WebRTC Development For Smart Communication Solutions

WebRTC works on the concept of real time communication on the web. This technology allows the calling and conferences between multiparty using this technology. As it is a browser based technology, what you need is simply the internet connection, WebRTC enabled browser and required hardware such as headphones and smartphones or laptops. That is it!

We, Elision, are one of the early adopters of WebRTC technology. We offer custom services and solutions in this technology. We have served many customers with the custom module and application development in the WebRTC. These applications and modules empower the existing communication software and solution. (more…)


Top 5 Tips to Enhance Customer Support

Tips to Improve Customer Support - Elision

Better customer support results in increased repeat and referral business. Also, it helps in creating a positive business brand for your enterprise. To assure the best customer support, you need to assure that your staff handling customer support has everything they need to provide the best support and care services.

We are leading VoIP Company and we have benefited many businesses with our services and solutions. Today, based on our more than a decade long experience, we will share the top 5 tips to improve customer support. These tips can be used by any small business or a well established call center or customer care center. (more…)


Top 5 Benefits of WebRTC for Call Centers

Top 5 Benefits of WebRTC for Call Centers

Gone are the days when customers had to endlessly browse through portals to get the customer care number of an organization’s helpdesk so that they can place a call. This tedious process was not only time-consuming, but also lead to customer dissatisfaction. This is exactly where the need for WebRTC arises. Web Real-Time Communications(WebRTC) is actually a technology that allows call centers to improve the scope, productivity and quality of their customer service operations without having to invest in additional plug-ins, software or other infrastructure elements. With the help of WebRTC solution, call center agents, as well as callers, can make and receive both voice and video calls and other types of messaging from within their web browsers. Furthermore, the WebRTC solution can be integrated with the call center software to take benefit of the call center software features.

Let us highlight the top 5 benefits of WebRTC Solution leveraged by call centers: (more…)


WebRTC Solutions and Its Benefits

VoIP technologies have enhanced personal and professional, both types of communication. There are some interesting VoIP solutions available in the market and those are making marks for sure. WebRTC is one of the leading VoIP technologies these days. There are so many interesting communication solutions, which are getting built in this VoIP development technology.

By using expert WebRTC development services, one can develop a solution to satisfy rich communication needs. (more…)


WebRTC Solution Benefited Call Centers

WebRTC Solution Benefited Call Centers

The invention of WebRTC technology has brought so many benefits for a wide range of businesses. We can say that the innovators of WebRTC understood the real meaning of communication requirements in today’s era and come up with the best solution. To be very specific, today’s businesses need the remote communication solution so they can be in touch with their clients all the time. The WebRTC developers have come up with the WebRTC Client Solution, which is developed on top of this technology. The WebRTC client solution supports the real time as well as remote communication. This makes it a perfect solution for any industry.

If we pick up a specific industry, then call center industry has reaped many benefits of this solution. How? Let’s explore in brief. In different countries, more specifically in the U.S.A., work from home culture for the call center is developing at a rapid pace. (more…)


10 Most Efficient Trends in Enterprise Communication

Here are the top ten most efficient trends in enterprise communication, read through them and see whether your enterprise is really doing what it needs to in order to adapt to the newer technologies of today:

1. Staying connected all the time:

In today’s generation, it is very important to stay connected whenever, wherever we go. This is because changes happen within seconds everywhere. Mobile phones these days have cloud applications which are meant for keeping the working people doing productive things at any place; at any particular time of the day and using whatever device is available. This is the newest norm that is to be on communication all the time.

2. The popularity of the form of connection:

As we all know previously voice calls were the only means of communication for enterprises. (more…)


Impact Of WebRTC Client Solution In The Education And eLearning Sector

The most prevalent educational field is continuously undergoing through the latest innovations and updates. Various eLearning platforms continuously go under transformation. This has created a big space for the WebRTC. The majority of the students as well as educators everyday interact with one another, but this is now becoming as the primarily-used standard web page as well as document-based user interfaces.

The currently used methodology
Currently, there are audio and video conferencing options which are majorly known and available in the educational field for the students and educators like Skype and Adobe Connect. It’s a known fact that both these solutions require additional software or a complete standalone application to be installed. Also, the setup time for establishing these conferences or calls is quite high while some even require a license fee or setup cost (in case of some software). (more…)


WebRTC Web Phone for Managers and C-level Executives

WebRTC is one of the best VoIP technologies to develop amazing solutions to strengthen communication and collaboration. There are many different unified communication systems that can be built on top of the WebRTC such as, WebRTC Client, Web Phone, etc. In this article, we will talk about the most popular WebRTC solution, namely, web phone.

The web phone uses browser technology to initiate, conduct and tear down the calls and conferences. The experts perform WebRTC development to build a feature rich web phone that supports voice and video call, chat and file share feature. This WebRTC based web phone can be used for the staff members, call center agents, etc. (more…)


WebRTC Phone: Features and Benefits

WebRTC Phone - Facts and Benefits

As an extension of VoIP, WebRTC lets you make phone calls, text chat, video calls as well as Peer to Peer file transfer directly via web browsers. WebRTC is actually a JavaScript that is made with the intention to establish communication functionality directly in your web browser and it does not require downloading any plugins. This means, you don’t need to download a web conferencing app or a stand-alone softphone. WebRTC works on all the popular mobile devices as well as web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera. A WebRTC phone is essential for call centers where there are small cubicles that are made for executives and where desktop as well as other stuffs are kept making it look clumsy. WebRTC solution is perfect for business with less space. With a WebRTC phone, all an executive has to do is login to their portal and the web phone will pop up in their window.

Some attractive features of WebRTC Solution include: (more…)