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Use Cases of Video Conferencing in Healthcare Industry

Video Conferencing in the Healthcare Industry

Video conferencing solutions are used in all different industry verticals. It is an amazing tool for remote communication and collaboration. One of the industries which can leverage a plethora of benefits by using this software is the healthcare industry.

There are many articles written on the benefits of a video conferencing solution for the health care industry. Thus, we are not going to repeat the same. However, we will share more details on another important topic, called, uses cases of video conferencing solution in the healthcare industry.

There are many uses cases of this solution in healthcare and all of them cannot be covered in a single article. Thus, we are going to discuss the top 3 utilities of a powerful video conferencing solution such as MassMeet in the healthcare industry.

1. Better telemedicine

Telemedicine has been in use for many years. Telemedicine means providing remote medication via telephone calls. It is usually offered in the villages and distant areas where the health care facility is not in reach of people. Video conferencing solutions can be used to provide better telemedicine facilities as here, doctors can also see symptoms in patients to give better medication.

2. Remote healthcare training

The healthcare industry is vast. In different parts of the world, there are different institutes that work on different aspects to improve the health of humankind and other animals as well. Traveling to world conferences and seminars is quite expensive and everyone cannot afford that.

Thus, remote healthcare training sessions can be conducted by using a video conferencing solution. Healthcare experts can conduct training to treat different diseases, various research and development facts carried out in the healthcare industry, etc.

The video conferencing solution not only provides an inexpensive and time saver mode to connect all healthcare professionals from any nook or corner of the world, but it also provides various other features to make these healthcare training sessions more enriching.

For example, conference recording is a feature that records the video of the training, which can be later emailed to all participants and even to those who missed participating in it.

3. Meetings and roundtable discussion with the world healthcare leaders

In the health care industry, there are various organizations, NGOs, and other institutes, which work in various areas and carry out different studies, innovations, etc. These findings need to be shared with other professionals in this industry, so they can also take advantage of it.

Also, there are some common issues related to healthcare that need to be discussed by the global healthcare leaders. For these and many similar agendas, healthcare leaders or officials in a country or around the world arrange discussions, meetings, and roundtable discussions. Using a video conferencing solution like MassMeet, these discussions and meetings can be arranged virtually to provide many other advantages to the presenters and participants.

In conclusion, there are many use cases of video conferencing solutions in the healthcare industry. We offer one of the most advanced and feature-rich video conferencing solutions, called, MassMeet. Contact us for more details.


Benefit of MassMeet Video Conferencing Solution in Education Industry

MassMeet Benefits for Education Industry

Virtual education is in existence for many years, but the Coronavirus has made it necessary in many countries and cities. Schools have started taking online classes to keep education going on as well as assuring the safety of the students. To take online classes, schools need to use a video conferencing solution.

We have a feature-rich video conferencing solution, called, MassMeet. There are some schools, coaching classes, and colleges that are already using MassMeet to take online classes. Let me share based on this experience, how MassMeet: Video Conferencing Solution benefits the education industry.

1. It is device friendly

Unlike many other known video conferencing solutions, it does not force users to download software or a mobile app. It is a web based solution. Thus, students and teachers can access it from any device, at any time.

All they need is a web browser and an internet connection to join the conference. Students also do not need to register and sign in. All they need is to enter their name and join the class.

2. It supports interactive learning

MassMeet is developed to make sure each online class is conducted with high engagement. Students can use emoji to share their thoughts and emotions. For example, if a student does not understand a point explained by a teacher, then he can use “Confused” emoji to express his mindset, so the teacher can explain that again.

It also has other interactive features such as “Raise Hand” to show that a student has a question or wants to make a point. On the other hand, teachers can use presentation, video sharing, whiteboard, and all other features to teach to the students in an interactive manner.

3. Students can view the class as many times as needed

All online classes can be recorded with a feature, called, conference recording. The admin or teacher can send these class recordings to all students without any need of downloading the recording file and upload it again to send it to all students. This helps in saving a lot of time and resources from school or college end.

On the other side, students can download the lecture recordings and view them as many times as they want to understand the chapter. This is indeed a great functionality available only with a video conferencing solution unlike, the traditional education classroom environment in which, students have to make notes and may miss important points because they are concentrated on making notes.

4. For a single institute, multiple classes can be created

A school, college, or a coaching class may have different divisions taught by different teachers. MassMeet, lets admin make rooms with a predefined group of participants. Thus, teachers do not need to allow individual students or invite them to join a link. There will be a single link that will let its students and teachers join the class.

There are many more features in MassMeet, which make it perfect for the education industry. To know more, contact us.


Top Benefits of Video Conferencing Solution during the Pandemic

Top Benefits of Video Conferencing Solution during the Pandemic

It is pretty evident that Coronavirus is here to stay. Nobody knows how long will it take to get rid of this deadly virus, but one thing is pretty clear that we all need to learn to live with this virus. In many parts of the world, lockdown is lifted.

Each government has enforced different safety measurements such as work with half of the workforce and avoiding visitors as much as possible. Even if lockdowns are lifted, people prefer to stay in their houses to be safe. Here, video conferencing solutions have come up as saviors for many businesses.

A feature rich video conferencing solution such as MassMeet is not only empowering businesses to combat the COVID 19 pandemic, but it is also benefiting them in multiple ways. Let me share the top pros of using a video conferencing solution, which is a web-based solution.

1. Ongoing communication

One of the safety measures to stay safe from COVID 19 is keeping social distance. Another one is wearing masks to stay safe and keep others safe as well. Business communication by following these two safety measures is difficult. The companies cannot effectively communicate with team members or with customers, partners, vendors, etc.

A video conferencing solution can be very effective in dealing with the situation. Everyone can open a web app of video conferencing solutions such as MassMeet and attend a video conference. Social distance is maintained pretty well and nobody needs to wear a mask as they can attend a video conference from their houses. This helps in keeping communication ongoing and of course effective.

2. Business does not stop

Communication is an inseparable part of any business. COVID 19 has changed the business communication used to take place. More and more businesses have started adopting web conferencing solutions that offer a wide array of features to run a video conference.

The video conferencing solution makes sure that businesses can keep the communication going on, take the required decisions, entice more customers, and convert more leads.

3. Cost-effective solution

A video conferencing solution is available at very affordable rates these days. You can use monthly video conferencing services or you can also get a white label video conferencing solution such as MassMeet at very budget friendly rates.

Moreover, the advanced video conferencing solutions are easy to use and manage, thus, you do not need to pay for ongoing technical support until and unless there are multiple users and you deal with certain technical issues. Moreover, maintenance cost is minimal to null for this kind of video conferencing solution.


Video conferencing solutions have introduced a more engaging and safer way of communication to the businesses. Professionals can keep running their business and take advantage of ongoing communications using these software solutions and that also in their budget. The pandemic combating is made easy by such powerful communication solutions.

We, at Elision, offer the most advanced yet affordable video conferencing solution, called, MassMeet. To know more and book a demo, contact us.


Elision Is Going to Participate in BPO Tech Summit 2020

Elision Is Going to Participate in BPO Tech Summit 2020

We are glad to announce that our representatives will participate in the upcoming BPO Tech Summit 2020.

Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd has been catering to the BPO industry with its best in the industry call center software, called, DialShree. The company has been in the industry for almost 12 years now.

To benefit participants of BPO Tech Summit 2020 with rich knowledge and experience in the BPO industry, Mr. Mehul Shah, CEO and MD of Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd will participate in this event with other representatives of the company.

Participation of Elision is segmented into three parts as briefed below:

1. Elision CEO and MD will speak on omnichannel call center solution

Mr. Mehul Shah, CEO and MD of the company, has been working in this industry for many years. He has not only catered to the customers of the company in BPO and other similar sectors, but he has also participated in multiple expos and events. He has rich experience in this industry. He will share his experience and expertise with the participants of BPO Tech Summit 2020 in his speaking session. He is going to deliver a speech on the topic of omnichannel communication and omnichannel call center solution and he will also share some useful tips for BPOs.

2. Elision will showcase its offerings

Elision has also booked space and standees at this BPO event and it will showcase its top products, solutions, and offerings there.

3. Elision will join hands with interested professionals and companies

Elision representatives have also shown interest in joining hands with like-minded people and companies. The company is interested in partnering with other companies and professionals at BPO Tech Summit 2020 to expand its wings.

Elision is one of the silver sponsors of this event and representatives will network with participants, speakers, exhibitors, and visitors at this event. The representatives of the company have shown interest in meeting professionals and scheduling a private meeting as well. If you are going to attend this event or if you are in Bangalore, you can meet the Elision team. Below are the details of the event:

Date: 23rd January 2020

Venue: Sheraton Grand, Bangalore

The event will cover all aspects of the business to benefit participants. One can learn from industry leaders.


Use of Web Conferencing Solution in Customer Journey

Use of Web Conferencing Solution in Customer Journey

There are many VoIP solutions that can be used for communication by different organizations to convert a prospect into a paying customer. Some companies also use different VoIP solutions to nurture the leads to take care of customers’ concerns.

The web conferencing solution is one of the most useful solutions that can be used during different stages of the customer journey. In this article, I will share more details about the use of this powerful conferencing software to increase the chances of lead conversion and customer retention.

Conduct a video conference in the first meeting

Generally, people use email or telephonic conversation to discuss the first phase requirements. It is a standard method to have the first level of communication, but the best one would be to have a face to face discussion. The face to face meeting helps in judging the interest and confusion of the customer by his body language and taking the situation in control.

Of course, it is not feasible to reach out to all customers on their doorsteps. Here comes the video conferencing into the picture. The web conferencing solutions usually have video conferencing features. Use a video conferencing feature to have the first meeting and impress the next person with your professionalism.

Time to give a demo or show detailed proposals with interactive features

The web conferencing solution offers whiteboard features as well as screen share or presentation share. You can give the product demo if you are selling a product or show the proposal with some solid material to impress the customer. The whiteboard feature of the web conferencing software can help you make the whole session more interesting.

You can also run anonymous polling to get feedback from the customers to drive your meeting in the right direction. The interactive features of the web conferencing solution will help you impress the customer and hold their attention and your skills will convince them to take the final step.

Have the final conversation and close the deal in your favor

The final call of negotiation is very critical and often includes multiple people from the top management of both companies. The best option is to go to the customer’s place and have a face to face meeting if the deal is worth it.

However, if you cannot do that for any reason, you must use the video conferencing feature of the web conferencing system. This will help you keep a hold on the discussion and drive it in your favor.

Impress once again

Once you close the deal, you will have a formal introduction of the team members that will assist the customer. You may also have a ready product and can give its demo to the customer using a web conferencing solution. This opportunity can be used to start building a strong relationship with the customer.

This is how you can use web conferencing solution during different stages of the customer journey. To know more about this solution, contact us.


How Video Telephony is Advantageous for Automotive Industry

Video Telephony

Video telephony allows easy phone calls while intelligently retaining the vividness of video communication. A call control engine (telephony server/ IP PBX) registers and controls video endpoints. Video units can be dialed just like a phone registered with IP PBX. Video telephony is easy to set up.

A great advantage is that it allows customers that visit your website to get in touch with your contact centre directly by a single click. Video telephony communication can also be made over smart phone, tablet or any other hand held device.

How Automotive Industry Stands to Benefit:

Automotive segment experiences stiff competition owing to the breakneck pace at which trends change and capricious moods of prospective buyers swing. Video telephony provides the needful strategic edge to your company so as to steal the march over adversaries.

  • Engaging customer attention:

    Savvy consumers rely more on online methods to search for vehicles that would live up to their expectations, lifestyle, and budget, professional and personal compulsions.

    Web embedded video telephony helps you better capture the imagination of prospects by providing intriguing glances into the vehicle models in high resolution, real time mode. Your sales and profits would go up exponentially as customers would be better engaged with vibrant broadcasts.

  • Make a convincing pitch:

    Customer craves for test drive in the vehicle of their choice. Often due to lack of time and other commitments, he keeps deferring the date on which he would pay a visit to showroom and test drive the vehicle. This proves costly for your automotive business as a sterling sale opportunity stands lost just because the prospect is running short of time or has opted for a shabbier showroom situated close to his home.

    Video telephony can be utilized to offer the client comprehensive glimpse into the various features of the vehicle in high resolution mode. Features that would have evaded the attention of the prospect during test drive can be presented emphatically with this technique. You can convincingly prove that you can provide value to the client for his investment.

  • Reducing business cost while keeping a competitive edge:

    Ability to make decisions in real time is the decisive factor on which the fate of your automotive business rests. Further, if your business is running on a shoe string budget, you need to find out avenues where cost curtailment projects can be implemented. Reducing business travels can ease the burden on your business wallet and time spent travelling can be utilized by managers to devise new sales boosting strategies.

    With video telephony, you can establish communication lines with sales representatives in other locations, supply chain managers, clients, offshore partners and other important stakeholders effortlessly. This helps to reduce the time taken to market for products and you can retain your competitive edge over the adversaries.

  • Gain vital inputs:

    The video telephony feature can be embedded into web browser of smart phones. This enables reps to collect vital inputs from the superiors without having to abandon professional responsibilities to assemble in the conference room for an elaborate gathering. Your reps can walk customers through displayed products while keeping in constant touch with the managers.

How can Elision Tech prove advantageous?

Elision is the leading provider of customized video telephony solutions at competitive prices to help you retain the driver’s seat in the automotive business.

Contemporary technology, round the clock personalized support, cross platform capability and real time enriched audiovisual communication would prove the game changer for your automotive business. Adopt Elision Video Telephony today and turbo-charge your business.


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