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Important Integrations for a Call Center Solution

Important Integrations in a Call Center Solution

In the call centers, customer satisfaction has become the main focus point. To deliver a better customer experience, call centers invest in multiple things. From round clock support services to the best call center solutions, everything gets employed to increase customer satisfaction in the call centers.

A call center solution is a useful tool to increase customer satisfaction. Usually, this software has many useful features as well as it has many advanced add-ons to increase the functional capacity. To increase customer satisfaction, one needs to increase the functional capability of a call center software solution. Along with different add-ons, one also needs to invest in the integration of different solutions and add-ons into the call center software.

In this blog, you will learn about the top 5 solutions or APIs you must get integrated into your call center solution:

1. CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is usually used in the call centers to store information of customers. All different interactions of the customers with the call center get tracked in this software. Call center CRM integration helps in empowering agents by making customer information available to them during the call. This helps in personalizing the conversation and increasing customer satisfaction.

2. WhatsApp

Call centers either run customer support campaigns or sales campaigns. In both types of campaigns, it is necessary to reach customers via their preferred communication channels. WhatsApp Messenger is very popular among worldwide people. Call center WhatsApp integration allows call centers to add one of the most preferred communication channels in the call center. It further increases customer satisfaction.

3. Social Media

Similar to WhatsApp, various social media platforms are also used by customers these days to reach out to a company. Often, these platforms are used to show anger related to concerns faced by the customers. For example, Facebook and Twitter are often used by customers to share their issues via direct messages or comments. The integration of these popular social media channels with the call center software helps in delivering better customer services on these platforms without leaving the call center software.

4. Traditional Communication Channels

As mentioned earlier, customers can be more pleased if you provide them support via their preferred communication channels. Along with modern communication channels, there are some people who prefer traditional communication channels such as:

  • SMS
  • Email

There are also some specific use cases of both of these channels. By integrating SMS API and email API into the call center solution, you can delight clients as well as save agents’ productive time.

5. Webphone

Generally, to attend calls, call centers use a Softphone. It is additional software, which has to be maintained additionally. Agents also need to take additional steps to attend calls in the call center solution. A Webphone is a WebRTC based phone that can be integrated within the call center software. Integrating into the call center software keep agents more productive to delight clients

We have expertise in integrating any API or software with the call center software. We already provide these integrations with our call center solution, DialShree. Contact us for more details.


When Is the Right Time to Invest in Call Center CRM Integration?

Right Time to Invest in Call Center CRM Integration

Call center CRM integration is not new in the industry. There are many call centers and businesses in the world, which are leveraging multiple benefits by using an integrated solution of a call center solution and a CRM software solution. Ideally, all call centers and businesses should use this integrated solution.

However, not all can gain maximum advantages from the integrated solution. Of course, as soon as your agents start using an integrated solution of a call center solution and a CRM system, you will start receiving benefits. Thus, there is no second opinion needed on the question of whether you should invest in call center CRM integration or not. You definitely must. The question is different, when is the right time to invest in call center CRM integration. Let’s reveal.

You can invest in call center CRM integration as soon as you are ready. Any time is the right time. However, there are some conditions, which if you meet, you can leverage more advantages from this integrated solution. Let’s check which these circumstances are:

1. When you have complete information about each customer

Many call centers keep storing customer information and they can indeed leverage many benefits from their investment in call center CRM integration. If you are running a call center and you do not have a habit of storing all customer details, you can run a survey to collect those, so you can get an integrated solution and make the maximum use of it in your favor.

Here, complete information does not mean only their personal details such as name, address, etc. It also means information related to their past concerns, past transaction, payment habits, etc.

2. When you focus on quality over quantity

Call center CRM integration is majorly used to provide more personalized responses to customers and prospects. Thus, if you are not going to focus on that, then it will only help in saving time from juggling between call center solution and CRM software.

To gain maximum benefits, call center needs to change the KPIs and shift the whole focus on goal conversions than focusing on how many leads were contacted or how short average call duration is.

For example, in a call center, which offers customer care services, one needs to change focus KPI from short average call duration to increase First Call Resolution (FCR) Ratio. When you and your call center are ready to adopt this change of mindset or when you can set this goal of quality over quantity, you can invest in call center CRM integration and leverage a plethora of benefits.

3. When you have trained staff to make the right use of tools

Your agents have to be trained to use this integrated solution. Even after call center CRM integration, if they keep using old methods of call handling, you will not be able to receive expected results. Thus, you must train your staff first.

If you are ready to receive benefits from this integrated solution, contact us.


Top Reasons to Integrate VICIDial into Salesforce in Business

VICIDial Salesforce Integration Importance

Call center solution is an amazing tool to provide excellent customer support and also to run lead generation and sales campaigns more effectively with fewer resources as well as at affordable rates. While CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is used to have complete documentation of customer information, his interaction with the company, his billing habits, and much more important information that helps to know a customer better. To run sales and customer care operations smoothly, you should use both of these software solutions in your business.

There are various call center solutions and CRM software available in the market. We will talk about the two most used solutions:

  1. VICIDial: Call Center Solution and
  2. Salesforce: CRM Software

Traditionally, they are two different solutions and you need to use each of them independently. Both systems may have the same data of the same customer. However, you need to make double entries and there are many other complexities that you need to face. Thus, it is necessary to perform call center CRM integration of VICIDial and Salesforce solutions, called VICIDial Salesforce integration.

Let me share the top reasons to invest in VICIDial Salesforce integration:

1. To have an entire system with both, call center solution and CRM software

As you know, call center software: VICIDial and CRM system: Salesforce, both are two different solutions. Thus, when your employees need to use these features, they need to work on two different systems. Sometimes, they need to use both of them in parallel as a customer is on the call and the company representative needs to give him the required information. This can create too much extra work, which also results in a response delay.

On the other hand, when you get VICIDial Salesforce integration, you can make sure to have a system that has features of both of these systems with the single sign-on. Now, your team members can use both systems and they do not need to go back and forth from one system to another.

2. To save the time of resources and increase productivity

Your executives are your resources and if they need to switch between two different systems, they are more likely to waste time unnecessarily. Moreover, they need to maintain the same data of customers in two different systems. This is a waste of time for users. Here comes, VICIDial Salesforce integration at your rescue.

This system makes sure that you can push data from one system to another and there is no need to do the rework. Also, changes in one system for a customer record automatically get updated in another, which saves time of your resources and increase productivity.

There are many benefits to using this integrated solution. Make sure to use an integration service from an expert. We offer call center CRM integration services for different call center solutions and CRM software. We offer the VICIDial Salesforce integration service that offers added features as well. To know more about this service, contact us.


Use Cases of Call Center CRM Integration during the Pandemic


It’s been a while, but there is still no effective cure or vaccine available to deal with the world novel Coronavirus. Still, millions of people are sick because of this disease, and thousands have lost their lives. Even if the COVID 19 is not really under control in a majority of countries, the governments have started lifting the lockdowns. There are some safety measures advised to stay safe. However, the best safety measure is to avoid going out as much as possible.

There are multiple digital tools, which can be used during this pandemic to work from home and still effectively. Today, we will talk about one of as such tool which is a CRM integrated call center solution. You will learn how you can use call center CRM integration based solutions during this pandemic to keep your business operational.

1. Run lead generation and sales campaigns

Pandemic or no pandemic, an increase in sales is the key to success and it is vital for any business. Thus, each business has to run campaigns to generate leads for new business and convert them into a paying customer. The solution made available with call center CRM integration can be really useful here.

Knowing the prospect’s details and personalizing sales pitch accordingly can help you grab the interest and attention of the prospect. This further helps in generating more sales. Moreover, based on the available information fetched from the CRM system during a live call, agents can also try to generate more sales with cross-selling and upselling.

2. Provide customer support

Providing great customer support is important in any condition, but the world novel Coronavirus pandemic has made it even more crucial. It is necessary to retain existing customers to receive repeat business and revenues. To do so, you need to provide excellent customer services.

Call center CRM integration can be very useful in this condition. Agents can view all information of the customer on the call that needs support to resolve his concerns. This information can be used to give more confident answers to the customers and to delight him with better services.

3. Get closer to your customers and prospects

Call centers can also run different campaigns to consolidate their relationship with customers. By sending a message using voice broadcasting feature or by running a survey with a survey feature available in the call center solution.

Running selfless campaigns to know about the wellbeing of customers can create a feeling of being valued and this helps in building a strong bond with the customer. The survey can also be executed to know more about customers’ likes and dislikes about your offering. The collected information can be used to enhance your offerings as well as add other products to increase sales.

Call center CRM integration offers a more advanced system to delight customers and convinces prospects. During the pandemic, it can be even more useful. We offer call center CRM integration for all different call center solutions and CRM systems. To know more, contact us.


How to Identify Customer Pain Points in Call Center?

Identify Customer Pain Points in Call Center

The major responsibility each call center needs to handle is satisfying customers. In this era of having too many competitors, a pool of information, and rapidly changing demands, it is not easy to delight a customer. The call centers need to walk a long way for that.

Along with acquiring a talented team and feature-rich call center solution, the call center also needs to take many important steps. One of them is identifying major pain points of customers. Knowing their problems aka pain points help in taking effective steps to remove or reduce the pain points and improve customer satisfaction.

In this article, I will share the top tips that will help you identify the customer pain points:

1. Know your customers and give personalized services

A call center caters to many customers. Each customer might not be the same. Thus, giving the same responses and using the same way of customer handling might not be effective. A more strategic and effective approach would be grouping customers based on various factors by knowing them.

By doing this, you can create different personalized call scripts to attend different types of customers. Moreover, you can also use different types of call routing rules as per the group of customers.

2. Use KPIs to identify the pain points

The call center solutions often provide different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which can be used to monitor various performance indicators. Usually, the reports section in the call center solution provides these KPIs and the required data. In this case, to identify customer pain points, you need to look for the following metrics:

  1. Call abandoned ratio
  2. Average call waiting time
  3. Average call hold time

All these three metrics are correlated and often display a clear fact that the number of agents is not sufficient to handle the call volume. Also, it indicates that agents need further training to cater to the customers.

3. Take extra steps to remove customer pain points

If you really care for your customers, you need to walk extra miles and it is worth it for sure. The call centers win with the volume of customers and that is why it is necessary to put extra effort into removing customer pain points. One of the common concerns of the customers is that the agents are not skilled enough to handle their issues and questions. In this case, training agents about the products to acquire better knowledge can be very helpful.

Moreover, the call centers can invest in call center CRM integration, so agents can know the customer issues and customer behavior with the complete record of him and that way cater to him better.

4. Ask customers what are their pain points

There is nothing wrong to ask customers about their experience with the services you provide and what more they expect from you. A call center solution offers a survey module, which can be used to run a survey and ask customers about their preferences and suggestion. Based on the survey, practical suggestions can be used to further enhance customer care services.

If you are looking for a call center solution that can help you remove these pain points, contact us.


Call Center CRM Integration for Better Customer Service during Lockdown

Call Center CRM Integration for Better Customer Service during Lockdown

Call center CRM integration is a collective solution that gives single sign on facility to the users. This single sign on offers accesses to the major features of the call center solution as well as CRM software within a single window. There are many businesses that use any of the systems or both of them. The call center CRM integration helps them leverage multiple benefits.

Right now, the situation is quite challenging due to COVID 19 pandemic. In countries like India, there are long lockdowns announced. This has enforced call centers in India and other similar countries with long lockdowns to shift their business operations remotely.

With the help of companies like us, there are many call center solutions India and other countries have achieved BCP (Business Continuity Process). We have helped our call center customers to shift their on-premises call center solution to the cloud call center solution so they can take advantage of cloud telephony.

In addition to shifting to the cloud call center dialer, the companies and call centers also need further advancements to handle customer calls more professionally and efficiently. This is the time when call centers have to give more focus on the First Call Resolution (FCR) in the minimum time possible. This also increases customer satisfaction.

The call center CRM integration helps businesses to achieve these key performance indicators (KPIs). We can quickly provide the integration of both of these systems so the call centers can take advantage of enhanced customer services.

The call center CRM integration gives a CRM pop-up when the call is connected to the customer. This popup fetches the customer information from the CRM system and shows it in the call center solution. The agent who is handling the call of the customer can see all information about the customer as well as his preferences and history.

This helps the agent to give more precise, personalized, and quick responses to the customer. This not only impresses the customer, but it also helps in benefiting the agent to perform better to achieve the first call resolution.

The agents can achieve boosted KPIs and it further boosts their morale so they can perform better the call center CRM integration also helps agents to keep data management with ease. It means all the changes made in any one system will be reflected in another system automatically.

Thus, when a call center software connects a call and CRM popup is shown to the agent, the agent will always have the most recent information of the customer. This will help businesses to achieve increased customer satisfaction.

In some call centers, call volume has increased because of lockdown, and in such cases, it is necessary to keep the call queues shorter without investing in hiring more agents. The call center CRM integration can be really helpful in this type of situation.

We offer call center CRM integration for all types of call center solutions and CRM software. For more details, contact us.


Top 3 Elision Solutions to Beat COVID 19 Lockdown

Top Elision Solutions to Beat COVID 19 Lockdown

COVID 19 cases are increasing all across the globe and to control it, many governments have announced lockdowns in different countries. During the lockdown, many businesses are taking advantage of digitization by enforcing the “Work from Home” model.

The “Work from Home” aka “Remote Work” model is not something professionals practice every day. Thus, it is creating some hurdles. These hurdles are reducing productivity. One of the major challenges faced by companies is the lack of communication or increasing expenses of communication.

We offer the best unified communication solutions which make business communication and collaboration faster and that also at affordable rates. In fact, internal communication can be completely free, by using these solutions.

We have multiple systems and we are going to talk about the top 3 unified communication solution which you can offer. Within a minimum turnaround time, our engineers will deploy the system so you can take its advantage during the Coronavirus related lockdowns or curfew.

1. DialShree: Omnichannel Call Center Solution

It is an omnichannel call center solution which supports the following communication channels:

  • Voice calls
  • Video calls
  • Conference calls
  • Screen sharing
  • Instant messaging (Chat)
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

This is a perfect system for call centers or any organization that handles calls in large volumes. It has many amazing features to support remote work. Furthermore, we have developed a specific module, namely, Remote Agent module, which helps you provide a secure and reliable work from home model to your team. The agents can work even when there is no internet connection.

2. MassMeet: Video Conferencing Solution

It is a video conferencing solution that can be accessed via a web browser. It is mobile friendly. Thus, it can be accessed via any device. The video conferencing system can be used to conduct different meetings and calls when multiple people are involved.

It has various features to make communication more engaging. You can also assure that everyone is paying attention. The video conferencing software can be used by all businesses to handle regular meetings with team, customers, and prospects.

3. Voice and SMS Broadcasting Solution

The Coronavirus combating lockdown has created many issues along with the health issues. The businesses are dealing with multiple things and business compliances change by the government now and then to control the situation. For example, in many countries, the working hours of banks are changed. In this case, it is necessary to keep customers updated about the changing laws and their impact.

The voice broadcasting solution can be used to send a voice message which will be played to customers or audiences when they attend a call. If they do not attend the call in the first attempt, the call broadcasting aka voice broadcasting solution will attempt again. Likewise, the SMS broadcasting system will broadcast text messages to the users. Both systems will show detailed reports.

These are the top 3 solutions which can be really useful to businesses. Contact us to discuss more.


Call Center Salesforce Integration and Its Benefits

Call Center Salesforce Integration and Its Benefits

Call center solution is now a household solution. Almost all companies use this tool in their business. Whether to run customer care operations or to run lead generation operations, small to medium scaled businesses use call center solution these days.

Salesforce is a leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. It not only provides full fledged CRM software, but it also offers a complete enterprise solution to take care of customer relationship related operations.

What is call center Salesforce integration?

Call center Salesforce integration is one type of call center CRM integration. The experts of call center CRM integration such as Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd integrate call center solution with Salesforce CRM integration. Here, the call center solution can be any open source or proprietary call center software such as VICIDial, and DialShree.

Top 3 benefits of call center Salesforce CRM integration:

1. Saved time

The call center CRM integration of any call center software with CRM solution offers amazing features which offer multiple benefits. This is true with Salesforce call center integration as well. One of the benefits is saving the time of employees. For example, this integration adds click to call feature in Salesforce. It helps executives to call a customer without dialing number. For example, if an executive needs to call a customer, all he needs to do is just click on the number or a specified area. As soon as an executive clicks, the call will be connected via call center solution working in the background. There are many as such features that can help in saving time so that they can be used more productively.

2. Better customer care

Similar to all call center CRM integration, this solution helps in multiple ways to deliver better customer care service. The call center Salesforce integration provides similar features to provide an experience to customers. For example, during a live call, an executive can see all information related to the customer. This helps the executive to provide personalized greeting and answers to the customer. There are many as such features that help in delivering better customer care.

3. Increased ROI

The call center Salesforce integration combines the power of Salesforce: CRM solution and call center software. It will save time, increase productivity and increase performance. Furthermore, this integrated solution helps in increasing work. On the other hand, it helps in delivering good customer services so repeat and reference business can be increased. This is how saved time, and money and increased revenues and business ultimately help in increasing returns over investment (ROI).

In a nutshell, the call center Salesforce integration helps in multiple ways to a company to leverage abundant benefits.

We, Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, offer call center CRM integration for different call center solutions and CRM software. Call center Salesforce integration is one of the services offered by us. We can integrate the Salesforce CRM system with any call center software. For more details, contact us.


Call Center CRM Integration Benefits for Insurance Agency

Call Center CRM Integration Benefits to Insurance Agency

Insurance agencies can use different solutions to grow their business. Call center solution and CRM software are some of the top solutions which are used in leveraging various benefits.

Call center solution is a leading tool that can be used by insurance agencies to call prospects and customers as well as to handle incoming calls of the customer. On the other hand, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution can be used to store information about customers.

The call center CRM integration is a process of integrating a call center solution with the CRM system. This integration provides a combined solution to the insurance company. The CRM call center integration offers many benefits to insurance agencies. We will share the top 3 pros of this system that can be leveraged by any insurance companies:

1. Increase customer satisfaction

Generally, customers call into an insurance company to know about their premium date, the benefits of a policy, etc. The call center CRM integration provides many features and one of them is a CRM popup in the call center solution. Thus, when a customer calls in, the insurance agent will see the complete record of the customer. He can use the data of the customer during a live call to make conversation personalized.

Furthermore, the agent can also give suggestions based on the history of the customer. All these and many other use cases of call center CRM integration features help agents to deliver the best possible experience to the customers and thus it increases customer satisfaction ultimately.

2. Increase sales

Insurance agents can pitch customers to buy different policies and other products based on their history saved in the CRM solution. The agent can start by reviewing the customer data in a CRM solution and then simply click on the lead data which will connect the agent to the customer.

The insurance agent can explain information that might be of interest to the customer. This type of sales call is more personalized and that is why chances of selling more policies and products become easier in an insurance company.

3. Increase ROI

One of the most important areas of focus of any business is increasing ROI. The call center CRM integration can contribute to this. It helps in reducing the telecommunication cost by making all calls to the point and personalized. Thus, the overall time spent on the call is reduced.

Furthermore, other resources spent on the customer are also reduced. This helps in reducing the expenses. Furthermore, this solution helps in boosting performance and sales, which increases revenues. This is how the call center CRM integration helps in increasing returns over investment.

These are the top 3 benefits leveraged by insurance agencies with call center CRM integration.

We offer call center solution, CRM system, as well as call center CRM integration. We can integrate any call center software and CRM solution for insurance companies. To know more about our unified communication channels, contact us.


Top 5 Ways to Reduce Call Center Cost

Top Ways to Reduce Call Center Cost

Reducing cost is one of the major factors used by the call centers to measure their success. Reduced costs result in increased savings. Saved money can be used in other operations to push growth and development forward.

In this article, we will talk about different ways to reduce call center costs that can effectively help you reduce expenses.

1. Monitor activities of agents in real time

It is necessary to assure the best performance of agents and even more necessary part of the action in any call center is to make sure that all customers are treated well. At any cost, customers should not feel offended or treated.

Furthermore, it is necessary to keep eyes on agents to make sure they are utilizing their time productively. Advanced call center solutions provide real time monitoring to supervisors and agents. They can make sure each agent is using his time in handling calls and other productive operations.

2. Help in real-time

Call centers often invest a significant amount of money in agent training and coaching which is obviously mass training. It definitely helps in improving skills, but this approach might not be that effective in taking care of identifying the weakness of an agent and working on the same.

Thus, real time monitoring and real-time help can make a bigger difference. You can use various features of a call center software solution which is designed for this operation only. For example, whisper and conference calling features are available to coach agents in real-time about handling calls.

3. Train agents to perform better

As mentioned earlier, real time agent training and coaching is necessary to save time and ultimately money. At the same time, periodic training helps in increasing and sharpening skills in the call center software.

Thus, it is necessary to take training sessions to improve the skills of the agents so they can perform better and save costs spent on long calls, frustrated customers, and lost business.

4. Minimize the cost of the loss of business

The cost of losing an existing customer is way higher than acquiring a new customer. Thus, it is necessary to make sure that your customer care services are the best. The agents have to make sure that the existing customers receive the best services and that also on time.

The first call resolution ratio has to be high in the case of existing customers. You must take the required actions to assure higher customer retention ratio

5. Minimize cost on recruitment

Call centers spend a significant amount of money on recruiting the most skilled agents. Furthermore, call centers invest in sharpening those skills of agents with training and coaching. When a skilled agent leaves the call center, it creates a huge gap in the organization.

Moreover, the cost of recruiting a new agent is quite high and tedious. Thus, a good idea is to retain agents and other staff members so expenses in the recruitment process can be saved. One can keep awards, rewards and some fun activities to keep agents motivated.

These are the top 5 tips to reduce call center costs. To put efforts in the right direction, it is necessary to make sure you use feature rich call center software like DialShree. For more details, contact us.


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