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Key Trends Shaping Contact Center Efficiency: A Deep Dive into UI and UX Design Evolution!



In the race to provide an omnichannel customer experience, brands empower their support centers with robust contact center solutions. Along with an eye on performance and user experience, they hyper-focus on efficiency. In the effort to improve efficiency, several aspects come into the picture, including technologies, communication tools, data analytics, AI, and more.

One aspect that plays an indispensable role in shaping the efficiency of contact centers is UI and UX design. The UI and UX is one of the most essential elements, not just for the customers but for the agents, too. As per stats, a company with an IT ticketing system with an interactive interface can boost agent efficiency by 15-20%.

Therefore, having a ticketing system or an omnichannel communication solution with excellent UI/UX features is indispensable. Let’s proceed with the blog and shed some more light on it.

Why do UI and UX Matter?

In a contact center environment, the agent’s productivity is paramount. As a call center agent has to take over 50 to 100 calls a day, they need tools that are easy to use. Besides, the admins of the contact centers also require the same tools for monitoring the agent’s performance, providing feedback, etc.

An easy-to-use tool should have some UI/UX elements, such as swift navigation, agent-friendly colors, auto-dialer, interactive dashboard, etc. These features help in faster operations like call switching, feedback recording, etc. Here are some more reasons to invest in the ultimate UI/UX.

Agent Perspective

  • Reduced Training Time
    Training is necessary whether it is a new employee or an old one interacting with a new software solution. With an intuitive UI, graphics, button placements, etc., it becomes easier for agents to locate what they need.

    A user-friendly interface featuring intuitive navigation and clear labeling reduces the learning curve. Thereby reducing training time. As per stats, an effective UI/UX design can help decrease training time by up to 50%.

  • Boost Agent Productivity
    Agent productivity is paramount in a contact center. An agent may have several tasks in a call center, such as fetching the issue ticket, dialing the number, talking to the agent, documenting the conversation, etc.

    If all these tasks are performed manually, they will hamper the productivity. Therefore, an automated dialer with features like auto-calling, voice-to-text conversion, etc., can be an awesome addition to its UX.

  • Improved Task Performance
    With all the necessary information on the screen, agents can find and use the required features on the go. For instance, if they need to add call information in the tool, it will be easier to locate a text box than a simple text somewhere on the screen.

    A well-designed UX includes exceptional information architecture that helps quickly locate the right feature.

  • Maintain Multi-Channel Consistency
    The omnichannel experience is not just for the users; it’s for the agents, too. With similar UI/UX features across all the communication channels, contact center efficiency can be jacked significantly.

    For example, an omnichannel communication solution with all the major communication channels with a single interface can boost the agent experience. As per the Tata CLIQ’s Director, “having a single interface for all kinds of CRM needs has made our agents happier and more efficient.”

  • Adaptability to Change
    No matter which software or tool it is, they are susceptible to issues with time. Therefore, they need to be updated as per the latest trends.

    A simplified UI/UX design is more straightforward to update and modify. Besides, it is a cakewalk to make the necessary updates and changes in the UI/UX without disrupting the customer and agent experience.

  • Amplifies Agent Experience
    Agent experience is all about how easy it is for the agent to use the tool or solution. Aspects like navigation, information architecture, visual design, typography, etc., the better they are, the better will be the experience.

    Stats show a 15-20% improvement in agent experience when there is a single interface for all CRMs.

Admin Perspective

  • Intuitive Navigation
    Besides agents, admins must also monitor several aspects to ensure business profitability. Therefore, the UI needs to have all the necessary tabs featuring tickets raised, CRM team performance, average agent earnings, etc., in proper size and font for quick navigation.
  • Visual Dashboard
    Several real-time contact center metrics need an admin’s attention at all times. These metrics include call volume, recurring calls, inbound calls, outbound calls, agent performance, and customer satisfaction.

    Colorful tabs highlighting these parameters can help them make data-driven decisions faster.

  • Customizable Reporting
    Reporting helps in understanding performance patterns and taking action. The tool UX should offer customized reporting to create and customize reports based on performance parameters.

    Collecting all the crucial parameters in one report enables admins to analyze contact center performance, identify trends, and measure KPIs.

  • Real-time Monitoring
    Real-time monitoring can help in handling emergency scenarios easily. Moreover, real-time tracking of parameters like agent activities, ongoing calls, and queues helps assess bottlenecks and take action immediately. All this is possible via an interactive UI/UX.
  • Collaboration Tools
    Training the agents can be seamlessly done with collaboration tools. With a supreme UI featuring collaboration tools like internal messaging tools, call monitoring and barging tools, etc., admins can seamlessly support their team members, improving productivity and customer service quality.
  • Responsive Design
    Unlike agents, admins need to have continuous access to the admin dashboard for a longer time. Hence, the UI/UX should be responsive, making it accessible not only on a PC or laptop but also on handy devices like phones and tablets.
  • Role-based Access Control
    Security and privacy is a primary concern for a contact center as there is a lot of sensitive data involved. Therefore, the UI/UX features should include role-based access defining permissions for each member of the company hierarchy.

What are the Key UI/UX trends in Shaping Contact Center Efficiency?

Every tool needs to be updated with the fresh industry trends. The same is the case with the UI/UX of the software. So, here are some key UI/UX trends that are Shaping Contact Center Efficiency.

  • Intuitive Navigation
    As businesses integrate multiple communication platforms into one software solution, intuitive navigation is necessary. In an omnichannel platform, all the required communication channels, such as SMS, WhatsApp, email, etc., should be placed exceptionally on a single screen or at least a few clicks away.

    This can help save navigation time and boost efficiency.

  • Chatbots
    Agent productivity is highly dependent on the relevant calls they take. For example, if a person is just calling to confirm their product’s renewal, it can be directed to the chatbot as it is a simple task that may not require an agent intervention.

    As 69% of the customers prefer to use a chatbot as it provides instant responses, it can also be a great promoter of agent experience. With chatbots as part of the contact center solutions, you can significantly boost efficiency as agents focus on more important tasks.

  • Agent-Centric Design
    The UI design should be entirely agent-centric. All required functionalities should be placed on a single screen, such as call transfer, manual dial, WhatsApp messaging, general messaging, Facebook posts, connected calls, internal chat, not-connected calls, etc.It will allow the agents to navigate and take action faster.
  • Customization
    Customizable UI is another UI/UX trend that is super useful in boosting agent efficiency. Agents can customize their user interfaces to move some of the screen elements to another place on the screen for quicker access.

    For example, agents can move elements to see previous and current customer interactions.

  • Clear Information Presentation
    The agent’s productivity is directly proportional to the efficiency of the contact center. The call handling can be swift and smooth if the agent is presented with all the necessary information about the customer, such as the name, number, previous interaction, call scripts, etc.
  • Gamification elements
    Gamification can be introduced in the call center solution in several ways. For example, you can monitor agents’ call parameters like issues resolved on calls, number of calls, missed calls, first call resolution rates, hold times, etc.

    Based on the analysis of these aspects, you can provide agents with star ratings, create leaderboards, provide badges, and more in the tool itself. This will gamify the calling tool and motivate the agents to perform better.

  • Streamlined Workflows
    To maintain a streamlined workflow means to keep the contact center tool as simple yet functional as possible. Make sure that all the chat and call features are placed at the right place on the screen.

    For example, divert all the basic customer issues to chatbots. Besides, keep the dialer application on auto-dial, provide interactive pop-ups for inbound calls, etc. All these can help establish a streamlined workflow.

  • Real-Time Data
    Real-time data access is an exceptional and innovative UX trend. It is combined with AI-backed data analytics that helps contact center admins get valuable insights about agent and contact center performance.

    With access to current and past data, they can picture the performance of every agent on a single dashboard.

  • Integration Capabilities
    As the call center may need multiple software like CRM, analytics, etc., side by side, software integrations are the best way to use them. Current contact center trends show that contact center solutions support these integrations.

    You can easily integrate third-party integrations into the solution to extend its usability. DialShree supports integrations like CRMs, IP PBX, EPBX, and other third-party APIs.

  • User Feedback Mechanism
    A user feedback mechanism is an excellent way to improve the contact center solution further. With the ability to add their feedback and suggestions regarding the solution’s performance, agents can play their part in the efficiency amplification.
  • Training and Onboarding Support
    Every Contact Center solution will have different UI and UX features, which could be easier to grasp quickly for a newbie. Therefore, it is necessary to include in-software training material that could guide the trainees to get used to it faster.

    For older employees, it can make the transition smoother.

  • Multilingual Support
    Multilingual support can be useful for contact centers with employees speaking other languages. In some contact centers, businesses hire people speaking another language to enhance the customer experience. For example, a business operating a contact center in the US would definitely have employees speaking Spanish.

    For those employees, multilingual support can be a blessing.

  • Error Handling and Notifications
    To ensure that your software does not affect the efficiency of your contact center, embed features like auto-flashing of error and warning messages on the screen with counteracting measures recommendations.

    It will help in taking action faster.

  • AI Driven Monitoring and Supervision
    Agent monitoring and supervision in a contact center has gone beyond call recording. Today, contact centers have implemented speech analysis to analyze customer and agent sentiments besides recording calls.

    Besides, agent monitoring and AI driven voice analysis can also help ensure compliance and identify upselling opportunities.

  • Mobile-Friendly
    A mobile application can be an awesome way for an agent to take an emergency call from anywhere globally. However, ensure the contact center applications’ UI/UX features are responsive and functional.

Provide Your Customers With the Best Contact Center Efficiency

Digital transformation across the communication sector has led to the disruption of these key trends. Today, it has become essential for contact centers to opt for solutions that have features aligning with these trends, or they may not keep up with the competition.

If you seek to challenge your competitors with supreme efficiency in your business contact center, opt for Elision contact center solutions. Their Omnichannel Contact Center Solution, DialShree, is ready to launch its version 2.0. This integrated solution houses all the latest features required in a call center solution.

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Unlocking the Future of Customer Experience, with AI; Elision & GITEX 2023 Trends

Unlocking the Future of Customer Experience, with AI

In a world where providing customer experience (CX) is paramount, businesses are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform their approach. The upcoming GITEX 2023 promises to be a game-changing event with AI playing a role in revolutionizing CX. Join us as we delve into the trends and innovations that will reshape the CX landscape.

Our main focus will be on an omnichannel contact center solution that seamlessly integrates chatbots, the clock bot assistance that feels human-like, IVRS, speech recognition on-call support, Twitter and Facebook integration webforms, FCR (First Call Resolution) AI-driven voice analysis platform for effortless training programs.

The Evolving Power of AI, in Enhancing Customer Experience;

Witness firsthand how AI is transforming CX at GITEX 2023. AI technologies are not just improving CX; they are redefining it entirely. Become part of the future of customer experience.

Chatbots, Going Beyond the Basics:

Chatbots for Experience:

These advanced chatbots powered by AI go beyond automation; they engage in conversations that feel human-like while providing clock assistance and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

IVRS and Speech Recognition:

Experience the impact of IVRS and speech recognition powered by intelligence (AI) on self-service options. GITEX 2023 presents cutting-edge technology that enhances the speed and user-friendliness of self-service.

On-Call Assistance; The Perfect Blend of Human Touch and AI Advancement:

Witness the synergy, between AI-driven on-call assistance and human interaction. An innovative system around a knowledge base ensures that customers always receive a helping hand combining the touch with the efficiency of AI.

Twitter and Facebook Signals:

Discover how social media could be a game changer for your business considering the majority of your customers spend time over social media for various key interests hence listening to them via their preferred channel could get them a better cumulative experience, and also could save hundreds of hours for them 

Delve into the world of AI-powered web forms showcased at GITEX 2023. These web forms revolutionize data collection processes while prioritizing user centricity making customer onboarding more efficient than before.

Reimagining First Call Resolution (FCR) with AI:

Elision redefines first call resolution by harnessing the potential of AI technologies. Real-time insights empower agents to swiftly resolve issues during interactions significantly boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

AI-Driven Voice Analysis for Enhanced Call Insights:

Explore state-of-the-art voice analysis tools driven by AI at GITEX 2023. These advanced tools transcend transcription capabilities to identify emotions and evaluate agent performance providing data, for training purposes and continuous improvement initiatives.

Call Transcripts & Call Analysis:

Uncover the advantages of AI-optimized call transcripts, in nurturing agent skills. GITEX Global 2023 showcases how these transcripts can serve as a training resource to enhance customer service excellence.

Omnichannel Contact Center Solution:

Embark on a journey into the future of customer experience (CX) with an omnichannel contact center solution that seamlessly integrates AI-powered tools and channels within a platform. Elision presents an ecosystem that offers an exceptional customer journey.

Elision at GITEX Global Dubai 2023

GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) 2023 is a massive event happening in Dubai. With AI as its primary theme, the event will host over 14 tracks of exhibition related to several modern-day industries like Cybersecurity, Data Economy, Digital Cities X AI, Edtech, Energy, etc.

Along with GITEX 2023 AI trends, there will be other trends, such as 5G Technology, Blockchain Technology, Cybersecurity Solutions, and Sustainability and Green Tech.

Over 3,500 AI startups and enterprises, along with Elision, will participate and feature 500 hours of AI debate.

GITEX Dubai Dates are 16-20 October 2023.

So, it’s time to fly to Dubai!

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GITEX Dubai 2023: The Future of Customer Interaction and Beyond!

GITEX Dubai 2023 The Future of Customer Interaction and Beyond

Customer service is an essential part of almost every business. Effective customer service relies on seamless customer interactions. In the fast-paced world, the reliance on traditional ways of interaction does not work. As customers require solutions to their problems faster, brands and businesses need to gear up with the right technology.

As per statistics, 35% of customers become angry while talking to customer service. Moreover, 12% of customers report a lack of speed as a common cause of frustration. In scenarios like this, using technologies like AI and other state-of-the-art solutions becomes imperative. Moreover, as the interaction channels have increased, their seamless management is also necessary.

Here in this article, we will talk about some exceptional customer interaction solutions. We will also uncover some of the latest trends regarding the same.

Omnichannel Customer Interaction

We know that there are different channels for customer direction today. Therefore, Omnichannel customer interaction is a strategy that includes all these channels and ensures that the customer experience across all of them is connected and consistent.

The so-called customer interaction channels can be the brick and mortar stores, social media websites, emails, and even website or app chatbots.

In simple terms, Omni channel customer interaction breaks the barriers between different channels. The customers can interact with the brand via different channels while their conversations are synced in real-time across all of them.

For example, a customer can begin a conversation with a business from a chatbot and receive the resolution in an email without providing any extra input in the email.

The use of Omni channel customer interaction has several benefits for businesses.

  • Competitive edge: One of the prime benefits of Omnichannel customer interaction is comparative edge. Statistics suggest that brands with top Omnichannel customer engagement see a 9.5% increase in revenue. On the other hand, brands with a poor Omnichannel strategy see a revenue boost of just 3.4%.
  • Builds brand identity: If you aim for omnichannel customer interactions in your business, it will help you build a unique brand identity.
  • Customer retention rate: Another significant advantage of having an Omnichannel customer interaction is a boost in customer attention rate. Omnichannel customer engagement strategies help businesses retain 89% of their customers.
  • Better reach: It goes without saying that with an Omnichannel customer interaction strategy, your business can have better reach. For example, if a person is not active on his or her email but is a regular social media user, they can interact with your brand via social media apps. Thereby allowing them to interact with your customer service. Statistics suggest that resolving customer queries on social media can boost revenue by 20-40%.
  • Quality data collection: As per statistics, 31% of users stay loyal to a brand because of personalized experience. Now, to ensure that your customers get a personalized experience, you need quality data. This is where an Omnichannel communication strategy can help. Customers provide a lot of data while interacting with different channels. As data across all the channels is unified, you can analyze it to know customer preferences, behavior, and reactions.

Though the concept of an omnichannel customer interaction strategy is pretty lucrative,  implementing such a strategy comes with several challenges.

  • The number one challenge is the lack of integration and consistency. As all the channels need to be synchronized, it becomes tough to integrate them if they are from different vendors. Moreover, maintaining consistency in unified communication across various teams also poses a challenge.
  • The second challenge that omnichannel customer engagement faces is the availability of the right tools and resources. People with the right skills are required, along with powerful software to manage, monitor, and optimize campaigns. Therefore, only big businesses can invest in such a strategy.

With the right omnichannel customer engagement solution, you can Increase process efficiency,  customer experience and business revenue.

What are the Various Customer Engagement Strategies?

If we take a deeper look into the concept of Omnichannel communication, it involves several aspects that ensure customer journey optimization. These strategies can help improve customer experience.

  • Personalization and Customization

Personalization is the primary arrow in your quiver. No matter if you are an eCommerce business, manufacturing business, retail or something else, your contact center solutions or customer service solutions should include personalization features.

As per McKinsey, 76% of customers get frustrated when they don’t receive a personalized experience. Therefore, invest in an omnichannel solution that has data collection and analysis features to find the preferences and needs of the customers.

  • Proactive customer support

Proactive customer support includes anticipating and aiming to resolve the issue of the customer before it becomes a primary problem. For example, sending a notification to the customer to renew their yearly subscription. Sending an alert to the customer to make the purchase before the offer period ends.

Proactive customer support reduces negative experiences and boosts customer satisfaction.

  • Feedback and surveys

Feedback and surveys are an excellent way to know what your customers think about your products and services. It helps in improving your product and services and also boost customer experience.

Other than these, there are many more strategies. However, not all of them would fit as per the current industrial scene. You need to implement strategies based on changing customer experience trends.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is one of the primary technology trends that is affecting almost every industry sector. In the customer service industry, several advanced communication solutions are backed by AI. The perfect examples are AI-based chatbots and assistants.

How AI Can Revolutionize Customer Interaction and Engagement?

Many of you may have heard of AI-based chatbots. However, the use of AI in customer interaction and engagement is not limited to chatbots and assistants.

  • AI chatbots: In the world of AI chatbots, it can be a first line of defense against customer queries. AI chatbots can work 24/7 and handle simple to complex queries, like tracking orders, booking a ticket, cancelling an order, etc.
  • Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics is an exceptional application of AI. With the analysis of current and historical data, brands can know about the preferences of the customer. Further, it can also estimate purchasing patterns and target users with personalized recommendations.
  • AI-powered Call Centre agent: AI-powered call center agents or AI voice assistants can be super helpful in assisting customers. The best thing about an AI-powered call center agent is the speed of the task. Moreover, they can be easily scaled as per needs.
  • AI-driven Speech Analytics: AI-driven speech analytics tools are employed to analyze customer-agent interactions in real time. They transcribe and monitor conversations, identifying keywords, phrases, and trends. Speech analytics helps contact centers detect compliance issues, capture insights about customer preferences and pain points, and provide valuable feedback to improve agent performance.

GITEX Dubai 2023

GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) 2023 is a grand event taking place in Dubai. As per the latest news, over 14 tracks of exhibition will be there based on several industries like Cybersecurity, Data Economy, Digital Cities X AI, EdTech, Energy, etc.

AI will be the primary theme of the exhibition, and over 3,500 AI startups and enterprises will be participating. It will feature 500 hours of AI debate. Elision is one of those AI enterprises that will be participating in the GITEX global events. GITEX Dubai Dates are 16-20 October 2023. Meet us GITEX Global!


How Is WhatsApp Business Shaping the Future of Contact Centers?

WhatsApp Business Shaping the Future of Contact Centers

When it comes to messaging apps WhatsApp takes the lead with a 2 billion active users worldwide (Source). Countless messages are exchanged among its users on a basis. Initially developed for interactions, among family and friends WhatsApp has gained popularity and is now utilized by businesses and contact centers for regular customer engagement.

As more and more businesses have started utilizing WhatsApp for their operations the platform has introduced WhatsApp Business. This specialized offering provides control. Features specifically designed to cater to business needs.

Notably there are features and offerings exclusive to WhatsApp Business users, such as the WhatsApp Verified account. Furthermore companies like Elision Technologies have begun developing tools like WhatsApp chatbots and broadcasting capabilities. Here is the link to the Smart WhatsApp Web Tool.

If your call center has not yet embraced these features of WhatsApp now is the time to do so. The influence of WhatsApp Business, on call centers and other enterprises cannot be underestimated.

What is WhatsApp Business?

It’s the messaging app that everyone uses. It comes with power and features specifically designed to empower businesses like contact centers in improving their customer interactions and engagement. 

The best part is that it’s available, for free and offers features such as a business profile where you can showcase all your business information like address email ID, website, etc. You also have the option to label chats for organization and use advanced messaging tools to efficiently handle customer care and similar campaigns. 

This business app is a game changer as it helps businesses enhance every customer interaction by automating actions organizing messages effectively and reducing response time. Moreover users of this app can even have a WhatsApp account.

So what is a WhatsApp Verified account?

Like other major social media platforms provide verification badges with tick marks next to usernames (think about the tick mark on Twitter or the green tick mark on Google) WhatsApp also offers its own version of verification. This verification badge from WhatsApp adds a sense of authority and trustworthiness, to customers who receive any message from your business account.

Now you might wonder why having a WhatsApp Verified account is so important?

Well there are reasons why having this verification badge holds value. The importance of getting your business account verified goes beyond credibility. With messages flooding customers inboxes, from various business accounts and individual users it’s common for them to report businesses as spam. By having a tick on your account you establish yourself as a brand gaining the trust of users. This boost in credibility can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your WhatsApp broadcasting and other campaigns.


Another reason to invest in verification is to establish authority. Many companies invest in tools like WhatsApp chatbots to improve their customer care campaigns. However without an account it becomes challenging for clients to differentiate between your WhatsApp account and imposters posing as your brand or a similar one. Having that verification tick mark ensures that your business receives responses and reaches an audience.


Furthermore branding is crucial for all businesses in todays world. Digital marketing experts are often paid handsomely by call centers to build brands. Along with teams investing in tools that bring authority to your business is essential. A verified account, on WhatsApp serves as one option.

Now lets explore how WhatsApp Business shapes the future of contact centers?

There are advantages, to using a business account especially when it comes with a verification tick mark and powerful features like WhatsApp chatbot, WhatsApp broadcasting, reports and more. Lets delve into the details.

Round the clock customer support;

Having a WhatsApp chatbot is one of the tools for businesses. Similar to website chatbots and IVR systems it allows you to attend to customers 24/7. This boosts the effectiveness of your customer care campaigns. Even if your agents are unavailable to respond your clients will still have someone to assist them and provide feedback or responses within working hours (10 AM, to 7 PM).

Meeting the preferences of messaging-oriented customers;

In todays world we cater to diverse audiences ranging from Millennials to Gen Z. Each customer segment has its communication preferences. Many customers, Gen Z individuals who dislike waits and prefer messaging as a means of communication habitually use messaging apps for connecting with customer care centers and receiving feedback. By utilizing a business account and its accompanying features you can cater to these clients needs effectively while also impressing them.

Increase sales rate

Increasing the sales rate is crucial, for call centers both with existing customers and new prospects. Utilizing the business account. Its features can be highly beneficial in achieving this goal. For instance 

leveraging WhatsApp broadcasting allows for running campaigns to boost sales opportunities. Additionally employing a WhatsApp chatbot can suggest relevant products to enhance selling opportunities.

Nurture leads

In addition to facilitating customer care and sales initiatives this messaging app also plays a role in nurturing client relationships. Call centers can implement campaigns to strengthen connections with customers.

For example on occasions sending personalized greetings can make clients feel valued. Furthermore broadcasting campaigns through WhatsApp can keep existing clients informed about offers. The WhatsApp chatbot can also be used as a tool to manage existing clients in ways fostering bonds.

Define better customer care strategies

Moreover these business apps provide reports and valuable insights for call centers. This data enables strategies, for customer care sales efforts, lead nurturing and more. Furthermore it allows businesses to assess the impact of using the business account on WhatsApp and measure its effectiveness.


Furthermore you can assess the areas where automation can be implemented by utilizing the available automation features. This will enable you to enhance the effectiveness of campaigns optimize resource utilization and accomplish milestones.

In conclusion the business landscape is rapidly evolving with the integration of tools and technology. Contact centers now have access, to omnichannel communication tools allowing them to cater to customers through their modes of communication.

WhatsApp has emerged as a used tool for all types of customer interactions, including customer care, sales and customer relationship management. To assist these businesses WhatsApp has introduced WhatsApp business accounts and WhatsApp Verified accounts.

Additionally advanced features such as WhatsApp broadcasting, chatbots, reports and more are also available. Given that WhatsApp’s one of the popularly used apps today it is essential to leverage these advanced features in order to provide clients in call centers with an enhanced messaging experience.

We provide top notch industry tools for contact centers. Our services include assisting you in obtaining an account and accessing features like broadcasting messages chatbots functionality export contacts information reports generation and more. If you would like to learn more about how we can support your contact center with regards, to utilizing WhatsApp please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


The Synergy of Agent Experience and Customer Experience: Creating a Winning Combination!

A Winning Combination of Agent Experience and Customer Experience

In today’s competitive world, it has become necessary to focus on customer experience because happy clients can change the whole business game.

Nowadays, clients have high demands and more awareness about the competition and their rights. Additionally, retaining clients by delivering them a good experience can help any business in making more profit because these customers will give continuous business.

Moreover, they can become your brand advocate. This fact has influenced how businesses operate nowadays. They heavily invest in tools like a contact center solution, so clients can be guided across the journey and excellent customer experience can be delivered. 

In this chase of delighting customers businesses are missing out on an important tactic. Your customers are handled by your customer care representatives, which are commonly referred to as agents in the industry. Along with customer experience, you must focus on agent experience.

The synergy of positive agent and client experience can create a winning situation for any business. In fact, improving agent experience is the fundamental need of your business if you really want to improve overall customer satisfaction.

What is agent experience?

As the name suggests, the overall experience of your agents working with your customers and business is referred to as agent experience. It can be influenced by various factors such as:

  • Skill and experience 
  • Targets
  • Types of customers
  • Workload 
  • Stress 
  • Work environment 
  • Work life balance 
  • Awards, rewards, and other motivations
  • Package 
  • And more

Why does the positive experience of agents matter?

There are multiple reasons to keep agents happy and all of them directly or indirectly affect the experience of clients. 


Agents are the face of your company and they directly get engaged with clients. They are representing your brand and that is why they will define how your brand will be built in front of your clients. Happy agents are likely to deliver better service to clients and improve their overall experience.

Moreover, professional and personalized service delivery using the best contact center solution will help a business to get better business and augmented reputation in the industry. We all agree with the fact, customers love to connect with brands even if they charge high prices.


Another reason that makes the experience of agents necessary is productivity. According to the statistics shared by McKinsey & Company, happy agents are 3x times better at delivering better customer service to resolve their concerns efficiently (Source).

If your agents are unhappy, then even if you use the best tools like DialShree: omnichannel contact center solution, you would not be able to make any change in your customer care game. The productivity of agents is also associated with improving overall customer experience.

Your agents will be able to deliver an empathetic experience to customers, which will improve overall customer satisfaction. Moreover, more productive agents will be able to attend to more clients. This will reduce call queues, call waiting time, call hold time, and other major KPIs that directly impact the experience of clients.


One of the major challenges that businesses face is a high attrition rate in their customer support team. This causes a major challenge to businesses and managers because it directly impacts daily customer care campaigns. According to the statistic shared by Yahoo, 47% of managers face major challenges in improving the experience of clients because of high attrition rates and absenteeism (Source). 

Companies invest a lot of money in training agents to use tools like DialShree: omnichannel contact center solution correctly, deliver excellent services to clients, complete administrative jobs, and more. They are also trained about the product or service for which they handle client calls.

When agents leave the job, managers face a gap in a trained and skilled resource, which is time consuming to fill even after hiring an experienced agent. On the other hand, happy agents will stay for longer and help you cater to clients with positive experiences.

How to create a synergy of agent and customer experience?

You must have realized now that the agent experience is as important as the positive experience of customers. In fact, it is necessary to keep a balance between agent and client experience to create a synergy. Here are a few effective tips to follow to build synergy.

Build a motivated and stress-free environment

A positive work environment is not only the demand or desire, but also the right of all employees, including customer care agents. In the customer care industry, the work environment is often awful because of yelling customers, extremely high expectations, and low wages compared to the effort they put in. Thus, it is necessary to build a motivated and stress-free environment.

You can get the best tools and infrastructure to reduce workload by automating several repetitive tasks. You can also announce some rewards, awards, celebrations, and more to keep agents happy and motivated.

Receive feedback from agents

Agents often get scolded for poor performance, unhappy clients, and several other reasons. This is one of the major reasons behind the increased rate of unhappy agents that keep on shuffling jobs to get appreciation and empathy. To improve the experience of your agents, you can keep a session in which they can share their feedback to improve processes, protocols, technology, tools, and more.

Your agents know much more than you because they use tools every day and engage with clients every minute. You must keep an open-minded environment in which agents feel secure and comfortable about sharing their experiences. 

Provide constructive training and coaching

A majority of call centers and businesses provide the required training to agents so they can deliver a positive experience to customers. These trainings are often general on topics like product knowledge, business protocols, ways to handle clients, and more. It is necessary to provide personalized training to agents.

You can either divide groups based on their skills to provide specific training. You can also ask agents to get help whenever they feel like it. You can also use coaching tools available in a contact center solution to identify weak areas of agents and provide them with group or real time training.

Flexibility to work remotely

Whether you like it or not, the remote work environment is real and it is here to stay. After COVID, employees have gotten used to and comfortable with remote jobs and this has been one of the reasons for mass resignations when those firms called their employees back to the office.

Even if you want to re-open your office premises, you have to give flexibility to agents to choose whether they want to work from the office or home. This will give them a sense of satisfaction and authority to choose how they want to work. 


To achieve your goal of improving customer experience, you will have to consider the experience of agents. In simple words, happy agents will keep your clients happy. With the right approach, tools, and strategy, this tough looking task can be made easy. 

We have already shared the best practices that you must follow to improve the agent experience. Moreover, we also provide tools like DialShree: omnichannel contact center solution to help in building a strong infrastructure that can reduce the stress of agents with its automation and AI driven features. Contact us now to Know More About DialShree!


Driving Customer Satisfaction with Advanced Contact Center Solutions in Africa

Driving Customer Satisfaction with Advanced Contact Center Solutions in Africa

African countries have been attracting businesses and customers overseas because of friendly legislation, enthusiastic manpower, and several other driving factors. Several industries are thriving in Africa and one of them is the call center industry. Many countries choose African businesses to manage customer care campaigns for effective performance management.

Traditionally, African call centers used to lag because of not investing in technologies, but now dynamics are changed upside down. The contact center solutions Africa are much more powerful and augmented to help African call centers define the best customer satisfaction strategies and delight customers while impressing businesses.

Technology is changing and coming up with new inventions every now and then, which often forces call centers in Africa to stretch their budget to get one of the best technologies onboard to stay competitive. However, it is necessary to make mindful investments in contact center solutions Africa, so call centers can stay competitive and keep increasing their profit making.

The top technological advancements adopted by African call centers keep their customer satisfaction strategies and performance management spirited. Let’s explore how different features of the most advanced solution for call centers in Africa can drive customer satisfaction to the next level.

1. AI-Powered chatbots

You might get surprised to know that these chatbots are much more than just auto serving chatbots used by several websites. For call centers, you will find chatbots that have several other technologies integrated into them such as predictive analytics, natural language processing, speech to text converter, voice sentiment analysis, text sentiment analysis, conversational AI, and more.

The AI-powered chatbots are capable of assisting both customers and agents. They help customers to take the necessary action and get the ultimate resolution without any need for an agent.

According to Tidio, 62% of customers prefer to use chatbot instead of staying on hold while waiting for an agent to answer. These chatbots can also help agents to predict common user behavior with integrated predictive analytics. Moreover, it can suggest agents with personalized responses to impress clients.

These chatbots help in resolving even complicated and multi-step problems with vague instructions given by clients because the database and self-learning capabilities of these bots are huge. Implementing AI-powered chatbots in African call centers can reduce more than half of the workload, so agents can focus on other productive jobs. This helps in delivering more focused customer care and revising customer satisfaction strategies to become better and more effective.

2. Agent scoring/ Agent Rank

The best contact center solutions Africa implement an agent scoring mechanism based on different criteria focused on the positive performance management of agents. Call centers very well know better agent performance means better customer care and improved customer satisfaction.

Agent scoring mechanism is also driven by AI algorithms similar to AI-Powered chatbots. The software uses AI tools like natural language processing, voice sentiment analysis, and more to analyze different performance metrics of agents. Based on all these criteria, it can score each call and even give an overall performance score to each agent.

The overall score creates a scoreboard of agents with different Agent Rank. This gives more reliable data to design different training programs to sharpen the skills of agents. Moreover, it helps in grouping agents in a way that they can handle calls more effectually, so customer satisfaction can surpass the expectations of clients.

Agent scoring with AI tools also has the benefit of self training. Agents can evaluate their own performance with the AI generated results and improve. For example, if an agent call has a long pause or silence, he or she can easily workout on this mistake in the next call to deliver better customer support without long awkward silence.

3. Intelligent routing

First Call Resolution (FCR) is one of the most important KPIs measured in call centers in Africa because it helps in saving resources, boost the morale of agents, and of course, increases customer satisfaction. Intelligent call routing strategies have a great impact on customer satisfaction strategies. This helps in increasing first call resolution along with several other KPIs.

Nowadays, contact center solutions Africa implements multiple call routing strategies that are empowered with artificial intelligence. Depending on the user input, the software can put customers in the right call queues, self serving options, or even delegate the customer to the AI-Powered chatbots to increase FCR and effectiveness of customer care strategies.

4. Unified agent desktops

The best way to improve customer satisfaction is by empowering agents with the best tools. Unified agent desktops are one of the advanced tools that help agents to reduce average handle time, improve personalization, and reduce average hold time. Depending on the technology used in the software, a unified agent desktop can have different features. Some of the key features integrated into unified agent desktops are listed below:

  • Communication channels
  • QC (Quality Control) tools
  • Knowledge base
  • Backend support system
  • Integrated CRM
  • Scheduling tools
  • Voice analytics

These tools can also have advanced tools like predictive analytics to help agents work more efficiently and with retrieved information on the desk to deliver faster responses. The unified agent desktop can be customized depending on the business and customer care models of businesses in Africa.

How do these technology tools help in driving customer satisfaction?

Improving agent performance

Agents directly communicate with customers and they indeed drive customer satisfaction. Therefore, a majority of tools are developed to empower agents to work more proactively, confidently, and efficiently. The aforementioned tools help agents to get access to the best features at their fingertips, boost morale and achieve a high FCR rate.

Reduce errors

Whether you are using a manual agent or AI tools like AI-Powered chatbots, it is necessary to eliminate all possible errors. Reducing manual work with AI and similar technologies help in reducing errors to make customer satisfaction strategies more dependable in African call centers. The right training sessions, focused KPIs, and other business aspects help businesses in Africa to achieve higher customer satisfaction without making major errors.

Driving customer satisfaction

The ultimate goal of any call center using one of the best contact center solutions Africa is to achieve high customer satisfaction. Technology makes it possible with the least effort and the most efficiency. This is the reason AI driven technology has made its way into proactive customer care and support businesses.

Concluding notes

The Africa based call center industry is a giant. Call centers in Africa cater to the diverse horizon of industries and businesses with offshore customer care strategies. For effective performance management, it is necessary to use advanced technology in their software such as predictive analytics, voice analysis, chatbots, and more.

All this helps in empowering agents, so they can deliver better customer service. These tools and features integrated into the call center software further help in making self-serving options more dependable, swift, and error-free. This promotes the ultimate goal of driving customer satisfaction to the next level.

We have been catering to call centers in Africa with our innovative solution developed with advanced technology tools, algorithms, and features. We also help African call centers to embark on their journey or upgrade their existing infrastructure to use technologically advanced software.

DialShree is one of the most advanced contact center solutions. It can help in defining tailored and personalized customer satisfaction strategies with its unique features. To learn more about this software and to book a free demo now, contact us.


Enhancing Customer Interactions: The Power of Contact Center Solutions in the UAE

Positive customer experience has become the major driving factor of any business. It not only helps in increasing customer retention rate, but it also helps in improving sales and growth of the business. On the other hand, negative customer experience would result in bad word of mouth publicity, resulting in lost clients and reputation in the market. Thus, businesses have to focus on redefining their customer interaction strategies.

As the market in UAE is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and legislation is a bit different to using solutions like a call center solution, companies doing business in the UAE need to be more cautious and strategic to define their customer care strategies.

Direct interaction with customers via any communication channel will convey the brand image. This will not only directly impact the retention of existing clients, but it will also reshape the results of strategies for onboarding new clients. According to the survey result shared by HubSpot, “86% of loyal clients provide referral business and 66% of them share positive feedback”. One of the best contact center solutions can play an indispensable role in delivering the best results for customer interaction strategies.

Businesses in the UAE can excel in their business by using the best call center solution by following best practices.

1. Invest in the best technology for contact center solutions

Multiple types of solutions are available to support different customer care strategies, including social media customer support. It is necessary to invest in the best software with excellent features like intelligent routing, call analytics, CRM integration, etc.

All these features and functionalities can help in amplifying returns over customer care strategies. You can also invest in an AI call center solution that will not only automate but also increase results and returns.

2. Measure Customer Effort Score (CEC)

The contact center solutions measure multiple KPIs and showcase them to help businesses in the UAE to evaluate the effectiveness of their customer interaction strategies. Out of all KPIs, the Customer Effort Score (CES) helps in measuring how much effort a client is putting in to get the resolution to their concern or take action. Call centers have to reduce CEC scores to increase customer retention.

3. Focus on listening

Active listening can help in identifying several important signals. It is not only about actively listening to your customers but also listening to signals shared by your team working on social media customer support and other channels. It is also about listening to the values passed via Customer Effort Score (CES).

In general, listen to all signals and feedback from the team, customers, past customers, leads, software, and more. All this will help in improving your customer interaction strategies.

For example, intelligent routing will have multiple automated call distribution rules and your software might be using one of them. Listening to the major signals will help in choosing the right rule if your software is not doing that automatically.

Your call analytics will provide a real time view of the performance metrics of different KPIs, so you can take real time actions to improve your strategy and actions.

4. Personalization is a must

A feature rich omnichannel contact center solution is a great investment because it will help in touching different parts of your customer retention strategies. Personalization is necessary in this industry because the UAE market is cluttered. Moreover, it is attracting many new investors and businesses. Moreover, the market is different from many parts of the world. This makes personalization mandatory.

CRM integration with the software can help in handling customer care campaigns in an even better way. Whether you are interested in improving the effectiveness of social media customer support strategy or any other support campaign, you will be able to see tangible changes, and that also in a positive manner.

Coach your agents to use data displayed in their software with CRM integration to personalize their pitch instead of using a static call script. This will make customers feel valued and increase loyalty. Moreover, it will also help in improving the value of Customer Effort Score (CES).

5. Focus on reducing Average Hold Time (AHT)

Customers are often agitated when they contact the support team and if they have to stay on hold for long in the call queues or while agents are retrieving resolution, it can degrade the overall experience. Thus, it is necessary to reduce the average hold time. Modern contact center solutions have several features that can help in reducing this time.

The best tips to follow to reduce AHT are as follows:

  • Play with the options of intelligent routing rules you have to check which one works best for your campaign.
  • Use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and other automated features to reduce the intervention of agents, so customers can self serve themselves without spending any minute on the hold.
  • Use CRM integration to learn common expectations of customers to reduce hold time and offer more personalized support to quickly resolve customer concerns.
  • Invest in batch training and one to one training so agents can work more politely, professionally, and empathetically. Moreover, agents must have complete knowledge of the service or product you offer, so they don’t waste time due to lack of knowledge.

6. Deliver quick resolution for common concerns

In a majority of call centers, the concerns are common and those can be resolved either with IVR or with professional assistance from agents. When you know the concerns and resolution, the average handle time could be reduced.

Call analytics can help in identifying common concerns and problem areas to automate the resolutions or even to put the whole process in auto pilot mode. You can even use bots for social media customer support to automate answering the common questions asked over social media via DMs.

7. Keep improving

The call center industry is very demanding, which makes it necessary to persistently refine customer interaction strategies. The changing strategies would also demand to use one of the best contact center solutions, skilled agents, and other advancements. It is necessary to constantly invest in adopting the best tools, technologies, and manpower and implement the right strategy, so you can constantly increase customer retention.

For example, traditional customer support was offered only via voice calls in the UAE, but now, businesses have also introduced social media customer support.

Earlier, the only call routing rule available was automated call distribution, but now an array of intelligent routing rules is available to delight clients. Likewise, several areas get touched with advancements in technologies, changing the behavior of customers, and other driving factors. All this demands improvements and advancements to deliver a reliable and effective customer experience with engaging interactions.

Concluding notes

It is very crucial to have loyal customers in any business in the UAE and worldwide. Thus, it is necessary to implement practical and effective customer interaction strategies, which can engage and delight customers. Technology tools can really help with impressive features like call analytics, integrated social media customer support, auto dialers, chatbots, AI voice analysis, and more. To impress customers with engaging interactions, businesses must use the power of the best software tools.

DialShree is one of the top contact center solutions that are empowered with AI and several other intelligent features. To know more about this best software for businesses operating in the UAE, get in touch with us.


How are unified communication platforms helping businesses in Africa?

How are unified communication platforms helping businesses in Africa_

One of the necessary parts of any business is communication. In African countries, as businesses are growing at the fastest rate and the economy is also moving upside down, businesses have started investing in the top technology tools to support the growth of their business. At this time, it is essential for these businesses to focus on communication and collaboration to stay connected with investors, partners, vendors, suppliers, etc.

Traditional communication tools like telephones, cell phones, etc. have several limitations and businesses cannot restrict themselves to those conventional business phone systems. Thus, businesses in Africa have to take a leap to the best technology driven communication tools that are trending not only in African regions but worldwide. Unified communication platforms are trending across the globe with the increasing demand for unified communication among customers, prospective clients, investors, and more.

Unified communication is no more a magnificent option to have for businesses in Africa. It is indeed a must have element in a business to grow and meet business communication needs. In multiple ways, a unified communication solution can benefit businesses in African countries.

What is unified communication?

It is a modern day communication instrument, which allows business professionals to use combined access to all major communication tools from anywhere, at any time they need. Unified communication lets businesses store all interactions in a single point system to make all business communication and operation quite easy and straightforward.

Unified communication and collaboration often define the progressive and modern nature of a business in Africa. UC&C stands for Unified Communication and Collaboration. It is a modern way of communication, which has various advantages to offer.

What is a unified communication system?

A unified communication solution is a platform that integrates all major communication channels and business communication modes within a single system. This includes the following communication channels:

  •         Voice calling
  •         Instant messaging
  •         Conference calling
  •         Screen sharing
  •         Video callings
  •         Social media
  •         WhatsApp
  •         Integrated business apps
  •         Texting
  •         And more

The major goal of unified communication platforms is to provide an integrated solution to all business users that are accessible from anywhere, at any time. Moreover, if a business person initiates an interaction on one communication channel and after some hours or days, communicates via another mode of communication, the platform will give the same user experience.

Similar to several other countries, countries in Africa, Unified Communication & Collaboration tools have started growing in popularity. The reason behind this trend is the bouquet of benefits it has to offer.

Top ways unified communication software benefits businesses in Africa

1. Excellent call management

Voice and video calls are commonly used in African businesses. Businesses in Africa work with multiple vendors, suppliers, partners, and more in multiple countries. It makes it difficult to manage calls from these different business associates. The systems with unified communication channel integrations help in managing these calls. The best solutions for unified communication consist of several features for effective call management. Some of the most popular features of this platform are automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, call monitoring, call transfer, call forwarding, and more. This helps African countries to remove the burden of managing calls manually.

2. Improve the efficiency of business communication and collaboration

As business and the economy grow, the need and demand for reliable communication and collaboration also grow. Thanks to a unified communication system that incorporates calling, messaging, texting, and even conferencing within a single system. It makes it easier for Africa to keep track of all interactions among all associates. Moreover, the same system can be used for a sales conversation, customer care, and even to give a live demo of the product. This helps in keeping records that can be referred to whenever needed to personalize conversations and lead them in a favorable direction.

These tools are effective not only to bridge the communication gap but also to encourage uninterrupted collaboration. Business representatives and team members can collaborate to brainstorm, discuss, make decisions, conduct board meetings, and have all other types of business conversations. This makes the remote working model indeed lively and reliable in countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, and more.

3. Optimize business operations

The unified communication platforms are loaded with amazing features to help businesses in Africa. One of the major benefits of a system supporting unified communication is that it helps in providing automation features. Automation can help in streamlining operations related to prospecting, sales, customer care, customer relationship management, investor and partnership relationship building, and more. Unified communication also helps in defining, monitoring, and optimizing different operations to improve the overall impact.

4. Excellent customer and partner satisfaction

A unified communication system not only provides the integrated system with all communication channels, but it also provides integration of different business apps. In fact, an expert unified communication software provider company can integrate any third party app or software with a unified communication solution. This can provide a holistic view of all interactions carried out by a business with a customer or partner or even a vendor and supplier. The integrated system gives a complete context to business representatives while having conversations. They can lead context driven conversations.

These solutions have autonomous features for clients so they can self serve themselves. This can augment the customer experience and partner satisfaction because they don’t need to wait too long for African business representatives to respond. Moreover, they can also check their own records and take autonomous actions to speed up various operations. This saves time for clients and partners, as well as business resources.

5. Reduce expenses

Automation, unified communication, and other amazing features help in directly reducing expenses. Businesses in Africa don’t need to manage and maintain individual business systems such as CRM, IP PBX, payroll management, conferencing solutions, etc. A holistic system and its powerful features reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and management. Moreover, automation and similar features further help in reducing expenses. A unified communication system can be hosted over cloud platforms. This can further reduce the expenses of physical space, servers, and more. Some cloud platforms provide a “pay as you go” model.

All these advantages of using a unified communication solution reduce expenses and help in saving funds. These funds can be reinvested in the business to make some more vital business advancements.

Concluding notes

UC&C platforms are built to meet the growing and rapidly changing business communication and collaboration needs of African businesses. Not only big enterprises, but even SMEs in Africa can take advantage of these platforms. It helps them build reliable external and internal communication strategies. It also helps in leveraging several other advantages like better business positioning, branding, boosted agent productivity, access to actionable insight, and more.

We have been benefiting African countries with our excellent unified communication platforms. One of our most popular platforms in this sphere is our DialShree: call center solution. It supports all modern communication channels and can integrate other business communication application integration, too. We have been meeting the business needs of businesses of all sizes in Africa. This has given us the required skills and experience to meet business needs. Moreover, we also provide recommendations based on our experience with businesses in Africa.

To know more about our UC&C offerings and services, book a demo now!


The Role of Cloud Technology in the Growth of Africa’s Contact Center Industry

The Role of Cloud Technology in the Growth of Africa's Contact Center Industry

The global contact center industry is gargantuan. There are so many countries that thrive in their economies by running call centers. Africa is one of the leaders in this space. With technological advancements, the African contact center industry is flourishing in leaps and bounds. There are several technological innovations and trending inventions such as AI, ML, IoT, WiFi, 5G, cloud technology, etc. that contribute to the growth of Africa’s contact center industry. Each technology has its own role to play and we are going to discuss one of the most fascinating and trending technologies that influence the African contact center industry.

Cloud technology in the African call center industry has a major and vital role to play. There are so many Africa based call centers that have started using a cloud based call center solution. If you are still wondering what the exact role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa is, then you will learn about it in this article. 

What is cloud technology?

It is the next gen technology that makes computing power, data storage, and other resources available over the internet instead of the hard drive. In technological terms, the hard drive based setup is called a physical server setup and the internet based setup is known as cloud technology or cloud computing. The whole phenomenon of cloud technology is quite vast as it covers different types of hosting, setup, and more and it is very much technical. Your call center software provider would handle all aspects related to this technology. Usually, Africa’s contact center industry uses cloud technology for hosting their software like a contact center solution. The technical aspects such as setup, usage optimization, backup, recovery, etc. are managed by the companies that offer these software solutions and tools. 

What is a cloud based call center solution?

When a call center solution is hosted on cloud computing, it is called cloud based call center software. The businesses operating in the African contact center industry can use any public or private cloud platform such as Amazon Web Server (AWS), Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, etc.

What is the role of cloud technology in the African call center industry?

The role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa can be defined by exploring its top applications, benefits, and characteristics. Let’s explore how it helps Africa’s contact center industry to thrive and grow.

1. Excellent customer services

Cloud technology is flexible and supports remote operations. The call center industry in Africa can take advantage of this characteristic of this technological invention and assure growth. It can access all tools, software, platforms, and data from remote locations. Thus, customers can be attended to anytime as the software will be available to use for agents to cater to clients. A majority of businesses in Africa use automation in their software. Thus, they can ensure that customers will get self serving options. Even contact centers based in Africa can hire customer service experts from any nook and corner of the world to level up the game of customer care.

2. Commendable scalability

The role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa can be defined by its capacity to scale up the software and infrastructure. Africa’s contact center industry is growing rapidly because of the rising opportunities for businesses, increasing investment and funding options for enterprises, and multiple other driving factors. In this case, the IT infrastructure of the company has to be compatible enough and scalable enough to support the growth of businesses operating in the contact center industry of Africa.

Cloud technology in the African call center industry is leading this area by providing instant scalability options. The cloud platforms have ready to use computing power, data storage space, and other resources to let contact centers scale up their capacities whenever they need. Unlike physical space, cloud based systems can be scaled up within a few hours to a few days. The advantage of this platform for the African contact center industry is that they can even scale down the capacity to save money. All these scalability related benefits of cloud technology help businesses grow faster and thrive.

3. Excellent agent efficiency

Cloud technology helps agents in Africa to work from anywhere. This helps in improving the efficiency of their work by letting them enjoy work life balance. They can also take advantage of other offerings of cloud technology that help them improve their performance and productivity. This boosts their morale and contributes to elevating the efficiency of agents.

4. Reduced expenses

Cloud technology in the African call center industry has a pivotal role to play with multifaceted benefits. One of them is cutting costs to save funds and make them available for better utilization in other areas. In multiple ways, a cloud based call center solution and other tools hosted and set up on the cloud benefit African businesses to reduce expenses.

  • Setup cost:
    One of the major expenses call centers face is setting up the software and IT infrastructure. Cloud technology makes everything remote and hosted on the internet, which saves a lot of money for these businesses. For example, a call center does not need to buy a physical office in Africa to set up servers, IT infrastructure, etc. This is a huge saving on an ongoing basis along with capital cost savings. 
  • Operational cost:
    As software and IT infrastructure is hosted on the cloud, the role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa becomes more evident in terms of saving money. One does not need to put staff to manage IT tools and software or servers. There will be less wear and tear of hardware or wires otherwise used in a physical, on-premise setup. The ongoing cost saving of the software is significant. 
  • Pay as you go:
    Popular cloud computing platforms offer pay-as-you-go models. This helps in saving a lot of money because the
    African contact center industry needs to pay only for the usage of the software even if they have opted for a higher plan. This is a considerable saving.
  • Maintenance and Support:
    As the cloud based system does not need an on-premise team to manage hardware, upgrade, server health, etc., the cost of maintenance and support would be quite low. In many cases, cloud technology platforms cover basic maintenance and support, which reduces the cost of maintenance and support for the contact center industry of Africa.
  • Uptime SLA:
    The cloud team will ensure high uptime service level agreements for businesses operating in the contact center industry in African countries. A majority of systems provide 99.95% of uptime and this can help businesses to continue their operations and keep receiving constant revenue and save costs on downtime and related consequences. This defines the important role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa.


In conclusion, the role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa is pivotal. It drives the growth of contact centers in African countries.

To get started in this direction, contact centers need the best cloud based call center solution. We incorporate superior quality cloud technology in our cloud call center software, DialShree. To know more about this software and to move ahead in this discussion, Get In Touch With Us NOW!


How ChatGPT is Revolutionizing the Contact Center Industry?

ChatGPT in Call Center Industry

ChatGPT has captured all headlines because of the amazing use cases of this chatbot, which is developed by OpenAI. It is one of those amazing chatbots that excel in self learning. In fact, it is the most effective in generating human-like content and self learn to provide better output every time. All different industry verticals are exploring ways to bring it on board to multiply advantages and the contact center industry definitely cannot be set behind.

The potential of using the stated chatbot in all industry verticals is huge and in the contact centers, it is making an immense impact. From improving customer satisfaction to enhancing different operations, reducing agent attrition rate, and much more it can do to improve overall performance and ROI of contact centers.

The impact of using ChatGPT in the contact center industry is so huge that industry leaders are considering that it will bring on a whole new revolution.

What is ChatGPT?

Back in November 2022, OpenAI launched a chatbot, which gained immense popularity because of its efficiency. It uses the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model. It provides quick access to information, automates several operations, and can even handle conversations with consumers.

This is how it paves its way as an effective chatbot in multiple industries, including, but not limited to, contact centers.

Provide enhanced support to improve customer service

One of the major areas in which chatbots are used in the contact center industry is enhancing customer satisfaction. In multiple ways, ChatGPT can improve customer service.

Customers are fine to deal with chatbots if they can handle their queries effectively. The major roadblocks that customers face while using a chatbot for customer support are listed below:

  • Chatbot cannot provide the required assistance. The answers that a chatbot provides are often fairly limited.
  • Many times, chatbots fail to understand user queries and put the customer into an endless loop.
  • It provides quite mechanical responses.

All these are major turn offs for the customers and it reduces customer satisfaction.

However, the chatbot launched by OpenAI has brought a revolution in the contact center industry. It overcomes all major challenges faced by other chatbots and literally adds value to the objective to improve customer service.

The stated chatbot can provide human-like responses and process information really fast compared to other options available in the market. It can also provide the best assistance to customers to ensure they receive the required resolution. It also reduces call queues and long call hold times. This chatbot is faster than humans in processing customer concerns.

One of the major advantages of using it is that it can self learn from different instances, which makes it better and better in the job of improving customer satisfaction.

1. Improve agent productivity

The first way of boosting the productivity of agents in contact centers is by automating answering repetitive questions. As per the survey result, 40% of customer concerns are repetitive (Source). That means by implementing ChatGPT, more than 40% of customer queries can be resolved without the need for any agent. This directly results in performance improvement of agents.

Along with eliminating the need of answering frequently asked questions, it can also help in different other areas to improve agent productivity. For example, after call work (ACW) is one of the core jobs of agents. According to this process, once a call is completed, agents need to summarize the call and write a disposition message as one of the jobs required in ACW. This helps another agent if a customer calls again by giving the required information from the last call. This helps in enhancing customer satisfaction as well because agents can provide more personalized responses instead of asking customers to reiterate the same issue again. As this process is important, agents in all contact centers have to follow this practice of adding disposition messages.

The traditional approach of adding disposition messages actually is a time consuming process and demands almost a minute of each agent, which is huge when considered collectively. This further negatively affects other KPIs like the average time to handle calls, the average time to first response, etc. Due to the pressure of keeping KPI values positive, agents often try to work hurriedly and leave vague or incomplete disposition messages. This negatively affects the whole essence of leaving this summarized message for other agents to effectively handle the call.

The chatbot of OpenAI resolves this issue because it is quite fast in processing information and summarizing human interaction. It can provide a precise and concise summary of each call without human intervention. This is possible with an automated AI transcription process and then processing information into a summary. This makes the whole process effective without wasting the time of agents. This helps in improving agent productivity because now agents can work on handling more calls and also more effectively.

2. Empower decision makers by helping them in process of better decision making

ChatGPT is not only accurate in handling customer queries, but it can also affect several other aspects of the contact center industry. One of them is providing insight into various KPIs by using AI transcription of calls and extracting valuable insight from these conversations. This chatbot can blend speech analytics and call coverage to reduce the traditional time of diagnosing an issue by up to 400% (Source).

This chatbot presents information in a simplified manner to make it easier for decision makers to identify major areas of improvement to work on. It also provides information that helps in identifying revenue generation opportunities or areas that can help to improve customer service to enhance returns.

3. Better relationship building with customers and investors

Several contact centers rely on investors and it is necessary for them to keep relationships in a positive direction with them. Along with investors, for a contact center, handling position relationships with clients is also crucial. Here comes the OpenAI chatbot at the rescue of the business.

It can help in reducing the time to answer common questions of customers and investors in the minimum time possible. Moreover, it helps in reducing the time it takes to answer the questions whether it is answered by an agent or chatbot. It also provides the options to improve the whole process by presenting insightful data in a simplified manner.
All this can be used to define the best ways to build a strong and delightful relationship with customers and investors.


Technology has been empowering the contact center industry for many years by bringing revolutionary transformations in processes. ChatGPT is one of the most amazing technology revolutions that have shaken the world of this industry in a positive manner. It will not only improve processes with automation by replacing humane intervention, but it also helps human agents to perform better and decision makers to make better and consolidated decisions. That means it has several advantages to offer to consolidate this whole industry.

We can help contact centers by leveraging the real power of this powerful chatbot and employing several other technology advancements. We have several ready to use products that have been gaining popularity among global customers such as DialShree: omnichannel contact center solution. It is an ideal software for this industry. Moreover, it is compatible with emerging AI solutions that are bringing revolutions for businesses. To know more and discuss your requirements, get in touch with us.


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