Top Reasons to Use a Grievance Management Solution in a Smart City

Top Reasons to Use a Grievance Management Solution in a Smart City

Traditional cities are now transforming into the top smart cities in India and worldwide by adopting digitized solutions for all operations. From communication to routine job management, smart city solutions can benefit in multiple ways.

We, Elision, provide different smart city solutions to smart cities and businesses that want to transform into smart businesses. The grievance management solution is one of the smart city solutions that we offer.

There are multiple reasons a smart city should use this system. Let us share the major ones.

1. Optimize grievance handling process

In a smart city, there are multiple departments and several people work to keep everything streamlined. In such a huge and potentially complicated workforce, it is possible that the multiple issues raised by citizens get lost in the pile. However, the grievance management solution for smart cities resolves this issue.

Our smart grievance management solution will automate several operations. It will automatically raise a ticket and assign it to the right person without a miss. It also provides different features to manage these support requests in the form of tickets.

2. Keeping citizens informed about the progress

It is a natural habit that people want to know about the progress happening on the other hand once a grievance is raised. Citizens want to check whether there is any action taken or not and if the action is taken, then how long would it still take to resolve the raised grievance? In smart cities, the common issue resolution period is 24 or 48 hours. However, citizens always stay curious if their raised concern is getting attended to or not.

The grievance management solution for smart cities provides a feature to let citizens track this with ease. Some smart cities also integrate a call center solution with the grievance management system. In this case, citizens can track the status of their tickets by calling the citizen helpdesk as well.

3. Resolve grievances within the stipulated time

In smart cities, when there are multiple departments and officers, it becomes difficult to resolve all tickets within a minimum turnaround time. Assigning tickets manually to the respective person and getting them resolved might take a lot of time. However, with the grievance management solution, this can be automated. The concerns will be assigned automatically to the officials and even to the foremen.

It can also be connected with the kiosk to show the live status of different tickets. The smart grievance management system also sends a notification to the upper-level manager if the ticket does not get resolved within the stipulated time.

In a nutshell, the grievance management solution with smart cities will handle all citizen grievances without a miss. Moreover, it automates and streamlines operations, so tickets get resolved within the stipulated time. Citizens can also track their grievances and status from a live ticketing portal or from a helpdesk. There are several advantages of using the smart grievance management solution in the smart cities. Agra and GMDA are already using this platform to provide a delightful citizen experience. Contact us to know more and book a demo.


Elision Launched Smart Grievance Management System for Smart Cities

Elision Launched Smart Grievance Management System for Smart Cities

We, Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, have been offering smart city solutions. Some of the well-known smart cities in India use our smart city solutions like GMDA (Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority), Agra smart city, etc. Along with these smart cities, many businesses and enterprises also use our one or more smart city solutions. We are launching a comprehensive grievance management solution for smart cities, which can also be used by any company or organization. (more…)


We Delivered Smart Solutions to Gurugram Smart City


We are glad to share that we have delivered smart solutions and supportive services to one of the Indian smart cities, namely, Gurugram.

Gurgaon, now known as Gurugram, is one of the well known smart cities in India. GMDA (Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority) planned a strategic transformation of this Indian city to become a smart city. To transform it into a smart city, multiple infrastructural and procedure related changes are carried out. (more…)


Helpdesk Ticketing System over Email Increases Productivity

Helpdesk Ticketing System over Email Increases Productivity

There was a time when companies used only emails to provide online customer support. But the problem started when companies began to expand and their customer base began to grow. With the increased customer service requests, it becomes extremely difficult for you to handle your inbox and keep track of each request. This is where helpdesk ticketing solution comes into play. It enables the help desk to maintain a powerful database that holds as well as manages the queries of the customers.

So how exactly does it work? If you are using a solution and having any technical issue, all you have to do is to raise a ticket using the online ticketing solution. (more…)


Top 5 Tips to Enhance Customer Support

Tips to Improve Customer Support - Elision

Better customer support results in increased repeat and referral business. Also, it helps in creating a positive business brand for your enterprise. To assure the best customer support, you need to assure that your staff handling customer support has everything they need to provide the best support and care services.

We are leading VoIP Company and we have benefited many businesses with our services and solutions. Today, based on our more than a decade long experience, we will share the top 5 tips to improve customer support. These tips can be used by any small business or a well established call center or customer care center. (more…)


Elision Is Going to Participate in BPO Tech Summit 2020

Elision Is Going to Participate in BPO Tech Summit 2020

We are glad to announce that our representatives will participate in the upcoming BPO Tech Summit 2020.

Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd has been catering to the BPO industry with its best in the industry call center software, called, DialShree. The company has been in the industry for almost 12 years now. To benefit participants of BPO Tech Summit 2020 with rich knowledge and experience in the BPO industry, Me. Mehul Shah, CEO and MD of Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd will participate in this event with other representatives of the company. (more…)


Elision Furnished a Smart City in India with IT Solutions

Elision Furnished a Smart City in India with IT Solutions

Elision is proud to announce that the company has set up major IT solutions and infrastructure in the smart city, Gurgaon.

Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading IT companies. The company has been offering unified communication solutions to its customers all across the world for 12 years now. The company has announced its recent project, which is successfully completed for the government of India.

Elision has furnished one of the smart cities of India with its IT solutions and infrastructure. The smart city in India, namely, Gurgaon is furnished with secure and reliable IT solutions developed by the team Elision.   (more…)


Importance of a Help Desk Ticketing Solution in a Business


Today’s market is a customer driven market and it enforces all companies in the position where they have to put all focus on delivering the best customer experience. The companies use various tools to delight customers and also recruit the best engineers and customer support agents to make sure customers’ concerns are resolved at a fast pace. The help desk ticketing solution is one of the systems devoted to the process of delighting customers. There are many more benefits of using this solution in any organization and I am going to share the top pros of using a help desk ticketing solution, also known as IT ticketing system, custom support ticketing system, and helpdesk ticketing system.

1. Customer satisfaction can be improved with the regular status updates

As mentioned earlier, the major benefit of using a helpdesk ticketing solution is to delight customers with speedy issue resolution. (more…)


How To Open A Call Center Startup? A Step-wise Guide

Call center business has always been in demand. These days it is evolving at a rapid rate because companies need professional customer care executives to take care of their customers and their concerns. For businesses, more convenient option is to outsource customer care and support tasks to a call center than opening a complete call center, recruiting and managing agents, buying software like call center software, CRM solution, etc. This has opened doors of opportunities for many aspiring business owners. Yes, you can be the next successful business owner. You can start a business by opening a call center. You can get local and international contracts of customer care.

Thinking about the budget? Guidance? And other similar questions?

Worry not! We, Elisiontec, have helped many companies to start a call center department or business. We can help you with our more than a decade long industry experience. (more…)


Top 5 Ways Help Desk Ticketing Solution Helps


Help desk ticketing solution makes support tasks easier and efficient. It would be critically difficult to manage disorganized email trails to track the root of the issue and resolution provided. Also, all manual tasks would overwhelm support engineers with too many unnecessary things to take care of instead of focusing on actual task: Issue Resolution. Thanks to Helpdesk ticketing solution that not only automates many tasks, but also provide a centralized system to keep support work well organized and streamlined.

Today, we are going to delve deeper to see 5 major ways helpdesk ticketing solution can help any company or enterprise.

1. Improved Efficiency

The helpdesk ticketing solution automates many things such as sending email alerts about the ongoing and resolved issues. The automation will assure the information and logs in the system record are efficient. Furthermore, the staff will be more sorted with their work, which will assure increased efficiency at their end. (more…)


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