Call Center WhatsApp Integration for Collection Agencies

Call Center WhatsApp Integration for Collection Agencies

Collection agencies often look for strategies to improve their productivity and other important metrics. Technology can help collection agencies similar to many other industries. We, Elision, have developed a collection module with a payment utility. It helps in reducing a lot of manual work, which helps collection agencies to reduce their workload and focus completely on complex cases.

You can know more about the collection module developed for collection companies, here. (more…)


Elision Launched Smart Grievance Management System for Smart Cities

Elision Launched Smart Grievance Management System for Smart Cities

We, Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, have been offering smart city solutions. Some of the well-known smart cities in India use our smart city solutions like GMDA (Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority), Agra smart city, etc. Along with these smart cities, many businesses and enterprises also use our one or more smart city solutions. We are launching a comprehensive grievance management solution for smart cities, which can also be used by any company or organization. (more…)


Blacklist in Call Centers: Is It Really Helpful?

Blacklist in Call Centers Is It Really Helpful

A call center solution comes with a wide array of features. Some features get used more frequently and some of them are used rarely. In fact, it has some features, which stay untouched, even if they can do magic for the business using it. In this article, I am going to share more details about one of the rarely used features, which is equally important. It is “Blacklisting”. (more…)


Tips to Improve Call Center Efficiency

Tips to Improve Call Center Efficiency

Call centers invest in the best call center solution, CRM software, skilled agents, experienced managers, etc. To make sure the investment in the team, software, tools, etc. gives the expected returns, the call centers need to take further actions as well. One of the areas, call centers must work is call center efficiency. Call centers need to invest time and efforts to improve efficiency because improved efficiency can boost other results as well.

In this blog, we will share some tips, which will help call centers to improve efficiency: (more…)


DialShree Advancements 2020: Made It More Prevailing

DialShree Advancements 2020 Made It More Prevailing

DialShree has been one of the leading call center solutions. For more than 13 years, we have been catering to our global customers with this advanced and feature-rich call center solution. Since its launch, this software has been one of the most advanced and most appreciated solutions. To stay ahead of time, we have been innovating and adding an amazing range of features. The year 2020 was hard, but it could not stop us from adding more advanced and empowering features. (more…)


Major Customer Communication Trends to Look For in 2021

Major Customer Communication Trends 2021

The year 2020 was hard on the majority of industries, but it benefited some industries as never before. For example, internet services, IP TVs, telecommunication services, etc. were rising this year. At the end of this year, we are summing up the last some months and how the whole landscape has inclined towards certain spheres.

Being unified communication solution providers, we have been engaged in research and innovation along with other primary activities. (more…)


We Have Launched Call Center Integrations Services

Call Center Custom Integrations Launched

We are glad to share that we have launched call center integration services. We will offer a suite of services related to custom integration for the call centers. These services are available for all call center solutions along with our renowned call center dialer solution, DialShree.

Our call center integration services include various custom integrations to make call center dialer an even more powerful and completely personalized solution. Our clients and prospective customers can choose to use one or more custom integrations as per their business needs. (more…)


How Call Center Solution Technology Transforms Collection Industry?

Call Center Solution Technology Transforms Collection Industry (1)

The collection of payment is often a troublesome and tedious process, but very much important. Therefore, many companies and organizations outsource this work to collection agencies. This business has become so big that a whole new industry has emerged, called, collection industry.

The collection agencies used to follow the process of physical visits at the debtors’ house or office and calling with traditional phone calls. (more…)


Major Tips for Effective Call Center Management by Industry Experts

Effective Call Center Management Tips

Call center management is a crucial part to run a call center or similar nature business. The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the dynamics, which demand fine-tuning of strategies. In this blog, we will share the top 4 tips to be more effective in the management of a call center and how to cope up with any situation now and in the future.

1. Move to the cloud

It is not only about a call center solution, it is also about your all infrastructure and IT tools. (more…)