What Is STIR /SHAKEN? Why Should You Care?

STIR SHAKEN- All You Need to Know

The VoIP world is amazing. Some really useful VoIP solutions make the VoIP part of our routine life, such as a call center solution, IP PBX system, conferencing solution, app to app calling software, etc. From end-users to B2B companies, everyone uses one or more types of VoIP solutions as they can meet all sorts of needs. In fact, some businesses and even industries are completely dependent on VoIP solutions such as a call center industry is dependent on a call center solution. (more…)


How to Improve Call Center Security?

Improve Call Center Security

Call centers usually handle a huge volume of data and manage confidential information such as customer contact details, their buying habits, etc. Therefore, security becomes a concern. There are multiple things any call center can do to ensure high security of the call center software.

We will share some of the top tips to help you secure your call center:

Invest in the right call center software (more…)


Top VICIDial Services We Offer with Years of Experiences

Top VICIDial Services by Elision

We, Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, have been catering to call centers for more than 13 years with different solutions and services. We have some proprietary solutions to offer such as DialShree: Omnichannel Call Center Software and we also offer services in different open source solutions. VICIDial is one of the open source solutions, we have expertise in.

For many years, we have been offering different services to VICIDial users. (more…)


Elision Is Going to Participate in BPO Tech Summit 2020

Elision Is Going to Participate in BPO Tech Summit 2020

We are glad to announce that our representatives will participate in the upcoming BPO Tech Summit 2020.

Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd has been catering to the BPO industry with its best in the industry call center software, called, DialShree. The company has been in the industry for almost 12 years now. To benefit participants of BPO Tech Summit 2020 with rich knowledge and experience in the BPO industry, Me. Mehul Shah, CEO and MD of Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd will participate in this event with other representatives of the company. (more…)


Key Benefits of vTiger CRM Solution for Businesses

Automation in business processes has brought radical changes. It increases efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. The CRM solutions are one of those technological inventions that help businesses in introducing automation in process and leverage a range of business benefits.

vTiger CRM solution is one of the most widely used and appreciated CRM aka Customer Relationship Management Solution. It can be used by any scaled business from SMB to MNC. It is an open source CRM solution with a highly customized nature. The vTiger Experts can develop custom modules to add additional functionalities in this CRM solution. Furthermore, they can perform customization to make it fit with your business specifics.

The vTiger is an enterprise CRM solution with a modular architecture, which is easy to customize by the vTiger experts to meet your custom requirements. Let’s explore the top 5 key benefits of the vTiger solution:

Open Source Architecture

vTiger is an open source CRM system. This fact bestows many benefits as with any other open source solution. You can tweak the code and also have ownership of it. (more…)


VICIDial Add-ons Make It a Futuristic Solution

VICIDial Add-ons Make It a Futuristic Solution

VICIDial is a leading call center solution. It is available as an open source system. This system has been helping startup call centers to overcome initial challenges by providing a complete call center solution needed to run basic call center campaigns for free. The VICIDial system has all features to take care of the campaigns in startup days of any call center. However, it cannot stand against the advanced call center software available in the market. It doesn’t have all features to get a competitive edge and this can work against the business in some cases. (more…)


VICIDial vTiger Integration Benefits for Call Centers and Enterprises

VICIDIal vTiger Benefits

Both, VICIDial and vTiger are well known open source solutions. It is largely in use by small to big scale enterprises. VICIDial is a very popular contact center solution that can provide a robust platform to run a small to large scaled customer care center. On the other hand, vTiger is a powerful customer relationship management solution that can make lead management simpler and accurate. The VICIDial vTiger integration bestows a prevailing tool to a call center, customer care center and a sales department of any enterprise. Let’s unveil the top 3 benefits of vTiger and VICIDial integration:

Fetch and manage all customer data stored in vTiger within VICIdial to SAVE TIME (more…)


3 Must Use VICIDial Services from Experts

VICIDial Customization from expert

The call center industry is immensely huge. There are hundreds of call centers, which keep businesses in many industries running with its customer care and lead generation services. To keep the things going, one need call center solution and often it is seen that people opt for an open source solution to keep costs under control. VICIDial is one of the most popular open source call center software. There are many call centers all across the world that use the VICIDial solution and why not? It is indeed a powerful call center solution. However, often businesses use only a fraction of the VICIDial solution because of limited knowledge or limited features of this open source call center solution. Thus, I recommend following 3 services related to the VICIDial: call center software from the industry experts:

VICIDial Setup

Yes, VICIDial setup is a straightforward process: Install the software and run it; make some configurations. (more…)


Open Source Services to Empower Businesses

open source consultancy

There is a wide range of open source technologies in the market. It can be used for various purposes. For example, the web open source technologies such as PHP, Joomla, WordPress, etc. can be used to develop simple to complex web application and/ or website, which can be a simple Blog site or a huge eCommerce website with different payment gateways and multiple other features. The open source technologies for the telecommunication are Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, WebRTC, Kamailio, OpenSIPS, etc., which can be used to develop different telecommunication related solutions like PBX, conferencing software, etc. The Android is a huge platform of the mobile application, which is an open source.

It is possible that you are in the different business industry than an open source technology. (more…)


How To Open A Call Center Startup? A Step-wise Guide

Call center business has always been in demand. These days it is evolving at a rapid rate because companies need professional customer care executives to take care of their customers and their concerns. For businesses, more convenient option is to outsource customer care and support tasks to a call center than opening a complete call center, recruiting and managing agents, buying software like call center software, CRM solution, etc. This has opened doors of opportunities for many aspiring business owners. Yes, you can be the next successful business owner. You can start a business by opening a call center. You can get local and international contracts of customer care.

Thinking about the budget? Guidance? And other similar questions?

Worry not! We, Elisiontec, have helped many companies to start a call center department or business. We can help you with our more than a decade long industry experience. (more…)


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