How to Enhance Customer Experience Using WhatsApp in Call Center?

Tips to Enhance Customer Experience Using WhatsApp in Call Centers

Some commonly used tools in any call center are a call center solution, a CRM system, etc. Nowadays, with the increasing shift towards better customer experience, more and more call centers have started focusing on delivering an omnichannel experience to clients using an omnichannel call center solution. It lets call centers deliver an excellent customer experience across all touchpoints. (more…)


How Does WhatsApp Chat in Business Increase Customer Delight?

WhatsApp Chat in Business Increases Customer Delight

WhatsApp with two billion consumers has been driving professional and personal conversations. With this gigantic number of users, WhatsApp has become a new trendsetter in the customer care industry.

Along with the introduction of the WhatsApp business, innovative communication companies have launched multiple WhatsApp solutions such as the smart WhatsApp web tool. The increasing use of WhatsApp has also made it necessary to add WhatsApp as one of the communication channels into communication tools like a call center solution, IP PBX software, etc. (more…)


Tips to Define an Effective Call Center Management Strategy

Effective Call Center Management Strategy

Customers first contact a call center as part of the standard to discuss their needs and issues. More than 50% of communications are still phone calls in any call center. Therefore, it is necessary for a call center to define and execute an effective call center management strategy.

Here are the top 5 tips that can help you define an effective call center management strategy:

1. Hire experienced agents

If you have a team of experienced agents, then half of the job is done. (more…)


Call Center WhatsApp Integration and Its Role in Enterprises


Communication is the key in any enterprise or even a small business. When we specifically look at the case of enterprises, they need to handle hundreds of customers and prospective clients on a day-to-day basis. Thus, they use software like a call center solution.

Using only a call center solution with traditional features would restrict various aspects related to good customer care service and sales process. (more…)


Call Center WhatsApp Integration for Collection Agencies

Call Center WhatsApp Integration for Collection Agencies

Collection agencies often look for strategies to improve their productivity and other important metrics. Technology can help collection agencies similar to many other industries. We, Elision, have developed a collection module with a payment utility. It helps in reducing a lot of manual work, which helps collection agencies to reduce their workload and focus completely on complex cases.

You can know more about the collection module developed for collection companies, here. (more…)


We Launched Smart WhatsApp Business Tool

Launched Smart WhatsApp Business Tool

We are extremely happy to announce the launch of the smart WhatsApp tool. As the name suggests, this tool is developed to provide smart features to WhatsApp users. The businesses or individual consultants that want to take advantage of smart WhatsApp features can use this tool and double the returns from their investment in marketing, sales, and other business campaigns. (more…)


How WhatsApp Can Engage Customers in E-commerce Industry?

WhatsApp to Engage Customers in E-commerce Industry

Everyone knows the fact that WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging app. There are 2 billion active users in around 180 countries. This clearly proves the worth of adding WhatsApp as a communication channel in any business. The stats related to WhatsApp as a business communication channel show a high urge of using it in all industries. In fact, many industry verticals have already started using this software. The e-commerce industry is one of the industries that can use this mode of communication to improve customer satisfaction and engage customers and prospects. (more…)


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