How Does NBFC Improve Customer Experience?

How Does NBFC Improve Customer Experience_

Customers have been more aware of their rights and options in all areas. When we talk about financial services and products, the options are abundant. From banks to non banking financial companies (NBFCs), private lenders, and the list goes on. The competition is so tight that the financial service providers have to allure customers with offerings like low interest rates on loans, high FD rates, better returns, and more. Along with all these offerings, one really vital aspect that financial companies need to focus on is customer experience. There are several ways to improve customer experience.  From following common practices like being there to answer queries of your clients to unique ways of making them feel special with personalized financial products, there are many things financial companies can do.

As the whole new branch of the NBFC business is forking out and growing so rapidly, we have collated the top tips that any NBFC can follow to increase customer experience. These tips are not yet another customer care blog post, but it gives a solid foundation for building a strategic customer care plan to improve customer experience and see the real difference.

1. Collect data

Throwing darts in the dark leads nowhere and this applies to all business aspects. Whether you want to increase sales or customer satisfaction, you need to have a plan derived from real data. To build the right strategy to uplift customer satisfaction and experience, you need data. If your NBFC has been offering services for some time, you will have that data stored in the form of reports in a call center solution for collection agencies, CRM system, loan management system, and other software tools. You can also collect that data from in-branch feedback left by clients, net banking and mobile banking users, and other sources. You must collect as much data as possible.

2. Identify patterns

Once you have enough data collected, you must invest time in analyzing this data. You can even hire a financial professional that understands numbers and can yield fruitful and easy to understand reports from that data. There are also big data analysis tools available in the market similar to a call center solution for collection agencies. These data analysis tools can be used to extract meaningful reports for raw data.

Some common mistakes made by NBFCs are listed below:

  • Offering irrelevant financial products
  • Capturing the same information repetitively
  • Unreasonable or too long paperwork
  • Too many applications for a single process
  • Delays in processing
  • And more

All these can frustrate users and the patterns may showcase all of these.

These reports will show patterns and common user behavior or expectations. This information can be very helpful to work on different aspects related to customer service for NBFC.

3. Personalize product portfolio

An NBFC usually offers a range of financial products and assets to its clients to run its business including banking and nonbanking offerings. The common mistake made by not only NBFCs but also banks is giving random offers to random customers by running lead generation campaigns using a call center software solution and its auto dialing features. Instead of randomly sending offer calls, it is advisable to work on personalized offer creation to improve customer experience. It can also increase customer experience.

Along with product portfolio and offerings, NBFCs can even personalize collection calls run through payment utility for collection or a call center solution for collection agencies. Personalization is always appreciated in the game of customer service for NBFC.

4. Be there when customers need

This is a golden rule for any company that wants to improve customer experience and certificate. Whether your business was there or not to sell financial products to a client, your customer care team must be available to answer any query of clients. Whether you use a call center software solution to handle customer care campaigns or if you use a CRM system with an NBFC solution or you just send customer relationship management to the doorstep of the client, being available to your clients whenever they need you can lead you to uplift customer experience to another level.

5. Leverage technology

Technology is a boon for all businesses. There are so many amazing benefits of using technology in a non banking financial company. From saving resources to speeding up operations, increasing efficiency, reducing expenses, and many more advantages are boasted by technology tools like a call center solution for collection agencies, payment utility for collection, CRM software, NBFC system, and more. Some NBFCs use technical tools, but still with standard or substandard features, which can put them behind their competitors that invest in advancing technology. For example, if you are using the call center software, but it does not have payment utility for collection or other NBFC specific features, then you are more likely to lose the game of customer care. You would be just wasting your resources and even possibly leaving your clients frustrated.

To understand this here is a quick example: a simple system enabled NBFC to run a collection campaign with an auto dialer, but the whole process of filtering clients is manual. This would waste a lot of time for agents. Moreover, it may lead to mistakes like calling clients that have already paid their EMIs. Unlike that, if an NBFC uses a specifically designed call center solution for collection agencies, then it can use a payment utility for collection and filter customer data based on different criteria and leverage several advantages. Thus, always use technology tools

6. Listen to your team and clients

It is necessary to trust humans as much as data and tools. Your customer care team interacts with clients in routine and they know their pain points. Thus, they also know the best practices of customer service for NBFC. Moreover, you also have the option to collect direct feedback from clients on what they are interested in and what is missing. This information can help you level up your client service game to boost client satisfaction and experience.

7. Reduce hassle for clients

Your clients might be already frustrated in their lives and adding up to that would definitely submerge your efforts to improve customer experience. Long documentation process, too delayed approval, too many visits to a physical office, etc. lead to client dissatisfaction and even loss of lead for an NBFC. Thus, it is necessary to reduce the hassle of clients with digitization, door to door services, and other possible options.

Concluding notes

Client experience is one of the definitive factors that contribute to the success and growth of the business, so NBFCs invest so much to uplift client satisfaction. One of the major focus areas for profit making has to be the quality of customer service for NBFC. Whether a business uses the best customer relationship managers or the top quality call center solution for collection agencies, the final goal has to be to boost customer experience.

The top 7 effective tips to improve customer experience in an NBFC are covered in this article. If you are interested in knowing more about the technology tools like call center software, call center collection integration, NBFC software, etc., then Get in Touch with Us NOW! Our team will be happy to assist you with detailed information.


Components of an Ideal NBFC Software Solution

Components of an Ideal NBFC Software Solution

In India and worldwide, non banking financial companies (NBFCs) have witnessed exponential growth. As these agencies have been offering banking facilities and financial services without much hassle, customers are more attracted towards services offered by NBFCs. Some of the popular financial products offered by these companies are loan and lending, insurance, PPF, and more. As the number of consumers is increasing to use banking and other financial services from NBFCs, the need for advanced NBFC tools like an NBFC software, call center solution for NBFCs, call center solution for collection agencies, etc. has also increased.

We all are aware of major features available in a call center solution, but NBFC software or exclusively developed tools for non banking financial companies like an IVR for collection or payment utility for collection, etc. are new in the market. Of course, you can search for the best software to manage the complete cycle of a non banking financial company, but it is a must to know the major components and features that this software must have for seamless and hassle free operations and management.  It also enhances the standard of customer service for NBFC.

To help you find the best software for your non-banking financial company, here are the must have components with the required features and functionalities.

1. Customer management system

The whole banking or non banking industry works on the customer cycle, thus any software used to provide financial services or manage it, then the first component needed is a customer management system. As mentioned earlier, an NBFC provides different financial products to clients. Thus, the customer management system will not only provide details of customers and the complete history of clients, but it will also provide details of financial products used by the customer in the past and used right now. An advanced call center solution for collection agencies or NBFC software solutions can also show some sort of predictions related to clients to help agents use it during collection or lead generation campaigns.

Along with managing customer systems, businesses also need to manage campaigns related to customer service for NBFC by resolving customer concerns and queries.

2. Lead generation

Similar to any other industry or organization, NBFC also needs to generate leads for its financial products like money cards, loans, insurance policies, mutual funds, stocks and shares, and more. The software must support running lead generation campaigns and managing them. Usually, a call center solution is used to meet this purpose of running sales campaigns and lead generation campaigns by agents of NBFCs.

3. Loan management system

One of the major financial products of NBFCs is loans. The NBFCs provide loans for different financial products like homes, automobiles, jewelry, and more. There is a whole cycle of loan management, which includes KYC verification, customer service for NBFC to give the required information, paperless loan sourcing, loan processing, document verification, loan account creation and management, loan money disbursement, EMI payment management, and multiple other aspects. By using a call center solution for collection agencies and an NBFC software solution, all different stages of loan management can be managed digitally.

This software usually reduces the manual processes as it will have inbuilt algorithms that manage different jobs such as KYC verification or credit score calculation to grant a loan amount.

4. Cash collection system

One of the major and most challenging jobs that a nonbanking financial company manages is cash collection. This can be for any financial services offered by an NBFC such as premiums for insurance coverage, bills for credit cards, EMI for the loan amount, etc. A majority of the time, companies run campaigns using an IVR for collection or call center solution for collection agencies or similar software for collecting EMIs for loans. This is a whole intricate process made of several layers, stages, and agents.

Along with call center agents running telephonic campaigns using payment utility for collection or a specifically designed call center solution, there will be collection agents in the field that visits clients to collect EMI money and pay at the collection center of the NBFC. There are also some mechanisms integrated into the call center solution for collection agencies, which can be used to provide the required guidance to customers to pay EMI online using an online system for remote operations.

If a customer does not pay, the payment utility for collection ensures that the agent gets the promise to pay date (PTP date) to ensure that the reminders can be sent on and before that date using mechanisms like an IVR for collection.

The collection is a whole system that has to be managed very meticulously as it is one of the major financial products that make a profit for NBFCs.

5. Agent commission statement

In NBFCs, similar to other financial and banking organizations, agents receive some incentive or commission for collected dues and debts with their skills. As the loan structure, commission model, floating interest rates, etc. are so intricate, manual processes often fail in counting agent commissions. Thus, companies that develop call center software for collection agencies or NBFCs, also build a module for agent commission calculation. This would also be a necessary component in the NBFC software. It only counts the commission of each agent, group of agents, department or campaigns, etc., but it also creates a complete commission statement that can be used for financial analysis, forecasting, budgeting, performance evaluation, and other key jobs.

6. Reports

Reports are necessary for any business as it gives performance evaluation data. In financial businesses like NBFCs, it is necessary to be aware of the financial performance with solid and reliable data. This data can be used for variance analysis, audit, AR & AP management, bank statement reconciliation, overhead analysis, risk analysis, trend analysis, working capital management, cash flow management, etc. This is the reason software for any non banking financial company needs to show all data in detail and in well formatted reports. Some of the major reports you will find in the call center solution for NBFCs are listed below:

  • Branch to branch reports
  • EMI collection report
  • Monthly sales report
  • Cash collection report
  • Agent commission report
  • Loan reports for a specific period
  • Financial position report
  • Exception reports
  • Debtor report
  • Profitability report
  • And more

These reports can also be exported as PDF or PPT to showcase to investors, higher authorities, etc. A majority of these reports are related to collection, which is why you may find them in a call center solution for collection agencies integrated into the non-banking financial company solution.

Concluding notes

Operations of any NBFC are as intricate as banks and there is also regulatory enforcement to follow. We definitely cannot forget or ignore the cutthroat competition in the market caused by other NBFCs and banks. Thus, it is necessary to take advantage of technology. The NBFC software is one of the majorly used tools in these organizations. Thus, it is necessary to incorporate all features that can save the time of agents and NBFC staff. Moreover, it must have features to enhance operational efficiency and accuracy. To help you choose the right software, we have listed out all the major and must have features of this software.

If you are looking for a technical partner, we can be at your side. We have developed the best call center solution for collection agencies, IVR for collection, payment utility for collection, and multiple other solutions. We also have built an award winning Dialshree: Omnichannel Contact Center Solution. To know more about our technical products, get in touch with us.


How Can AI Voice Analysis Help Banks in Boosting Client Satisfaction?

How Can AI Voice Analysis Help Banks in Boosting Client Satisfaction_

Banking is one of the most competitive industry verticals. There are so many banks, including private banks that are trying to attract customers to use their services and banking products. Thus, unlike traditional times when customers used to use services from specific government banks only, now customer experience and satisfaction have become vital. This is the reason each bank has put a customer care department within the bank using skilled banking agents and the best call center solution. There are multiple other banking communication solutions available other than the call center software that can help improve customer satisfaction for a bank. AI voice analysis tool for banks is one of the tools like that.

What is an AI voice analysis tool?

This tool is also referred to as an AI call center solution because it is an artificial intelligence-drive module that can be integrated into the call center solution.

The AI voice analysis tool for banks analyzes each call for quality based on predefined parameters such as:

  • Usage of positive words
  • Tone of voice
  • Emotions in the voice
  • Silence in the conversation
  • Verbose minutes of conversation
  • And more

Based on these parameters, it gives an overall score along with scoring each individual parameter.

How does an AI voice analysis help banks to boost client satisfaction?

This quality assurance tool can boost client satisfaction in multiple ways. Let’s check how.

1. It checks each and every call for quality

Unlike a manual analysis system, in which the manager checks only some random calls, the AI call center solution will analyze each call for quality assurance. This tool will ensure that none of the quality of service-related mistakes are overlooked. Thus, it helps in taking care of each client and the experience delivered to him or her to improve overall and individual banking customer experience.

2. It highlights unspoken signs of client experience

It is easy to decode a client’s frustration when he or she gets angry and shouts at a banking executive, but it is difficult to decode whether a customer is happy, sad, or upset with the banking services if he or she is not using those kinds of words in his conversation. The AI voice analysis tool for banks can analyze the tone and emotions in the voice to highlight when a client was upset or disappointed with the answer of the banking agent. This helps in improving conversation style and decoding unspoken emotions of clients to deliver better customer service.

3. Improve training

Agents handle banking clients, so they must be trained for rectifying their mistakes. The AI voice analysis tool provides details on individual mistakes. This helps in training agents based on specific mistakes they might be making during a call. This helps in improving the customer care standards in banks and boosts client satisfaction.

If you are interested in exploring more about a banking call center solution and AI voice analysis for banks to boost customer satisfaction, we can help you. Contact us to initiate the conversation.


How Can Elision Improve Communication in the Banking Industry?

Elision Improve Banking Communication for Banks

The banking industry needs to make a secure and intelligent connection with clients to retain them and constantly improve the customer experience with reliable banking communication. To improve intelligent customer engagement, banks need the best communication solutions, too.

We, Elision, have developed a wide range of banking communication solutions that can help banks make an engaging connection with clients. These tools can help in improving customer experience by bridging the gap between communication and intelligent engagement.

Let us share how it happens, but before that, here is a quick brief of our banking communication solutions.

1. Omnichannel contact center solution

It is specifically designed for banks with custom features to help in handling emergency and premium banking services with a more professional approach along with handling common banking queries of clients and prospects.

2.IP PBX solution

Internal team collaboration in a bank is as important as handling customer engagement and concerns. The banking IP PBX solution helps in consolidating internal communication, plus, ensuring productive and fair usage of resources.

Now, let’s explore how our banking communication tools improve communication in the banking industry.

A. PCI and TRAI compliance adherence

PCI and TRAI compliances are set protocols by the government in India for keeping customer data and sensitive information protected while it gets exchanged over communication lines, which can be intercepted. The call center solution for banks and other banking communication tools makes sure these compliances are followed rigorously. The team of Elision can even implement other legislation or security compliances in the banking communication software solutions depending on the need of a bank. This not only keeps customer data protected and follows the legislation, but it also builds a positive and trustworthy brand.

B. Engage banking clients

Elision has developed the best banking call center solution that can engage clients even when banking executives are unavailable to handle calls. It makes sure that customers don’t hear unreachable or busy tones rather it engages clients with soothing music on hold. It also provides communication options like blocking a card with hot marking or connecting a client to a banking agent that can resolve the concern in the first attempt. The omnichannel contact center solution for banks developed by Elision helps in engaging clients by delivering an exceptional customer experience.

C. It helps in maximizing resource utilization

The banking communication tool such as IP PBX solution and call center solution manages better resource utilization. It makes sure that all calls and conversations are recorded and can be monitored in real-time. It helps in ensuring that each team member uses communication tools productively. All customers are managed professionally. There are multiple other ways, these tools help in boosting resource utilization.

In a nutshell, painstakingly developed features of the banking solutions help in monitoring customer experience, banking staff productivity, and fair usage of telecommunication resources. This contributes to the improved communication and customer experience in banks. It also boosts the performance of banking staff.

If you are interested in knowing more about these unified communication tools for banks and booking a demo for these tools, contact us.


Virtual Banking: How Is It Made Possible by DialShree: Call Center Solution?

Virtual Banking- How Is It Made Possible by DialSharee- Call Center Solution_

Virtual banking is a leading trend in the 21st century. Gone are the days, when customers used to walk in to banks for their banking requests. Now, people can take banking actions at their fingertips and there are multiple digital solutions that make it possible. The call center solution is one of the amazing tools that help in making virtual banking possible.

DialShree is one of the best call center solutions for banks that have benefited many banks and made virtual banking effective, accurate, and simple.

Let’s see how.

1. Emergency services made available immediately

Using banking products like mobile banking, net banking, credit cards, debit cards, etc., can also cause leakage of sensitive information. It is possible that the credentials of mobile or net banking get leaked or someone steals the credit card or debit card. In this case, the call center solution for banks helps customers to immediately block their accounts or cards without waiting to log in anywhere or having a conversation with the agents. The real sense of virtual banking is made true by providing immediate services to clients.

2. Exceptional customer care services for banking clients

Net banking and mobile banking can help take common actions, but it does not help in real customer care as there are only chatbots that can answer common questions. Moreover, chatbot technology is still in the learning phase, so often leaves clients frustrated. Unlike that, customers can simply call the banking customer care center for any question they may have for which they are seeking resolution. The right call distribution rules available in the best call center software for banks, DialShree, will make sure that the customer gets connected to the right banking agent and receives a satisfactory response to their queries and questions.

3. Help clients to make a strong financial portfolio

Banks provide multiple other products other than just banking services such as insurance, mutual funds, long-term and short-term financial plans, and more. The call center software for banks helps banking executives to identify potential leads using reports and KPIs shown in the reports. In addition to that, agents can also run sales campaigns using a predictive dialer and other auto dialers.

4. Make the collection process streamlined

Banks need to handle the collection process as well. Unlike the traditional way of sending collection agents to customers’ home, DialShree: collection module for banking call center solutions help in automating and streamlining multiple processes to make the collection process more streamlined and optimized. This solution helps in boosting the collection rate and overall score as well.


There are multiple benefits of using the DialShree call center solution, which is developed with cherry-picked features to benefit the banks. Multiple amazing utilities of this software cannot be replaced by any other alternative available in the market. Thus, it is quite popular among banks. Already several banks in India use this best banking call center software.

To know more about this call center solution for banks and get a free quote and consultation, contact us.


Major Utilities of a Call Center Solution in the Banking Industry


A call center solution is one of the most useful telephony communication solutions gifted by VoIP. It is useful for all industry verticals. In this blog post, we will share the major utilities of a call center solution in the banking industry.

Banking and finance are major industries that use this software for their benefit. Therefore, you can find specifically designed and developed call center solutions for banks. This type of call center solution will have custom features to benefit and speed up banking operations. Thus, it is recommended to use a call center solution for banks instead of using any random contact center software.

1. Customer care

Customer support is one of the major operations in banks. From asking simple questions and queries related to account or check status to handling complex operations such as discussing discrepancies and credit card bills, blocking net banking access, and many other operations require support from the banks and small finance companies.

The custom feature in a call center solution for banks can help in handling all sorts of banking customer care campaigns. Some of the features can even help in automating the job of handling client support in Fintech organizations.

2. Sales of banking products

Similar to multiple other industries, banks, and other finance companies run different campaigns to increase sales of banking products like:

  • Commercial and saving account opening
  • Credit cards
  • Loans (Personal, home, automobile, business, etc.)
  • And more

To increase sales, the banking agents need to reach more and more clients and pursue them to buy the banking products. The major outbound calling features available in the on-premise or cloud contact center solution for banks can help in increasing results.

3. Collection for loans, credit card bills, and more

Banks and similar finance companies need to run dedicated campaigns to increase the collection of due amounts for loans, credit card bills, etc. The contact center software for banks will have an exclusive module, called, the collection module. This module automates multiple tasks related to collection campaigns for banks. Moreover, it provides specific features to help agents in the process of grouping clients depending on their group, auto calling to increase reach, and boosting collection with payment utility available in the collection module for banking call center software.

Wrap Up

These are three major utilities of a contact center solution in the bank. As banks need to connect with clients via different modes of communication, it is necessary for banks to use an omnichannel contact center solution. This can help in increasing the utilities of this software. For example, the SMS helps in sending an SMS with broadcasting related to system maintenance that may affect net banking during specific hours of the day. Likewise, call center social media integration helps in responding to comments and concerns of clients shared on social media.

We are one of the leading telephony and unified communication solution providers. We have benefited several industries with our communication solutions. We have built the best unified communication tools to enhance banking operations and communication, which includes an omnichannel call center solution. For more details, contact us.


How Do Banks Get Empowered with Truecaller Verification?


All industries need to connect with their customers to discuss various aspects and the banking industry has many things to convey to its clients. From the updates related to customers’ accounts or statements to new banking products that the bank has to offer, limit upgrades for credit cards, etc. Other than that, banks also need to connect with customers to remind paying credit card bills, upcoming or due loan EMIs, etc. For all these types of communication, it is necessary for a bank to use the best communication tool and it is PCI compliant. This is the reason a majority of banks have started using the best call center solution.

The best call center software has superior quality features, but it is necessary for a banking executive to connect with the customer before it actually uses the features of the call center solution. Due to the increasing use of caller ID applications like Truecaller, customers have started avoiding unknown calls or unidentified numbers.

In this case, Truecaller for business can be a great boon for the banking industry.

What is Truecaller verification?

It verifies the phone number of a bank and lets that bank uses its own logo and authorized name as caller ID. The caller ID will also show a green highlight, verification tick mark, and the verification badge in the caller ID to convey a positive message that this caller is known and verified and that is safe to connect.

Along with banks, any company can verify its number with Truecaller via one of its authorized partners like us. For more details, contact us.

How does a bank get empowered with Truecaller phone number verification?

The reach and connect rate will increase up to 75%

As per the statistics, if a business has a verified and trustworthy caller ID, then the call reach and connection rate can increase up to 75%. The caller ID cannot be changed by any third party user of Truecaller if it is verified with Truecaller for business. This ensures that every time a bank calls, a trustworthy and reliable caller ID flashes on the phone of a user, and the chances of connection increase.

Banks can highlight priority calling

In many cases, a banking executive needs to connect with the customer urgently. For example, to remind the due date of the credit card or when the delivery boy is at the doorstep of the customer to deliver the checkbook or to verify the status of the issued check as per the RBI rule, etc. For all this, it is necessary to urgently connect with the customer. The Truecaller number verification provides an option of priority calling highlight to banks to show the urgency of the call and increase the connection rate even further.

Banks can make data driven decisions and strategies

Truecaller will also show reports of calls with some important data in graphical format. This information can be used to define the marketing and connection strategy for different banking products.

We are authorized partners of Truecaller business and we provide number verification with Truecaller. We also provide other banking communication solutions. Contact us for more details.


Best Call Center Practices for Banks

Best Call Center Practices for Banks

If you are running a call center for banks or leading a banking call center, then you must know the best practices. Even if you use the best contact center software, you need to know the best practices that all agents must follow. This is necessary to deliver exceptional customer service and follow PCI compliance and/or other legislation related to it.

1. Easily accessible information

In a bank call center, multiple campaigns are executed such as:

  • Customer care
  • Sales for credit cards, debit cards, other banking products, etc.
  • Collection for loan EMIs, credit card bills, etc.
  • And more



Major Features of a Call Center Solution that Empower Banks

Call Center Solution Features that Empower Banks

The banking and finance industry has been using the best tools to deliver an outstanding experience to their customers. A call center solution is one of the tools that banks use. Usually, all contact center software solutions look similar, but they are not. Of course, each of these solutions offers some similar features. Some of them have industry-specific features to benefit that industry. (more…)


Major Challenges Banking Industry Faces without a Reliable Communication System

Major Challenges Banking Industry Faces

Similar to many other industry verticals, the banking industry faces multiple challenges. In this blog post, we will share major challenges faced by the banking industry in the absence of a reliable communication and collaboration system.

1. Providing remote services on a need basis

  • Traditionally, customers need to visit his/ her branch for any banking-related services. This is quite inconvenient for many.
  • Modern communication tools like an omnichannel contact center solution provide features that can be used to deliver remote services to customers. This is necessary to provide some need basic services such as emergency service to block a stolen or misplaced debit or credit card. The omnichannel call center solution can make this process automated with a hot marking feature and it can help customers to take immediate action remotely.
  • The communication tools such as a video conferencing solution can be used for processes like KYC processing or customer relationship management by banks.



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