Call Centers_

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been introducing different call center automation features. By leveraging the power of AI for call center solutions, we have built the most advanced AI-driven voice analysis tool for call center solutions.

In multiple ways, this AI voice analysis for call centers can benefit contact centers, customer care centers, and any business that uses a call center software. (more…)


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