IP PBX Software for Empowered Communication of Healthcare Industry


The technological shift and increasing demand of real-time and quality medical facilities have increased expected standards of services. Furthermore, as a matter of life is involved, the hospitals have to be prompt in responses, they provide to patients.

By adding a real time and cost effective communication solution, such as, IP PBX solution, the hospitals can leverage a wide range of benefits. The IP PBX software will provide a strong communication and collaboration platform to the hospital staff and patients. Read on to explore top 6 benefits of IP PBX software for healthcare industry:

1. Prompt Response and Mobility

The IP PBX solution provides many features which can be used to add mobility in the communication. The BYOD extensions can work as a great feature to connect the medical staff and patients. Also, you can use call transfer, call forwarding, time based call forwarding and similar features to assure the mobility as well as in-time communication as it can be a matter of life, in case of the healthcare industry.

2. Empower Collaboration

If you have more than one hospital, you can collaborate its different branches and staff with the multi-tenant IP PBX Solution. Also, the IP PBX system will provide a centralized communication and collaboration solution by keeping logs of all calls, voicemails, etc. Use advanced features such as video call, conferences, etc. for ultimate collaboration of the medical staff.

3. Increase staff productivity

The IP PBX Solution will offer features which can be used to remove human intervention from the telecommunication. For example, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system can be used to let patients get answers to their questions on their own or book an appointment through an interactive voice response system. All these features will keep your medical staff available for other tasks which need their expertise. This will increase staff productivity remarkably.

4. Easy to use and manage

The IP PBX software comes with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based user panel. It is very easy to use and manage. The IP PBX solution will provide all simple to advanced telecommunication solutions without any need of additional wiring, hardware, plug-ins, etc. All these make it easy to manage as well as maintain. Any medical representative can use and manage this solution.

5. Easy to scale

The IP PBX system is software based solution. Adding a new extension in this VoIP Phone System is as easy as creating a new word doc. It can be scaled up easily. All you need to do is contact your service provider and ask to increase the capacity and that’s it! You will get scaled up IP PBX system in one to three working days.

6. Reduce expenses

The IP PBX solution uses Internet Protocol (IP) for calling which is way cheaper than the normal communication solution. This will reduce telecommunication cost significantly. Also, it is a software based solution, which doesn’t require heavy hardware and wiring. It can be installed and managed without huge expenses which are required in traditional telecommunication solutions.

Wrap Up

The advanced IP PBX Solution can reduce cost, increase resource productivity, improve patient satisfaction and enhance revenues. All these can work in favor of the hospital and other branches of healthcare industry.

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Code Blue Solution: Emergency Alert System for Hospitals


An emergency is an unavoidable circumstance which can occur any time. Thus, we all need to be armed with the latest tools and technologies to deal with the emergency with the least damage and quick rescue. Hospitals serve many patients at the same time. The patients can’t move fast in case of emergency. Thus, it is mandatory to have everything in place to ensure the quickest possible rescue. The Code Blue: Emergency Alert solution can work miraculously for the hospitals.

Let me share, how does it work?

  • The Code Blue Emergency Alert solution is a telephonic system developed by Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • It creates different groups of relevant people and assigns an extension to each of them. Each group is given a name with a color code. For example, the cardiac specialist group has an assigned extension 701 and given the name “Blue”.
  • In case of emergency, just a single extension call will inform everyone in that extension group. Following earlier example, the call on 701 will inform everyone in the group called Blue. This group may have doctors, nurses, and other staff
  • Once they are informed, they may start doing the rescue work such as getting medicine or operation theatre, etc. ready.
Code blue emergency alert solution for Hospitals

This solution is important to make the rescue operation faster. Moreover, this Code Blue: Emergency Alert solution come up with advanced features to make the things faster in case of required rescue. For example, it supports multiple mode of communication, including, but not limited to:

  • Voicecall
  • SMS aka Text Message

This mean everyone in the group will get predefined SMS with the detail of room number or extension from where the emergency call was made so they can reach there quickly and the person don’t need to explain the details and room number. This makes the rescue and help operation extremely faster.

Furthermore, the Code Blue: Emergency Alert Solution introduced by hospitals will contact admin in case of failure to notify the main person who may arrange some backup.

The hospitals can create the different codes aka extensions for making the help quick to save the patient and act fast to ensure that things get under control at quickest possible.

Here are a few examples of Code Blue extensions used for a hospital:

  • Code Blue: Cardiac arrest
  • Code Silver: Providence Medical Center
  • Code Black: UnityPoint Health
  • Code Yellow: HASC
  • Code Pink – Cardio-Respiratory Arrest

The Code Blue: emergency alert system developed by Elisiontec has benefited many organizations and hospitals. To know more about the solution or to get a free demo, contact us.


Major Challenges Faced by Healthcare Industry without a Contact Center Solution

Major Challenges Faced by Healthcare Industry without Contact Center Solution

The healthcare industry is one of those industries that are early adopters of technology tools. Technology has empowered many tools and one of them is a communication tool. A contact center solution is one of the most advanced communication tools. It has many utilities and applications in the healthcare industry.

Case study, one of the leading hospitals got benefited by using a contact center solution

7 out of 10 hospitals have started using the contact center solution to leverage several advantages. However, still, some healthcare departments or organizations don’t use the contact center software.

Let us share the major challenges that the healthcare industry faces if it does not use the contact center solution.

1. Lost leads

  • The traditional telephony system has a limitation: with a single number, only one call can be attended. The rest of the callers will listen to the busy tone and are likely to hang up the call.
  • The big healthcare organizations usually don’t allow their representatives or receptionists to use a mobile phone to attend patient or customer calls.
  • If a contact center solution is not used, then all calls received while the representative was on another call are missed. There is no reliable way to track those numbers and give them a callback.

2. Lack of monitoring tools

  • A contact center solution offers a range of monitoring tools to the healthcare management, such as barge-in, whisper, live call statistics, performance reports, etc.
  • All the features of the contact center solution allow healthcare management to make sure that healthcare agents are focusing on delivering professional and empathetic responses to the patients or customers.
  • The traditional telecommunication solutions don’t provide this facility, which makes it challenging to assure better productivity as well as better services by the healthcare agents.

3. Lack of the most needed call controls

  • The contact center solution provides an IVR feature that not only auto attends the call, but also keeps the caller engaged until he is connected to the agent.
  • The contact center software also makes sure that all calls are connected to the right agents, so the patient experience can be improved.
  • Other than call routing and auto attend, this software also offers major call controls such as call mute and un-mute, blind call transfer, attended call transfer, etc. All these features help in delivering better patient care and customer experience.
  • The traditional system does not offer any of these features and therefore, it often creates major challenges for the healthcare industry.

4. Workforce management

  • The contact center solution shows reports that can give details about call volume, average call waiting time, etc.
  • All these KPIs can be used to define the required workforce in a specific shift so workforce management can be done more accurately.
  • Without a contact center solution, it is difficult to manage the workforce efficiently for a healthcare facility.

These are the major and crucial roadblocks the healthcare industry faces without a call center solution. There are some more communication tools that empower the healthcare industry along with a contact center solution. Explore our range of healthcare communication tools.


IP PBX Solution Benefits Healthcare Industry

The technology has paved its way in all different industries and healthcare is not left behind. Along with ultramodern medical devices, the hospitals and other healthcare organizations need to provide quick assistance and responses. On time response and patient care would increase the fame of the hospital. The IP PBX solution can empower communication and collaboration of the hospital. It will let healthcare industry use power of unified communication in their favor. Let me unveil the top 5 benefits of an IP PBX solution for the healthcare industry.

1. Extended Mobility and Highest Privacy

The IP PBX solution provides a powerful communication tool to the hospitals and other medical facilities. It can be used without sitting next to the hospital landline or sharing personal mobile number. There are many amazing features such as call forwarding, call routing, call transfer, etc. that seamlessly connects patients with the doctor’s preferred number without exposing that number. This omnichannel communication solution will provide extended mobility and highest level of privacy to hospital staff.

2. Effective Collaboration

If you have multiple branches of your hospital, you can take benefit of collaboration with multitenant IP PBX solution without any additional setup. The multitenant IP PBX system will seamlessly connect all different branches of your hospital to have uninterruptible communication with staff members of different branches and patients.

3. Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

The IP PBX solution lets you assure that the calls of the patients are attended promptly. It lets you define which call should go to which doctor. It also has facility to define an automated message, IVR or an emergency number to attend call during off hours. You can also use the feature like ‘Find Me, Follow Me’ to assure the call is attended by someone. This assurance of attending calls promptly will increase the satisfaction of the patients without knowing how the same number routes calls to different people or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.

4. Better Resource Utilization

The IP PBX system will automate certain communication, plus, make the telecommunication infrastructure simpler. This will keep your staff and other resources available to use for other tasks.

5. Save Money

The IP PBX solution is software based communication system. Thus, it will remove all costs required to set up and maintain a traditional telecommunication infrastructure. Furthermore, if you use SIP based calling, then it will make telecommunication cheaper as VoIP calling is cheaper than traditional telecommunication system. All these will let you save a lot of money.


The IP PBX solution will simplify the communication infrastructure of the hospital; provide an advanced platform for collaboration, delight patients and save money. All these will help a hospital to increase ROI and reputation.

We offer IP PBX and Multitenant IP PBX Solution for healthcare industry along with many other interesting solutions specifically developed for the healthcare industry. Contact us to discuss more in detail.


Patient Care Communication Lifecycle Using Top Tools

Like many industry verticals, the healthcare industry has also started using the latest tools and technologies for different aspects related to patient care. Communication is an important part of the healthcare industry, which helps in delivering better and enhanced patient care.

The trending communication tools empower each stage of the patient care communication lifecycle.

1. Call center solution

Hospitals, pharmacies, etc. use a call center solution or an omnichannel call center solution for patient care. (more…)


Call Center Solution and HIPAA Compliance: Everything You Need to Know

Call Center Solution and HIPAA Compliance

Any hospital or healthcare organization that uses any VoIP based calling solution should be aware of HIPAA compliance. A call center solution for the healthcare industry is gaining a lot of popularity and therefore, we have come up with details of a call center solution and HIPAA compliance.

What is HIPAA compliance?

HIPAA is an abbreviation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act was formed in the USA in 1996. The main agenda of this compliance is to keep the medical information of a patient secure and confidential. (more…)


Major Advantages of Code Blue Emergency Alert System in the Healthcare Industry


We have been catering to the healthcare industry with different communication solutions to bridge the communication gap between patients and healthcare staff, as well as, within internal departments. By continuing the legacy of coming up with innovative and industry-specific unified communication solutions, we offer a suite of unified communication solutions for the healthcare industry.

One of the popular platforms we offer to the healthcare industry is a Code Blue: Emergency Alert System. (more…)


How Can DialShree Help in Increasing Debt Collection for Healthcare Industry?

DialShree Helps in Increasing Debt Collection for Healthcare Industry

People are more conscious about their health nowadays. People invest in health insurance, mediclaim, etc. People also get regular body checkups to stay healthy and fit. Moreover, the healthcare industry has become quite advanced now and therefore, there are many offerings along with traditional healthcare services. From annual health checkup plans to cosmetics, healthcare membership, and many other healthcare products are available for regular customers. (more…)


How a Hospital Can Handle Abandoned Calls with a Contact Center Solution?

How a Hospital Can Handle Abandoned Call with a Contact Center

Hospitals have been adopting multiple technology tools to improve the patient experience. Just like many other industries, the healthcare industry also faces high competition. That is why focusing on improved patient experience is necessary. Technology tools such as an omnichannel contact center solution for the healthcare industry can help hospitals to overcome multiple roadblocks. One of the roadblocks that an omnichannel contact center solution helps in overcoming is dealing with abandoned calls. (more…)


Healthcare Call Center Best Practices


Patient care also includes a quick and on-time response. Therefore, the healthcare industry has started using different technology tools. There are several communication tools for the healthcare industry available. One of the most popular communication tools available for the healthcare industry is a call center solution. The healthcare organizations or third-party call centers that offer communication services to the healthcare organizations use a call center solution for the healthcare industry. (more…)


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