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Top 4 Benefits of Using CRM Software in Call Centers


It is necessary to understand customers and for that call centers need better tools than just listening to customers during a live call. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is one of the must have tools in all call centers.

As we all know, the call center solution is used in all call centers still, the CRM system is not used that widely. This is wrong. There are many amazing benefits that are missed by these call centers which do not use the CRM system along with the call center software. In fact, the CRM system should be integrated in the call center solution with the call center CRM integration so it can be used seamlessly.

Let me share the top 4 benefits of using a CRM solution integrated into the call center solution in a call center. Please note I am going to share major pros of using a CRM solution in the call centers:

1. Increase the possibilities of FCR (First Contact Resolution)

The CRM software lets its users store complete detail of the customer, including, his or her contact details, order history, concerns, payment, etc. Thus, the agents will have access to all the details of the customers. With call center CRM integration, a call center can decide which fields should be shown to agents and which not. This way, agents will have access to all necessary and useful information of the customer to personalize his answers. This increases the ratio of FCR.

2. Excellent reliability of data

The CRM solution will always have all the data of the customer. Thus, if the customer had two issues, one with the quality team and one with the technical team, both will be mentioned in the customer relationship management solution. Furthermore, if the technical team has already resolved an issue, the QA team will have this information. This will make data reliable as all employees and agents will have their access and all will get to see the most accurate copy of records all the time. If you have a call center CRM integrated system, then all information will be available within the call center solution. The agent will not need to switch back and forth between two different systems.

3. Enhance performance

The CRM solution helps in boosting and enhancing performance in the call centers if it is used strategically. It will always have accurate information shared among all agents and employees. This will allow employees to act faster and at the same time, it will allow agents to respond promptly with clear answers. The call durations can be reduced and the first call resolution ratio can be increased. This will further boost the morale of the team and performance can be enhanced even more.

4. Reduced expenses

The increased efficiency and enhanced performance will help call centers in saving time and resources. Also, the increased chances of FCR save further resources and reduce clients’ frustration. Thus, further expenses on lead nurturing could be reduced.

We offer call center solution, CRM software, and call center CRM integration. Contact us for more details.


Call Center CRM Features and Their Benefits

Call Center CRM Features and Their Benefits

Many call centers using a call center solution often ignore the importance of using a CRM solution along with this software. A CRM system can give a broader view of customers and prospects to the call center agents, so they can manage the calls better. Not only this, an integrated solution made available with the call center CRM integration has many amazing features to offer. Each of these features is capable to provide several advantages to the call centers using this software.

Let’s explore some of the major features made available with call center CRM integration and their major benefits. (more…)


Benefits of Custom Call Center Integration

Custom Call Center Integration Benefits

A call center solution comes with a wide array of features. This solution with its basic and advanced features is good enough to handle multiple operations and tasks. It can help in increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. It can also be used to assure better resource utilization and maximum productivity.

However, often call centers using a call center solution using more than one solution. Moreover, there are some more custom call center integrations a call center may need for one or more reasons. Some of the common call center integrations required by the call centers are listed below:

  • Call center CRM integration
  • Call center communication channel integration (WhatsApp, SMS, Video, Email, Live Chat, Social Media, Fax, etc.)
  • Call center IP PBX integration
  • Call center 3rd party API integration

There are many benefits of investing in the custom call center integrations such as:

Save time and increase productivity

The custom call center integrations benefits call centers in saving time and increasing productivity. Let me share how.

  • Believe it or not, but nowadays, only voice calls are not enough to deliver the best customer support and services. Therefore, call centers need to use at least some of the preferred modes of communication of their customers. If these additional communication channels are not integrated into the call center solution, then agents need to handle multiple applications along with the call center solution. This would not only waste a lot of time, but also make quality monitoring difficult.
  • However, call center WhatsApp integration or any other communication channel integration into the call center solution assures all communication channels can be accessed within the call center solution. This will save time as agents will not need to move back and forth. It will save time and increase productivity. This will also help in assuring the quality of service.
  • Adding other solutions into the call center software also save time otherwise spent in data entry or switching back and forth.

Improve customer satisfaction and retention

When your agents don’t take too long to respond to customers and deliver the quality of services, the customers will be delighted. When customers will be catered to via their preferred mode of communication, customer satisfaction will be improved. Also, when customers will receive personalized responses from agents, they will feel valued. All these will help in increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Better record management

When other communication channels and call center solutions will be integrated into the call center solution, record management would be easier. The change of record in one system will automatically update the record in another system. This will assure that all the time, all systems have the most accurate information and records.

These are the top 3 benefits of using custom call center integrations. There are several advantages of using an integrated system. We offer a call center solution as well as custom call center integrations. If you are interested in any of the services or solutions, contact us.


Top Reasons You Must Integrate Your CRM into Call Center Solution

Top Reasons You Must Integrate Your CRM into Call Center Solution

The call center industry one of the industries, which proactively stays connected with customers. The call centers majorly focus on delivering excellent customer services or amplifying sales or collection. In any way, the call center needs to have skilled agents, so they can communicate correctly with the agents. Also, the call centers need to have the right tools, so the tasks of connecting with the customers and having an effective conversation can be simplified.

The call center solution is one of the tools, which all call centers use. Of course, the call center solution is an excellent tool to carry out a majority of operations of call centers, but the call centers also need to use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. It helps in managing more information about the customers, so more personalized and to-the-point conversation can be carried out.

The CRM software needs to be integrated into the call center solution with call center CRM integration. The call center CRM integration lets agents use features of the CRM system without leaving the screen of the call center solution. There are many reasons to integrate the CRM system into the call center solution.

Let us share the top reasons why call centers must get call center CRM integration:

For effective management of customer data

As mentioned earlier, the CRM system can be used to save customer data. It will help in managing more details about the customers. The call center solution will also save some information about the customer. If call centers don’t get a CRM integrated call center solution, then agents need to manage the same information in two different systems, which increases the complexities.

It is possible that the call center solution has different information than the CRM record in some instances. This can make work quite complex. On the other hand, the call center CRM integration makes sure that the data can be pushed from one system to another. Also, any changes in any of the systems will automatically reflect in another system. The call center CRM integration assures excellent management of customer data.

To improve customer delight

When agents will have all information about the customers in front of them, they can deliver a better customer experience. They can personalize the responses and provide more specific answers. Moreover, the agents will have all the information about the customers on their call center solution screen. This will improve customer delight.

To save time

The agents can save a lot of time by using an integrated solution made available after call center CRM integration. They do not need to make the same entries in both systems. Also, they do not need to switch from a call center solution to CRM software and vice versa. All these help in saving a lot of time of agents, which can be used in other productive tasks.

If you are still confused about whether to invest in call center CRM integration or not then contact us for more details and discussion.


How to Reduce Call Hold Time in Call Center?

Tips to Reduce Call Hold Time in Call Center

Customers wait for enough in the call queue, putting them on a long hold is quite irritating according to customers. Of course, customer care agents need to put customers on hold while their requests are in process or while agents look for the required information.

However, long call hold times fuel up the frustration. Even if you have the best music on hold, it won’t help to keep customers happy with the long hold time. Even if it is necessary for customers to stay on hold to get a resolution to the concern, you are losing customer loyalty with the long call hold time.

It is necessary to reduce call hold time, so you can delight customers and increase the retention rate and loyalty. In this blog, we will share the top tips that will help you reduce overall call hold time.

1. Use dynamic and multilevel IVRS

Nowadays, call center solutions come up with amazing features and one of them is dynamic and multilevel IVRS. If an IVRS of a call center solution has advanced features, then it will be able to complete jobs related to customer concerns. The advanced IVRS also allows making payments for the bills, checking application status, etc. In this case, customers can follow the IVR prompts and get the answers to their queries. They neither need to wait in the call queue to get connected to the agent nor need to wait by staying on hold while agents are looking for the information. This can help in reducing call hold time.

2. Select the right call routing rule

Even after interacting with the IVRS, customers cannot find the required answer to their query, then they have to choose to talk to the agent. A call center solution offers multiple call routing rules. It is necessary to select the right call routing rule to connect customers with the right agents. If agents have the required skills or already know the customer case, then it will be easier for them to handle the customer call without keeping the customer on hold for long. This will reduce the call hold time.

3. Call center CRM integration

A call center solution comes up with some fields to store customer information. However, more information related to customers would be stored in the CRM system. To find the required information, the agent will need to look for the information in the CRM system or any other tool.

The agent will put the customer on hold while fetching the information. This will increase call hold time. If you invest in call center CRM integration, your agents can see all information stored in the CRM system within call center software. This will reduce the time to switch from one system to another and look for the information. Therefore, call center CRM integration is recommended.

These are the top 3 tips that you must follow to reduce call hold time. Other than this, you should also have skilled agents and the best call center software. If you are looking for a reliable and feature-rich call center solution, contact us.


What to Include in Training Call Center Agents?

Tips for Call Center Agents Training

In any call center, agents are the only people who communicate with customers. They are the face of the company and brand representative. Thus, they have to be well versed and well trained. All call centers have their own training programs. With time, call centers must update their training programs. In this blog, we will share what a call center must include in agents’ training.

1. Company information

The first thing agents need to learn in a call center is about the company. Many call centers don’t give importance to including company information on training, but it is very important. It will not only make agents more confident, but will also help them carry the value of the company. In this segment of training, call centers must include:

  • History of the company
  • Vision, mission, and values of the company
  • Major goals of the company

2. Technical training

Many agents, if they are experienced, are used to with a call center solution. However, different call center solutions may have different flow and GUI. Thus, technical training is necessary. If agents are interns or fresher, technical training becomes mandatory. In the technical training, call centers need to train agents to effectively use the following software:

  • Call center solution
  • CRM software
  • Database
  • Knowledgebase
  • And any other software used in the call center

3. Script usage training

Scripts will be given to all agents and call scripts are often precise, perfect, and clear. Still, sometimes, the message does not get conveyed to the customers. Therefore, it is necessary for call centers to have a segment of training that covers script usage. It may surprise you, but it is true and necessary. For example, if an agent usually speaks slowly or has bad accents, then the customer will not listen to the agent. Therefore, agents need the training to use a call script correctly. In this training, call centers must train agents to use:

  • Right tone so customer takes interest in listening
  • Natural dialogues so the speech does not sound robotic
  • Correct way of initiating a call with the right greetings
  • The right way to conclude the call

4. Etiquettes, soft skills, and more

The last segment of training includes other points such as etiquettes, soft skills, empathy, etc. All these are common human traits. However, not all humans have these traits, thus, agents need to be trained to behave as professionals who empathize with the concerns of customers and are skilled enough to give the resolutions. This segment of training is related to delivering an excellent customer experience on the call. Thus, it includes many important things such as:

  • Patience when customers are furious or impatient
  • Way of transferring calls
  • Keeping customers engaged
  • Not putting the call on hold for too long
  • Professionally taking supervisor on the line if conferencing is needed
  • And more

All these must be part of your call center training. If you are looking for a call center solution, contact us.


How Call Center Solution Technology Transforms Collection Industry?

Call Center Solution Technology Transforms Collection Industry (1)

The collection of payment is often a troublesome and tedious process, but very much important. Therefore, many companies and organizations outsource this work to collection agencies. This business has become so big that a whole new industry has emerged, called, collection industry.

The collection agencies used to follow the process of physical visits at the debtors’ house or office and calling with traditional phone calls. As this industry started growing technology also started growing to support the work of the collection industry with minimum resources and efforts.

The call center solution has been in use by collection agencies for many years. To empower collection agencies, even more, technology companies have started bringing remarkable transformations. Let’s discuss the top 3 transformations, which help in payment and debt collection to collection agencies.

1. Collection module

This definitely is an exclusive offering of Elision. It is a module, which can be integrated into the call center software with our call center collection integration services. This module has a wide array of features, specifically developed to meet the needs of collection agencies. Some of the key features are listed below:

  • Bucket creation
  • Automated lead filtering based on predefined criteria
  • Customized dispositions to match disposition messages of the call centers
  • And many more

This module has all been never seen before features. To know more about it, visit our call center collection integration webpage.

2. Unified communication

A collection agency can use all different communication channels such as:

  • Phone calls
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Video chat
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Fax
  • And more

An omnichannel call center solution can help collection agencies to handle communication using different channels. For example, for the first or advanced reminder, collection agencies can use WhatsApp blasting or SMS broadcasting, or any similar feature.

3. CRM and other software integration

Collection agencies use different solutions to run the payment and debt collection campaigns. For example, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is one of the most important software used in the collection industry. Agents need to refer to the record and history of the debtor to have a personalized conversation. If agents switch back and forth between call center solution and CRM software, it would waste time and possibly lead to some fumbles.

Call center CRM integration service integrates both of these solutions in a way that agents can use them with a lot of ease. The agents of collection companies can see complete customer records within the call center dialer during a live call. Any changes made in the record from the call center software during a live call get automatically updated in the CRM software and vice versa. We can integrate multiple CRM solutions as well as other software APIs into the call center software. This integration will provide a holistic solution to its users.

Collection agencies have a much more powerful call center solution and technological advancements to get benefited. We have been empowering the collection industry with our solution. Contact us to discuss your requirements or just to know how we can help you.


Major Advantages of Unified Communication in Businesses

Major Benefits of Unified Communication

Communication is an important part of any business. To meet the demand of customers and gain other competitive advantages, unified communication has been crucial nowadays. In this blog, we will cover what unified communication is and how it is beneficial to businesses.

What is unified communication?

Unified communication is a union of all communication channels such as voice and video, chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc. A system or software, which lets you use and control all communication channels within a single system, is called a unified communication solution.

For example, a call center solution offering all communication channels is a unified communication solution. This software is also known as an omnichannel call center solution.

What are the benefits of unified communication to businesses?

Many people use unified communication in personal life, but in this blog, we are covering the benefits of unified communication for businesses.

1. Empower teams

All team members need to communicate with each other and many of them need to communicate with customers, vendors, partners, etc. Therefore, for better communication and collaboration, they need reliable tools. For example, with our call center solution, we also offer a call center dialer mobile app, so if an agent does not have access to a computer, he still can take customer calls.

Moreover, with WhatsApp communication, he can communicate with other team members. It means a unified communication system fills the communication and collaboration needs of team members.

2. Satisfy customers

Customers, including existing customers, prospective customers, and ex-customers, want a quick response from the team. Whether there is an inquiry or a support concern, customers should get connected to the customers at the earliest possible. Adopting a unified communication system can help businesses further to add easy and convenient communication at the fingertips of customers. This can help in increasing the satisfaction of customers.

3. Save money

Saving money means increasing ROI (Returns over Investment) for any business. By getting a call center solution or any other software, which supports unified communication, can help save money in multiple ways. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Even if a business does not invest in buying a unified communication solution, the need of it cannot be ignored. In this case, the business needs to invest in multiple solutions to fill the gaps. This would first increase the number of tools, which further increase the cost of the tools and other maintenance expenses.
  • Team members need to juggle among multiple tools, which would waste time. In the business world, we all know, time is money. This is how it further increases the cost.
  • As team members use independent tolls, there would be no way to judge productivity. This could further result in reduced productivity.

In a nutshell, the need for unified communication cannot be ignored completely. On the other hand, using independent tools increases the cost.


Any business must get a unified communication system to leverage all benefits bestowed by it. We offer multiple unified communication solutions. Contact us to know more about it.


Call Center CRM Integration Benefits Smart Cities

Call Center CRM Integration Benefits to Smart Cities

Various cities in India and all across the globe are transforming the infrastructure to become one of the smart cities in the world. For this, the smart cities are adopting the futuristic tools. The call center solution is one of the tools adopted by a majority of smart cities for grievance resolution.

Anyone can contact for help or any issue they are facing on the given helpline, which is handled by a call center solution. The call center software not only makes call handling better, but it also helps in keeping logs and reports, which can be used to improve processes and call handling.

The leading VoIP companies, which furnish the smart cities with smart city solutions like call center solution, recommend smart cities to invest in call center CRM integration services.

Integrating any feature-rich CRM solution with the call center software can provide multiple benefits. Let’s explore some of them.

As mentioned earlier, the call center solutions are used to listen to the issues, concerns, problems, confusion, and other grievances of the people of the city or tourists or anyone who wants to give feedback to the authority or a specific department of the smart city.

Read the complete case study of GMDA smart city using call center solution of Elision to improve grievance handling, here:

Call center CRM integration integrates the call center solution of a smart city with a CRM system. The CRM solution will definitely have more fields to store information about the caller and citizens compared to the fields available in the call center software. This is how the smart city can store more information about the caller and customers.

The call center CRM integration solution will show a popup to the executive who attends the call. This popup will be a CRM popup and it will show information about the caller if it is already stored in the system. This information can help the executive to resolve concerns quickly if it is the same concern.

Moreover, the executive can personalize the conversation using the information shown to him in the CRM popup regardless of the fact that the caller has come up with the same issue he faced last time or any other concern. This will help the caller feel valued and it can improve the trust and relationship of the citizens, tourists, and anyone who is calling to the system to connect with authority.

If the caller is calling for the first time or any information related to the caller is not stored in the system, then the executive can ask and fill the information for future reference. It means in the future whenever the same caller calls, the executive will have the information about him to deliver better and more personalized responses.

The call center CRM integration offers many other benefits as well.

We offer call center CRM integration as well as smart city solutions to all cities in the world. These smart city solutions and call center CRM integration services can also be used by the businesses. Contact us for more details.


How an Integrated Call Center Solution Provides a Powerful Tool?

Integrated Call Center Solution A Powerful Tool

Call center solution is used by companies or call centers to cater to customers. It helps in increasing revenues by retaining customers and attracting new business. Call center solutions usually come with some amazing features. However, competition and customer demands are increasing like anything. Thus, call centers need an integrated call center solution.

What is an integrated call center solution?

When one or more solutions or APIs are integrated into the call center solution, it is called an integrated solution.

Read this article to know more about the Importance of Integrations in a Call Center Solution

Now, let’s unveil how an integrated call center solution provides a powerful tool to call centers and how it benefits them:

1. Improve customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is vital to retain customers and maintain a positive brand of the business. Call center solution offers different features to handle customer concerns. However, traditional features might not provide enough functional capabilities. Thus, an integrated call center solution is needed.

A call center solution with integrated CRM solution lets agents provides personalized responses to the customers. This helps in increasing customer satisfaction by letting customers feel valued.

A call center solution can also have integrated communication channels such as:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • And other communication channels

This integrated call center solution can support unified communication. It further satisfies customers by providing their preferred communication channels.

2. Empower internal collaboration

To provide a better experience to the customers, each call center also needs to empower internal communication and collaboration. A call center solution traditionally does not offer a way to communicate internally until and unless there is a feature of extension calling. Using third party communication channels can increase maintenance costs. Even if it is free, it may waste the time of agents as they need to switch back and forth between two different solutions. Thus, an integrated call center solution becomes vital.

Live chat widget can be integrated into the call center solution. It lets call centers use internal chat and external chat features. It means agents can communicate with customers via live chat. Moreover, team members can communicate with each other via this chat widget and that also without leaving call center software.

3. Increase productivity

The performance and productivity of agents are very much important in any call center. In fact, call center software is used to increase the productivity of the agents. Traditional features of call center solutions are limited and thus, it can let agents increase productivity to a certain level.

Thus, using an integrated solution becomes necessary. Various advanced features and functionalities help call centers to boost the productivity of agents. For example, call center WhatsApp integration adds WhatsApp as one more channel of communication. An agent can communicate with multiple contacts in parallel. This helps in boosting productivity.

These are three major ways an integrated call center solution empowers call centers by providing a powerful tool. There are many more benefits of using an integrated solution.

We offer DialShree: Contact Center Software loaded with all features. Moreover, it supports all the required features. Contact us to know more.


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