Important Integrations for a Call Center Solution

Important Integrations in a Call Center Solution

In the call centers, customer satisfaction has become the main focus point. To deliver a better customer experience, call centers invest in multiple things. From round clock support services to the best call center solutions, everything gets employed to increase customer satisfaction in the call centers.

A call center solution is a useful tool to increase customer satisfaction. Usually, this software has many useful features as well as it has many advanced add-ons to increase the functional capacity. To increase customer satisfaction, one needs to increase the functional capability of a call center software solution. (more…)


When Is the Right Time to Invest in Call Center CRM Integration?

Right Time to Invest in Call Center CRM Integration

Call center CRM integration is not new in the industry. There are many call centers and businesses in the world, which are leveraging multiple benefits by using an integrated solution of a call center solution and a CRM software solution. Ideally, all call centers and businesses should use this integrated solution. However, not all can gain maximum advantages from the integrated solution. Of course, as soon as your agents start using an integrated solution of a call center solution and a CRM system, you will start receiving benefits. (more…)


Top Reasons to Integrate VICIDial into Salesforce in Business

VICIDial Salesforce Integration Importance

Call center solution is an amazing tool to provide excellent customer support and also to run lead generation and sales campaigns more effectively with fewer resources as well as at affordable rates. While CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is used to have complete documentation of customer information, his interaction with the company, his billing habits, and much more important information that helps to know a customer better. To run sales and customer care operations smoothly, you should use both of these software solutions in your business. (more…)


Use Cases of Call Center CRM Integration during the Pandemic


It’s been a while, but there is still no effective cure or vaccine available to deal with the world novel Coronavirus. Still, millions of people are sick because of this disease, and thousands have lost their lives. Even if the COVID 19 is not really under control in a majority of countries, the governments have started lifting the lockdowns. There are some safety measures advised to stay safe. However, the best safety measure is to avoid going out as much as possible.

There are multiple digital tools, which can be used during this pandemic to work from home and still effectively. Today, we will talk about one of as such tool which is a CRM integrated call center solution. (more…)


How to Identify Customer Pain Points in Call Center?

Identify Customer Pain Points in Call Center

The major responsibility each call center needs to handle is satisfying customers. In this era of having too many competitors, a pool of information, and rapidly changing demands, it is not easy to delight a customer. The call centers need to walk a long way for that.

Along with acquiring a talented team and feature-rich call center solution, the call center also needs to take many important steps. One of them is identifying major pain points of customers. Knowing their problems aka pain points help in taking effective steps to remove or reduce the pain points and improve customer satisfaction. (more…)


Call Center CRM Integration for Better Customer Service during Lockdown

Call Center CRM Integration for Better Customer Service during Lockdown

Call center CRM integration is a collective solution that gives single sign on facility to the users. This single sign on offers accesses to the major features of the call center solution as well as CRM software within a single window. There are many businesses that use any of the systems or both of them. The call center CRM integration helps them leverage multiple benefits.

Right now, the situation is quite challenging due to COVID 19 pandemic. In countries like India, there are long lockdowns announced. This has enforced call centers in India and other similar countries with long lockdowns to shift their business operations remotely. (more…)


Top 3 Elision Solutions to Beat COVID 19 Lockdown

Top Elision Solutions to Beat COVID 19 Lockdown

COVID 19 cases are increasing all across the globe and to control it, many governments have announced lockdowns in different countries. During the lockdown, many businesses are taking advantage of digitization by enforcing the “Work from Home” model.

The “Work from Home” aka “Remote Work” model is not something professionals practice every day. Thus, it is creating some hurdles. These hurdles are reducing productivity. One of the major challenges faced by companies is the lack of communication or increasing expenses of communication.

We offer the best unified communication solutions which make business communication and collaboration faster and that also at affordable rates. (more…)


Call Center Salesforce Integration and Its Benefits

Call Center Salesforce Integration and Its Benefits

Call center solution is now a household solution. Almost all companies use this tool in their business. Whether to run customer care operations or to run lead generation operations, small to medium scaled businesses use call center solution these days.

Salesforce is a leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. It not only provides full fledged CRM software, but it also offers a complete enterprise solution to take care of customer relationship related operations.

What is call center Salesforce integration?

Call center Salesforce integration is one type of call center CRM integration. (more…)


Call Center CRM Integration Benefits for Insurance Agency

Call Center CRM Integration Benefits to Insurance Agency

Insurance agencies can use different solutions to grow their business. Call center solution and CRM software are some of the top solutions which are used in leveraging various benefits.

Call center solution is a leading tool that can be used by insurance agencies to call prospects and customers as well as to handle incoming calls of the customer. On the other hand, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution can be used to store information about customers.

The call center CRM integration is a process of integrating a call center solution with the CRM system. This integration provides a combined solution to the insurance company. (more…)


Top 5 Ways to Reduce Call Center Cost

Top Ways to Reduce Call Center Cost

Reducing cost is one of the major factors used by the call centers to measure their success. Reduced costs result in increased savings. Saved money can be used in other operations to push growth and development forward. In this article, we will talk about different ways to reduce call center costs that can effectively help you reduce expenses.

  1. Monitor activities of agents in real time

It is necessary to assure the best performance of agents and even more necessary part of the action in any call center is to make sure that all customers are treated well. At any cost, customers should not feel offended or ill-treated. (more…)