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Cloud Call Center Solution vs. On-premises Call Center Solution

Cloud Vs. On-Premises Call Center Solution

Call center solutions have proven their value in the past decade or two. Along with the traditional users of call center software such as call centers, many new industries have adopted this software by comprehending its worth. This made a revolutionary shift in the call center software development industry.

Many call center solutions were launched in the past decade and ultra-modern features are also introduced by the leading companies. This brought many choices to the buyers to confuse them enough. In this blog, we will discuss the two most popular types of call center solution these days:

  1. On-premises call center solution
  2. Cloud call center solution

After the end of this blog, you will have a clear understanding of each of this type of call center solution and you will be able to make the right choice.

Difference between an on-premises call center solution and cloud call center software:

1. Set up

The major difference between both is the way it gets set up. An on-premises call center solution gets set up within the company premises. You will have all the required hardware, servers, etc. within your company premises.

Cloud call center solution gets set up on the cloud spaces, also known as hosted cloud space. No hardware or servers are needed within the office building.

2. Secure remote access and management

On-premises solutions are configured to use within the company for security purposes. To access them securely from home, you need to invest additionally in securing its access via a VPN or getting other modules, which allow work from home without compromising security. Management of this type of software is difficult as your servers are in the company and cannot be customized remotely.

Cloud call center solutions usually have built-in security mechanisms as per the default hosted cloud security. Therefore, without investing in additionally, your agents can use the cloud call center solution remotely. Due to this characteristic, all companies offering call center software following the SaaS model are cloud call center solutions. It means if you are using a hosted call center solution, it is a cloud solution. As it is hosted on the cloud, it can also be managed remotely.

3. Scalability

On-pre call center solutions are scalable as it depends on the software. However, scaling up the software capacity can take a few days. Also, there is no flexibility to scale up and down as per the traffic with this type of call center software.

Cloud call center solutions are highly scalable. Within a few hours, it can be scaled up or down. Moreover, if you are using a hosted call center solution, you can choose to scale down the number of seats once traffic is down.

4. Expenses

As hardware and other infrastructure are in-house, it will cost more for maintenance than a cloud call center solution, which does not have any hardware to be maintained.

In terms of benefits, cloud call center solutions have more benefits to offer than on-premises call center software.

We offer both on-premises and cloud call center solutions. Contact us to know more about it.


We Are Happy To Launch Call Center Twitter Integration Service

Call Center Twitter Integration Launched

We are excited to share that we will offer integration of Twitter into our call center solution, DialShree.

DialShree has been empowering various businesses by offering a full-fledged and advanced call center solution. It is also an omnichannel call center software solution. We have been providing integration of multiple communication channels into this software for multiple years.

Social media sites have evidently gained massive popularity as one of the platforms to communicate and collaborate. Therefore, it has become unavoidable to overlook these communication channels. We have been offering integration of Facebook and Twitter to our premium customers for a long. But, now it is time to go global with these channels. We had announced the integration of Facebook in the call center dialer of DialShree before some time and now, we are excited and happy to launch the integration of Twitter into our DialShree call center solution.

Twitter is often used by consumers to ask various questions and show anger in case of concern. They expect a response within an hour or as early as possible. Putting a social media manager to handle Twitter and interactions with that, in addition to, the customer support agents you have can be an expensive affair for your business. Therefore, we have come up with one more communication channel to be integrated into our call center solution, which is Twitter.

Major features available after call center Twitter integration are listed below:

1. Multiple Twitter account management within the dialer

We can integrate more than one Twitter account with our DialShree: call center dialer. An agent can access all Twitter accounts he has access to. It means you can decide which Twitter profiles will be handled by whom.

2. Enforce login to Twitter or make it optional

You can make it mandatory for agents to login to Twitter before accessing the assigned Twitter profiles and to perform other activities. Here, the agent does not need to log in with the credentials of the Twitter profile he is going to manage. He can log in with any Twitter profile. It can be the same as the company profiles he manages or it can be any other account. Regardless of the profile, he logs in, he can manage all Twitter profiles assigned to him.

This step of logging into Twitter can be removed. If it is not made mandatory, the agent can access Twitter profiles without login.

3. Engagement over Twitter

Within the DialShree: call center solution agents can perform various engagement activities such as:

  • Tweet
  • Like a tweet
  • Retweet
  • Share a tweet means retweet that tweet on the profile using which agent is logged in

4. Monitoring Twitter activities

Agents can see the numbers of followers and followings for a specific account. On the other hand, managers can monitor all Twitter activities in the report section of DialShree.

Integration of business or person profile into the call center dialer along with all these and many more features are available to DialShree and our hosted call center solution users. For more details, contact us.


Top 5 Benefits of Using an Omnichannel Call Center Solution

Omnichannel Call Center Solution Major Advantages for Business

Call center solutions have been benefiting many businesses. Multiple industries have been using this software, so innovation is paving its way to make it even more robust. The omnichannel call center solution is the modern call center solution invented with these innovations. It can be used by any business.

There are many benefits of using omnichannel call center software. In this article, we will share the top 5 benefits this software:

1. Better customer service

A majority of companies using an omnichannel call center solution focus on the services. Whether it is about delighting existing customers with a prompt response and first call resolution or it is about responding quickly to impress and convert prospective customers. In both cases, better customer service is vital.

By implementing unified communication via an omnichannel call center solution, you can deliver better customer services. Customers can connect via any channel. For example, if a customer is surfing your website and have a query, he can initiate a web chat. Later, when he wants more detailed information, he can call the company’s contact center. There is no roadblock in communication.

2. Increased Productivity

One of the important advantages of using an omnichannel call center solution is improving the performance of agents. The agents can quickly respond to the customers. Also, this helps in improving first call resolution. Furthermore, it reduces call volume, so agents do not feel stressed due to the long call queue. All in all, this software helps in boosting productivity.

3. Enhanced customer satisfaction

An omnichannel call center solution lets customers use the preferred mode of communication to get answers to their queries. This helps in enhancing customer satisfaction to the next level. Moreover, call queues get reduced as the load is distributed among multiple communication channels.

This further delight them as the hold time and wait time is reduced drastically. Furthermore, agents are more confident and productive. This further helps in delivering the best customer experience. All in all, the omnichannel call center software increases customer satisfaction.

4. Increased business

Increased customer satisfaction is an assurance of increased customer retention. It means your customers will never leave you as they feel valued. This assures you will receive a fixed percentage of the business. Omnichannel software also offers many other features, which can be used to increase leads and customers. Thus, by using this solution, call centers can increase business and revenues.

5. Better data management

An omnichannel call center solution integrates all unified communication channels within a single system. All conversations made via different communication modes get logged in the call center software. Moreover, that can be reviewed as and when needed in the module or reports. This assures better data management.

These are the top 5 benefits of using an omnichannel call center solution, but this is not it! There are many more advantages of using this powerful software.

You can integrate communication channels in an existing call center solution or buy an omnichannel solution. You can also use a hosted call center solution, which is a cheaper option to acquire this powerful solution. For more details, contact us.



Importance of Video Chat in Call Centers

Importance of Video Chat in Call Centers

Call center solutions are advancing by adopting multiple advanced features and characteristics. Each advanced feature has its own benefits to offer to the organization that uses it. For example, an omnichannel call center solution is used in many organizations and industries. An omnichannel call center solution supports multiple communication channels and each of them has its own pros. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of video chat in the call centers.

Video chat in a call center has a very vital role to play and as per the industry or nature of the campaign, one can use this communication channel available in an omnichannel call center solution. To help you comprehend its vitality, we will share some strong use cases and its impact on the results to benefit call centers:

1. Deliver better customer experience

Face to face conversation often creates a better and stronger impression on the customers. This is the reason still many businesses delegate a representative who visits customers for routine meetings or to resolve any of their queries.

Omnichannel call center solution provides a video chat feature that allows one to one and multiparty video chat. It gives a similar experience as having a physical meeting. Thus, it plays a really important role in delivering a better customer experience. It also improves customer satisfaction and helps in leveraging all benefits related to happy customers.

2. Increase leads and sales

Video chat lets your agents use the power of emotions and body language while pitching customers for any products or services. As per the sales experts, expressions make a huge difference in enticing a prospective customer to buy your offerings.

Traditional communication channels of an omnichannel call center solution do not provide this effect of strong and persuasive body language. By using video chat features, agents can increase lead generation as well as conversion. One can also use screen sharing and file-sharing along with video chat to make sales pitch more persuasive. This helps in increasing leads and sales significantly.

3. Video KYC and real-time support

KYC (Know Your Customer) is important to know your clients and then deliver services as per their likings and preferences. Moreover, it helps in delivering better customer services. In some industry verticals, the KYC process is mandatory. For example, banks and insurance agencies in some companies need to collect documents from the customers as well as take their picture in a physical meeting.

In today’s busy world, asking your customers to come to your branch office for KYC is disturbing their routine. It also creates some dissatisfaction as they need to take extra steps. By using video chat KYC processing can be performed remotely. There are many banks, which have adopted video chat to process KYC remotely as per the convenience of the customer. This helps customers and banks, both.


Video chat is an important communication channel in a call center to take care of various jobs more efficiently. We offer an omnichannel call center solution, which has video chat as one of the communication channels to empower its users. Contact us for more details.


Cloud Call Center Solution: Complete Guide

Cloud Call Center Solution- Complete Guide

The call center industry is very big and there are different jargon in this industry. Often people get confused or take two different terms as synonyms. We, being one of the leading call center solution providers, bring today an article on the topic of cloud contact center solution. In this article, we will share all required details related to the cloud contact center solution which will help you understand it and all other interrelated facts related to the same.

What is a Contact Center Solution?

Before we understand the cloud contact center solution, it is necessary to understand what contact center solution is. People often use call center solution and contact center solution terms interchangeably which isn’t right.

The contact center solution is an omnichannel solution that supports multiple communication modes required by large-scale enterprises and contact centers. The contact center solution can have communication modes like audio calls, video calls, chat, SMS, email, fax, etc.

Read more about Call Center Solution vs. Contact Center Solution

What is a Cloud Contact Center Solution?

It is a contact center software solution that gets hosted in the cloud space. This cloud space can be any cloud space such as AWS (Amazon Web Server), Google Cloud, or any private cloud hosting service provider.

Top 7 Benefits of Cloud Contact Center Solution:

There are many benefits of using the cloud contact center solution. Let me share the top 7 benefits of using this type of contact center software:

  1. It gets installed fast and easily
  2. It makes infrastructure management easy as well as less expensive
  3. The scalability of the cloud contact center solution is very high as the cloud allows quick scale-up models
  4. It can be accessed from anywhere and at any time
  5. One doesn’t need to invest much on maintenance of cloud contact center solution and infrastructure
  6. It is very flexible, especially, when it needs to cope up with the changes in the businesses
  7. The operations cost can be reduced if the cloud contact center solution is hosted correctly; and the cloud space is optimized by the cloud experts.

These are the top 7 benefits of using the cloud contact center solution.

When you think about using the cloud contact center solution, one thing you must give extra attention to is security concerns. The cloud infrastructure service providers often take required actions to assure the best services, but still, the cloud space is prone to get attacked by the hackers.

Thus, it is very important that you take the help of call center solution experts to add security mechanisms (more than a firewall) to keep your cloud contact center solution protected. Furthermore, get a high availability contact center solution set up so you can recover fast if your system gets compromised due to any reason.

We, at Elision, offer the best cloud contact center solution as well as we have expertise in setting up a high availability solution. Contact us to know more and get a free demo of the call center software.


How to Balance Call Volume in a Call Center?

Tips to Balance Call Volume in Call Centers

Call centers handle incoming calls usually offer customer care services. They need to focus on better customer experience. Thus, call centers usually monitor different call center KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). One of the KPIs to be monitored in a call center delivering customer care service is call volume and the way it is handled.

In this article, we’re sharing top tips 5 to handle the massive call volume.

1. Take advantage of IVR

IVR is a feature available in any call center solution. If used correctly, it can reduce the number of calls that your agents need to handle. One of the tips to be applied is to answer commonly asked questions via an IVR. This will serve customers with the solution they expect in the first call itself as well it will reduce the number of calls to be attended by agents.

2. Use omnichannel call center solution

An omnichannel call center solution is a system, which supports multiple communication channels. Using this software can help a call center in the process of managing call volume in a better way. Using this software will not only reduce the call, but it will also help in increasing customer satisfaction. Your customers will get support on their preferred mode of communication.

3. Train agents

Skilled agents can be a great weapon in your arsenal. Your agents need to know common issues and exact solution to that issue. The first thing to focus on is a training program to increase their knowledge about your offerings.

A majority of callers complain that agents in call centers do not know the product or services offered by the company. If this fact is true for your call center, it will not only increase customer frustration, but it will also increase call queues, average call duration, call drops, abandoned calls, etc.

4. Review common issues and get resolution accordingly

Call center solutions come with amazing features and using them wisely can be in your favor. Reports feature in the call center solution is one of the features that can help you monitor performance and many other KPIs. One of the usages of reports is that you can get to know about common issues faced by the customers.

Knowing common issues can help you define a common solution. For example, you can include that issue as a question in an IVR option with the solution in the response. You can add that on your webpage to give information on the same. There are many other ways you can resolve the common issues without wasting the time of the customers.

5. Hire more agents

If you are experiencing long call queues in the call centers, it is time to increase agent seats in the call center software and hire more agents. This is necessary as you are growing and to manage call volume, you need to increase agents as well.

Follow these tips to handle call volume perfectly. Moreover, use the best call center software. Contact us to know more.


Top Reports to Improve Performance in Call Centers

Reports Improve Performance in Call Centers

It is necessary to improve the performance of call centers and for that, call centers need to focus on three key aspects:

  • Measure
  • Monitor and Compare
  • Manage

Measure the existing performance, monitor and compare the KPIs, and manage different aspects to improve performance to be better. Call center solutions loaded with amazing features help in working on all three aspects. We will talk about one of them, Measure.

A call center solution offers various reports, which measure different performance indicators. Monitoring them and managing resources can help in improving performance. Today, we will talk about the top 5 reports, which can help you identify improvement areas, so performance can be improved.

1. CDR

If a call center uses a call center solution with a single communication channel, then CDR is called Call Detail Reports (CDR). If a call center uses an omnichannel call center solution, then CDR stands for Communication Detail Reports as it shows information about calls, chat, email, WhatsApp messages, etc.

CDR can be used in identifying poor performance, discrepancies with customers, most popular communication channels, etc.

2. Agent Login Report

It is necessary to monitor this report as it gives information about the punctuality of agents. It is necessary for agents to follow the shifts and this report helps to assure the same or taking the required action.

3. Agent Break Reports

Of course, agents need breaks to keep their energy up to take calls. However, the break must not be too frequent or too long. Agents must comply to set guidelines. Unusual breaks also result in hampered performance. Thus, call centers must check agent break reports.

4. Average Call Wrap Up Time

Once the call is completed, the agent invests time in writing or selecting the right disposition. Once he finishes this and other related jobs, he shows availability and call routing or call center dialer features of call center software routes the next call to the agent.

The time taken after hanging up call and before showing the availability of call is called call wrap up time. Agents must take minimum time here. Thus, checking call wrap up reports are important. They help supervisors judge whether they are wasting time in this process or not.

5. Abandoned Call Rates

It shows the rates of callers who hang up the call before getting connected with an agent. It shows poor service and performance and may result in loss of business as well. Checking this report helps in taking many vital actions such as:

  • Increasing agents
  • Adding callback for callers that hang up early

6. Agent Reports

In the call centers, performance of agents defines the performance of a call center. Thus, there are multiple reports related to agent productivity and performances are shown. Supervisors must check these reports to measure individual performance and take the required actions.

These 6 reports must be reviewed by supervisors.

A call center also must get a call center solution, which offers these and many other insightful reports such as DialShree. Contact us to know more about it.


Top Reasons to Use DialShree Call Center Solution in India

Reasons to Use DialShree Call Center Solution

DialShree call center solution is popular all across the globe. Hundreds of call centers and small to large scaled businesses are using it to run their inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. As DialShree has become a global name, many Indian call centers and companies often ask us, is it still an ideal call center solution for Indian businesses?

Answer is yes. It is one of the top call center solutions India and there are many big brands that use it to run their call center campaigns.

Check our clientele for more details.

In this article, you will learn about the top 6 facts, which make DialShree an ideal call center solution India.

1. Follows TRAI Rules

We, Elision, have been offering call center software and other related services to different call centers and organizations for more than 12 years in India. Some big names are also using this software. We understand TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority India) rules and we have built this software based on that. Moreover, it also supports PRI lines, which need to be used in the Indian call center. We can set up this software by adhering to all TRAI rules.

2. On-site services available

We, Elision, have a team of expert VoIP developers and support engineers. We have been offering on-site installation and setup as well as support services to our clients. This can let customers enjoy on-site services as and when needed.

3. Solution and services both available

DialShree is an omnichannel call center solution, which is ready to use. One can buy its license as well as one can opt for monthly subscription-based services. We have launched call center services.

Read the news on call center service launch in India.

It means based on the required features and budget have, call centers and businesses can choose to buy this software or they can use monthly services. This further makes it the right choice for Indian businesses.

4. Competitive features

DialShree is renowned for its futuristic and competitive features. It was one of those call center software solutions that started offering unified communication channels early. Currently, it supports all communication channels. Thus, it is an omnichannel call center solution. It has many competitive features and we keep on adding more to make sure our customers always stay ahead of the competition.

5. Stay ahead of the curve

In a business, it is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. We understand this and thus, we invest in developing new features and functionalities for this best call center solution India. Currently, our team is working on chatbot development based on artificial intelligence and there are many amazing features coming for DialShree users.

6. Turnkey solution

We are one of those rare providers that offer both, call center software and hardware. This will help you stay stress-free on getting hardware from different vendors and managing both.

In conclusion, from all aspects, DialShree is an ideal call center solution for any Indian business. Contact us for a demo and more details.


How to Reduce Expenses of Call Center?

Tips to Reduce Expenses of Call Center

Similar to any other business, reducing expenses is one of the prime focuses of call centers. Reducing expenses directly results in increasing returns over investment (ROI). There are many strategies a call center can adopt to reduce the expenses and in this article, we will talk about the top strategies, which help call centers to reduce costs significantly.

1. Choose between in-house call center software vs. call center service

To run a call center, but obviously, you cannot continue using the traditional telephony method. You need a feature-rich call center solution. To get this software, so you can run call center campaigns, call centers have two options:

  1. Buy a call center software or
  2. Rent a call center solution using call center services

General approach though by call center owners is buying this software. However, think of your need and other expenses related to it such as hosting costs, maintenance costs, etc. Based on this, you need to make a choice. Compare the total cost of both approaches and calculate the ROI and based on that make the right decision. Do not just go for whatever option everyone chooses.

2. Hire skilled agents

In a call center, first call resolution, customer satisfaction ratio, and many other KPIs are under the control of your agents. Thus, you have to have experienced and skilled agents. Based on the campaigns you run, KPIs you focus, and services or products you offer, define recruitment criteria. According to these recruitment criteria, hire agents to make sure call per cost and other expenses stay under control.

3. Use unified communication

Traditionally, call centers used to use audio calling for customer support and to reach out to prospects to generate sales. However, this is not the case any longer. Omnichannel call center solutions are launched in the market and there are many call centers and businesses, which have started using them.

As per the shared details by Aberdeen Group, businesses using unified communication channels in their call centers enjoy 9.5 % direct growth compared to 3.5% of the companies, which do not use an omnichannel call center solution. Thus, implementing multiple communication channels can help you reduce expenses.

4. Train team

Even if you have skilled and experienced agents, it is pretty normal that they lack some of the required skills. For example, some agents can perform exceptionally well with predictive dialer driven campaigns and some cannot perform for that at all. Some are masters in achieving first call resolution and some are not.

In conclusion, each agent may lack certain skills and he can definitely improve if the correct training is provided. Thus, you must invest resources in providing the best training by grouping agents based on the weak points. As mentioned earlier, skilled agents will definitely bring down costs.

These are the top tips you can follow to reduce the expenses of your call center. We offer both, call center services and omnichannel call center solution. Contact us for more details.


Why Businesses Need an In-house Call Center?

Importance of Call Center for Your Business

Earlier, only big enterprises or companies that specifically work in the call center industry used to have an in-house call center, but this is not the case anymore. Now, startup, small businesses, hospitals, banks, and almost all businesses and organizations have started setting up an in-house call center.

Now, access to a call center solution and using that software is extremely easy. This is one of the reasons behind increasing in-house call centers, but this is not the prime factor. Let us share the top 3 reasons why businesses need an in-house call center. These reasons are prime contributors to the increasing number of in-house call centers.

1. Post-sales services must be good

Whether you run a business that offers recurring services or you run a business, which provides one time services, post-sales service has to be excellent. In this era, customers are more aware of their rights as well as they have platforms to share their experiences. It has been witnessed that even if many people do not share a positive experience, but if something goes wrong, they will share that on different social media and other platforms.

These negative reviews and shares can badly affect the business. Thus, it is necessary to provide satisfactory after-sales support. You know your products and offerings better. Thus, it is necessary to set up an in-house call center by using a call center solution or call center services and deliver reliable after-sales support.

2. Retaining a customer is tough

Customer retention is necessary, but it is tough. In all industries, competition is extremely high and profit margins are quite low. To make sure you retain your clients, you need to stay in touch with them, listen to their issues, and provide them the required support and reasons to stay with your company.

With an in-house call center, various business campaigns become easier to run such as:

Having an in-house call center will not only help in retaining existing customers, but it will also help in increasing business and revenues.

3. Keeping confidential information confidential is necessary

In customer care or lead generation campaigns, agents use data of customers such as phone number, interaction history, email address, etc. Outsourcing call center related activities to third party business definitely create some risks of data loss. Even if you have a contract, there are still certain risks of data theft or data loss.

Also, it is tough to assure you get the service you are looking for. On the other hand, if you use a call center solution, you do not share data with anyone else. Furthermore, to keep the data completely confidential, you can encrypt contact details, so even an in-house team cannot misuse that data.


To run a business successfully, each business needs to run customer care and lead generation campaigns. Having an in-house call center overcomes multiple concerns and helps you increase business.

We offer a call center solution as well as call center services. Let us explain more about the call center in your business and what could be the next step. Contact us.


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