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Must Have Features in a Call Center Solution to Deliver Exceptional Customer Support

Must Have Features for Exceptional Customer Support

Customer experience has become a vital contributor to the success of a business. If your customers are unhappy, you are likely to lose your clients. An experienced team often helps in improving client satisfaction. In addition to that, using the right tools can contribute to elevated client experience and satisfaction. A call center solution is one of the known tools that help businesses to provide exceptional customer support.

You can find different call center solutions in the industry and all of them will have some similar and some different features. It is necessary to choose a contact center software that has the best features to support your aim of delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Following are the must have features in your call center software to support customer care operations.

1. AI voice analysis

AI voice analysis for call centers automates the job of assuring the quality of calls. This tool will review each call and rank it based on different performance criteria. From sentiments analysis to usage of correct or incorrect phrases, silence and verbose communication, etc. can be detected and highlighted by this tool. It works as a boon to measure the efforts of your strategy and agents to improve and enhance customer support.

2. Omnichannel communication

In the 21st century, it is impossible to neglect the importance of omnichannel communication. You must use an omnichannel call center solution to provide customer support across all touchpoints without getting your agents all over the place. The omnichannel contact center software can help you deliver customer services via different channels without leaving the window of a call center solution.

3. Advanced call distribution rules

In customer care or support center, it is a must have feature. The best call center solutions will have different and multiple automatic call distribution (ACD) features, but remember, you need advanced call routing strategies, which include, skill based routing and sticky agent. This can help you deliver a better customer experience.

4. Unified communication view

As customers use more than one communication channel, even if a customer support center uses an omnichannel call center solution, it becomes difficult to keep track of communication made via different channels. The disposition message may not provide added information. Thus, it is necessary to use a call center solution, which provides a single view of all customer interactions. For example, DialShree has a customer profiling feature that supports viewing all interactions via any mode of communication. This provides a holistic view to agents to deliver better and personalized responses.

5. Self serving features

There is no surprise that self serving features are a must in a contact center solution to deliver better customer support. Multiple customers prefer using these features to enhance their customer satisfaction and agent productivity altogether.

These are the must have features in your call center solution to provide satisfactory customer support to your clients. If you are looking for a complete contact center software that has all these features, then we have one of the most renowned solutions, DialShree. Contact us for more details and to book a demo.


Major Features to Boost ROI of Your Outbound Call Center

Boost ROI of Your Outbound Call Center

Outbound call centers perform amazingly well for sales, telemarketing, cold calling, collection, and multiple other types of campaigns. The outbound contact center solutions provided by the top call center software providers are loaded with an array of amazing features that can take the ROI graph higher.

Let’s explore more about the major features of the call center solution that boost outbound call center’s ROI.

1. Predictive dialer

An outbound call center solution provides an array of auto dialers like a progressive dialer, preview dialer, power dialer, etc. The predictive dialer is one of the most advanced auto dialer solutions. It predicts the availability of agents and call connect rate. It makes sure as soon as an agent is ready to take the call, the next call is allocated to him. This helps in boosting productivity, which will increase sales and reduce expenses to boost ROI.

2. Collection module

This module is available for collection agencies. The call center collection integration provides automation in multiple jobs related to the collection. This helps in maximizing collection with the available manpower and other resources.

3. Truecaller phone number verification

The Truecaller business number verification helps in positioning a positive business brand. This helps in increasing the call connect rate up to 75%. This increases sales conversations and sales to boost ROI.

4. Agent call script

The outbound call center solutions provide customized campaign-based call scripts for agents. This helps in offering the required support with an easy-to-skim script. The agent call script helps in converting leads into sales or customers.

5. Voice and SMS broadcasting

Call center automation always helps in enhancing resource optimization and productivity-boosting. The best outbound call center software provides multiple automation features. SMS and voice broadcasting features help in sending the same promotional message to all customers without occupying agents in the calls with customers. This helps in boosting agent productivity and performance.

6. Callback scheduling

The call center software with outbound campaigns also helps in scheduling callbacks automatically. This feature adds the number to the list of phone numbers to be auto dialed by the auto dialer like a predictive dialer or a power dialer. This ensures that all follow-up calls from the customers are generated at the right time without any misses. This not only enhances the brand image, but also increases the sales and goal conversions.

The call center solutions offer an array of features to benefit different campaigns and businesses. The outbound contact center software provides various other features along with the top six mentioned in this blog post. These features help in enhancing the results of the software and boosting ROI.

We have built the most powerful call center software with omnichannel communication, Truecaller business number verification, AI voice analysis, and multiple other amazing features that can help you boost your ROI even higher. This software is available as a licensed and rental solution. Contact us to book a free demo of this outbound contact center solution.


How to Reduce Cost per Call in Your Customer Care Center?

Reduce Cost per Call in Your Customer Care Center

Running a call center is an expensive business. From expensive technology tools to deployment, server costs, maintenance, staffing, human resource management, etc. is quite resource-intensive and expensive. Therefore, it becomes necessary to identify each possible opportunity to reduce cost per call.

In this blog post, we have gathered the top tips that you can implement in your customer care center to reduce the cost per call.

1. Hire experienced agents

The cost of training, coaching, etc. can be reduced if you hire an experienced team. Moreover, the experienced agents will be able to use the call center solution more efficiently and promptly. They can reduce the cost per call by reducing average call duration, increasing first contact resolution, etc.

2. Focus on strategic training

Even if you hire trained and skilled agents, you will need to provide the training and coaching to work more efficiently. Instead of giving training in a broadcasting manner, segregate agents based on their skills and give them skill based training. You must also deliver real-time coaching, so they can work more efficiently. This will not only reduce the cost per resource training, but it will reflect in reducing cost per call, too.

3. Adopt a remote working model

You can further chop down the cost per call by adopting a work from home model. The call center solutions support a remote working environment along with multiple other features. Some call center software providers also offer a work from home add-on to enhance the remote working model. The remote work will cut down expenses related to physical space, infrastructure, etc. to accommodate agents in a call center.

4. Use a cloud contact center solution

Using a cloud contact center solution can further help in reducing the cost per call. It helps in eliminating costs for the following:

  • You don’t need to use expensive and heavy hardware, servers, etc. This ensures a saving cost over infrastructure.
  • The cycle of scaling up the software can be reduced by using a cloud contact center solution.
  • Remote operations can be more cost-effective and inexpensive with this platform.
  • It eliminates the need of hiring on-premise technical engineers to handle servers and IT infrastructure.

All this contributes to reducing the cost per call.

5. Use the rental model

The hosted cloud contact center solution is often cheaper compared to the licensed version because:

  • You don’t need to pay the license fee
  • You don’t need to pay for hosting
  • You don’t need to invest in the maintenance

Thus, if you can, you should use rental call center software hosted on a cloud.

These are the top 5 tips that any call center or business that is using a call center solution can use to reduce the cost per call.

We provide a reliable call center solution, as well as, a cloud contact center solution to reduce the total cost per call and leverage multiple other advantages. Contact us to discuss more about our software for call centers and how it can help.


How Does WhatsApp Chat in Business Increase Customer Delight?

WhatsApp Chat in Business Increases Customer Delight

WhatsApp with two billion consumers has been driving professional and personal conversations. With this gigantic number of users, WhatsApp has become a new trendsetter in the customer care industry.

Along with the introduction of the WhatsApp business, innovative communication companies have launched multiple WhatsApp solutions such as the smart WhatsApp web tool. The increasing use of WhatsApp has also made it necessary to add WhatsApp as one of the communication channels into communication tools like a call center solution, IP PBX software, etc. (more…)


Customer Service Statistics You Must Know

Must-Know Customer Service Statistics

Customer expectations are dynamic, but keeping an eye on what customers want is necessary for all businesses. Especially, call centers, customer support centers, and similar businesses that earn their bread and butter from customer experience need to have more clarity over customer expectations.

To help businesses that focus on customer experience by delivering quality services, we have jotted down major customer service statistics. These are must-know customer service statistics, which will help you use your call center solution and agents more strategically to improve customer experience: (more…)


Benefits of Advanced Call Distribution in Call Center

Advanced Call Distribution (ACD) Benefits

A call center solution offers an array of features. Advanced call distribution (ACD) is one of the most popular and useful features available in this software. In this article, we will share more details about ACD and its major advantages for the users of a call center solution.

What is ACD?

It is an automatic call routing rule available in the call center solution. This feature automatically routes incoming calls to the right agent. (more…)


Video Contact Center and Its Advantages

Video Contact Center and Its Advantages

Video contact centers are gaining a lot of popularity. In-person customer support and services are getting emphasized to build a better customer relationship.

What is a video contact center?

A call center that uses a call center solution that supports video chat is a video call center solution. This software will have all features you will find in a contact center solution. Moreover, it will have one-to-one video chat support.

The agents can use this feature to have a video call with the customers. The contact center that uses this type of call center solution and provides video support is often referred to as a video contact center.

What are the major advantages of a video contact center?

There are many advantages of using a video contact center. Some of the major benefits are briefly explained below:

1. Better customer engagement

The video chat option available in a call center solution can be used to fill the gap between a voice call and a physical meeting. It is almost like a physical meeting. The COVID 19 has made virtual calling a new normal. Video calls allow agents to engage customers in a better way with interactive and personalized conversations.

2. Better prospecting

Cold calling is outdated. Video calling is another trend in the sales and lead generation industry. The call center solutions have started offering a video chat option that can be used to divert more results towards sales and lead generation calls.

3. Take advantage of body language

The reason video chat gives better results is that both customers and agents can see each other. This form of calling lets agents see the body language of customers and based on that the call script can be personalized and updated in real-time. For example, if the customer seems uninterested from his body language, the agent can make a quick change in the sales pitch. If a customer looks irritated, the customer support agent can try to give another resolution. There are many advantages of looking at the body language of a customer in improving KPIs and goal conversion.

4. Quick resolution to the issues

The key to increasing customer satisfaction is resolving their concerns as fast as possible. The video contact center has this opportunity better than a contact center that uses a simple call center solution. The video contact center can provide a more interactive medium of communication. The agents can quickly resolve the issues with the demonstration. It is even better when technical support needs to be provided. It is also good in banking processes like KYC verification.

5. Save money and other resources

Many processes can speed up with a video contact center. It can avoid the need of visiting a business or an agent visiting a customer, i.e., for KYC verification. Product demo can be done using a call center solution; no other software would be needed. Likewise, there are many operations that can be done remotely without losing the personal touch to impress customers.

These are the major benefits of video contact centers. There are multiple other advantages one can leverage by adopting video contact centers.

We offer an omnichannel call center solution that supports unified communication channels, including video chat. Let our representatives give a complete demo of this feature-rich call center solution and explain how it can benefit your business. Contact us to book a free demo.


Tips to Define an Effective Call Center Management Strategy

Effective Call Center Management Strategy

Customers first contact a call center as part of the standard to discuss their needs and issues. More than 50% of communications are still phone calls in any call center. Therefore, it is necessary for a call center to define and execute an effective call center management strategy.

Here are the top 5 tips that can help you define an effective call center management strategy:

1. Hire experienced agents

If you have a team of experienced agents, then half of the job is done. Even if you are going to have an onboarding and training process, it is necessary to hire skilled and experienced agents. This will not only reduce training efforts, but will also help in effective call center management.

2. Get the omnichannel contact center solution

Even if more than 50% of interactions are via phone calls, it is necessary for a call center to get an omnichannel contact center solution. Customers demand multiple communication channel support. For effective and seamless management of a call center, it has become inevitable to get an omnichannel call center solution.

3. Analyze key performance indicators (KPIs)

To review the effectiveness of your call center and your management strategy, it is necessary to focus on analytics. The call center solution shows a wide array of reports and each report has some KPIs to share. To define and fine-tune an effective call center management strategy, it is necessary to analyze major KPIs.

4. Take feedback from the team

Your agents and supervisors work with the customers. Moreover, they use an on-premises or cloud call center solution. They can give better and precise feedback to improve or define an effective call center management strategy. For example, taking feedback on the major challenges your team face while handling customer queries can help you define a better customer care strategy. The feedback can also be related to the technology tools. For example, if you are using a call center solution with only voice call support and your customers demand WhatsApp support, too, then you should plan to invest in call center WhatsApp integration. This is an important part of call center management strategy.

5. Focus on workforce management

The on-premise or cloud call center software also shares details related to agent performance and productivity vs. customer experience. If you see your customers are suffering and your agents are struggling, then the best option is to increase the number of agents in the team. The analytics shown in a call center solution can also be used to identify in which shifts call volume is higher and more agents are needed. Workforce management is an integral part of call center management and focusing on that can help in devising an effective call center management strategy.

These are the top tips that a call center must follow to define and fine-tune the call center management strategy.

If you are looking for help related to the unified communication tools for a call center such as a call center solution, custom call center integrations, etc., contact us.


How to Create the Right IVR for Customer Care?

Tips to Create the Right IVR for Customer Care

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system used to be an independent solution and still many companies and call centers use it as an independent solution. Because of its amazing functionality and several advantages, many VoIP and telecommunication solutions have made it an integral feature. For example, a call center solution, IP PBX software, etc. solution has IVR as one of the features out of many available.

The customer care departments or centers majorly use IVR for offering self-serving options or to connect customers with the right agents. The call center solution has this feature as one of the call center automation features. To deliver satisfactory customer care services, the call centers need to use this feature strategically. Immature use of the IVR feature of the call center solution can result in increased customer frustration.

To help you in the right IVR designing for customer care, here are the top tips.

1. Keep the IVR menu short

  • Customers need to remember the IVR menu along with listening to it. Therefore, it is necessary to keep IVR menus short.
  • Short IVR menu and fewer options are easy to remember, so customers will not need to re-listen to it.
  • This can help in reducing the efforts of listening to it.

2. Voice prompts must use natural and easy to understand language

  • The advanced call center solution offers a Text to Speech (TTS) feature and some customer care departments use professional voice artists to create voice prompts.
  • Whether you use TTS or a professional voice artist, it is necessary to have voice prompts in the local language and accents of the target customers.
  • The spoken words need to be loud and clear for the listener.
  • The professional artist needs to make sure there is no background noise while recording the voice prompts.

3. Put commonly selected options in the beginning

  • It is another way to create an easy IVR menu for the customers.
  • The call center solution can help to identify the options that are used commonly.
  • To design the right IVR menu, you must put the commonly selected options in the beginning.

4. Give options to repeat the menu or return to the main menu

  • Even if it is a commonly practiced standard, often some call centers and customer care departments skip this option.
  • The customer must get the option to re-listen to the IVR menu and also return to the main menu. This helps them choose the right option if they feel lost.

5. Give the option to talk to the agent

  • Many customers prefer to talk to a human agent compared to using self-serving options offered by a call center solution.
  • Instead of adding up to the frustration of the customers, it is better to give the option to talk to the human agents.

These are the top 5 tips to follow to design the right IVR in any company or call center that offers customer care services.

We offer the best call center solution along with IVR and other advanced features. We also offer a Text to Speech solution as an add-on for the call center software or as an independent solution. Contact us to know more about these technology tools for customer care and book a free demo.


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