Location : Australia
Since : 2017
“Life and Insurance Reached People Effectively and In a Personalized Manner with Our Multiple Solutions and Services”

Life and Insurance is an Australia based insurance company which had started by a passionate person, Priyank, who aimed to help Australian people to save more and live better. He also aimed to provide better financial protection to Australians with the right cover.

Life and Insurance is one of the leading insurance agencies that offer the best protection with the right cover to its customers. Below is the list of the top types of insurance policies offered by this Australian insurance agency:

  • Life insurance
  • Income protection cover
  • Trauma insurance cover

Priyank, Founder of Life and Insurance, was looking for an IT partner that can provide him needed solutions and IT infrastructure along with the ongoing support to make his business proactively up and running to meet his vision.

The Solution Provided By Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd:

Life and Insurance wanted to set up an infrastructure to showcase their services and reach prospects to educate them about different insurance covers offered by the company and convert them into the customers. To achieve all predefined business goals, this Australia based insurance company needed a reliable partner that can provide all different solutions along with ongoing support services to meet ongoing needs of the company. During its hunt for a reliable solution provider, Priyank from Life and Insurance came across Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which was Elision Technolab LLP at that time. He discussed his vision and requirements to the representative of the company.

Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd provided the complete and expected solution and services as per the requirement of Priyank so he can achieve what he wanted to achieve from technical aspects. To provide the expected solution, the company followed a well defined and professional approach as briefed below:

  • A business development executive of Elision had initial discussions with Priyank to discuss his requirements and solution that he was looking for to meet his needs.
  • The business development executive of Elision had discussions with the technical project manager in Elision who defined the solution to be provided to the customer.
  • The business development executive along with the technical manager had a final discussion with Priyank to propose the solution and with some final alteration, the project scope was defined.
  • The business development executive took care of initial formalities and kick-started the project at Elision to provide a complete solution to Life and Insurance company.
  • The VoIP experts of the company customized the proprietary call center software of the company to offer the required call center solution to reach customers. The web development experts of the company developed different web solutions and web sites and CRM experts of the company performed required customizations to provide the required customized customer relationship management solution.
  • The software testing and quality assurance team performed necessary tests to remove all bugs and assure offering a quality assured solution.
  • The technical deployment team of the company deployed all solutions on the cloud for Life and Insurance as well as made the website live.
  • The required training and documentation then provided by the technical head to the representatives of Life and Insurance company.
Key Features Provided:
Call Center Software:

The company offered DialShree to Life and Insurance. The DialShree is a proprietary call center software solution of Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It has the following features:

  • Web based call center solution to provide remote access
  • Inbound calling
  • Outbound calling
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution for inbound and outbound calling
  • Dashboard
  • Management of leads
  • Live call view
  • Auto dialer
  • Music on hold (MoH)
  • Barge-in
  • Progressive dialer
  • Manual dialer
  • Voice call recording and playback
  • Power dialer
  • Skill based call routing
  • Do not Disturb control
  • ACD (Advanced Call Distribution)
  • Call routing to the longest idle agent
  • Predictive dialer
  • Call queues
  • Blind call transfer
  • Attended call transfer
  • Live agent monitoring
  • 3-way conferencing
  • Management of campaigns
  • Voicemail
  • Call scheduler
  • Abandoned call statistics
  • Whisper
  • Call hold and retrieve
  • Management of SIP trunk
  • Management of DID
  • Call snooping
  • Sticky agent
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Real time call statistics
  • Call intervention
  • Agent performance report
  • Call back
  • Campaign performance report
  • Graphical report
  • After call work
  • Average hold time
  • Statistics of trunk utilization
  • Statistics of abandoned calls
  • Status of captured leads after dialing
  • 100% call recording
  • SMS broadcasting
  • Standard reports
  • And many more

The VoIP experts of the company also performed required customizations in the call center solution to make it fit the daily operations of Life and Insurance company.

CRM Solution:
  • Dashboard
  • Campaign management
  • Phone calls
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Digital Signature
  • Purchase order management for insurances
  • Insurance provide management
  • Forecast
  • Opportunity management
  • Lead management
  • Invoice
  • SMS notifications
  • Email notifications
  • Price book
  • Payment
  • Reports
  • And more

The CRM experts of Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd perform multiple customizations in the CRM solution to provide value added features to Life and Insurance. The customizations were made to automate multiple operations to assure efficiency, accuracy, and on-time actions. Below is the list of customizations made by CRM experts of Elision:

  • Integrated digital signature from an authorized provider in the CRM solution to insert digital signature in the required documentation. The team of Elision took the necessary steps to get this digital signature for Life and Insurance and then integrated it into the CRM solution.
  • Added automation in documentation using DocuSign and its integration in the CRM solution.
  • Customized the email module in the CRM solution and added multiple triggers to send an automated email. For example, when someone shows interest in the insurance offered by Life and Insurance, it sends an email to the prospect or customer. Some of the email automation triggers are listed below:
    • Send an email when someone shows interest in one of the insurance covers offered by Life and Insurance
    • Send an email of insurance cover details when the needs are identified based on a specific status of the lead
    • Send a welcome email along with the documentations when someone subscribes to the insurance cover
    • Send a reminder email for the required documents
    • Send a reminder email for premium payment
    • Send an acknowledgement email on the payment receipt
  • Developed policy module and integrated the same in the CRM solution
  • Customized SMS module as per the business needs of the Life and Insurance
  • CRM field mapping customization
  • Customization to generate authentication key mapping based on predefined criteria And more
Web Development:

Team Elision developed two websites for Life and Insurance company with all required elements. Both, websites are developed to generate and capture new leads.


To provide a holistic solution and a tightly interconnected system that help in automating different operations, the team Elision performed different integrations for Life and Insurance company:

  • CRM Web form integration
    The web forms of the websites of Life and Insurance company are integrated with the CRM solution. Thus, every time if someone fills in the form on the website. The lead will be transferred to the CRM solution.
  • Integration of CRM with different lead capturing sources
    The CRM solution of Life and Insurance company is integrated with multiple sources from where the company gets inquiries and leads. All the sources are connected to the CRM in a way that whenever a form is filled or inquiry is raised with any other source, it gets added in the CRM solution on its own.
  • CRM Call Center integration
    The call center software and CRM solution are integrated with each other in a way that both works in a harmony. The lead data can be pushed from one source to another. For example, based on the filled form, the disposition can be created and the priority can be assigned to the leads. The call center software will dial the call with one of the automated dialers of the solution based on the assigned priority. Also, the disposition mentioned in the call center software can trigger any action in the CRM solution such as sending an automated email from the CRM system based on the disposition mentioned in the call center solution.
  • CRM DocuSign integration
    Certain types of automation in documentation and email operations are achieved with the integration of DocuSign in the CRM solution.
  • CRM Digital Signature Integration
    The digital signature is integrated in the CRM solution so the documents can be authorized and signed with the digital signature.
Call Center Widget:

The team of Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd performed integration of the call center solution and CRM software to provide a CRM widget in the call center software and a dialer widget in the CRM solution. The functionalities of both widgets are briefed below:

  • CRM widget in the call center solution:
    • The call center software will open the CRM popup of the customer or prospect during the live call. This CRM widget is the record fetched from the CRM solution and shown to the agent in the call center solution.
    • The agent can use the customer or prospect record CRM popup to provide personalized pitch to increase call success ration.
    • The agent can also add or edit the CRM record within the call center solution during the live call by making changes in this popup.
    • The data can be pushed from the CRM software to the call center system and from the call center solution to the CRM system.
    • The reports will display the change logs to trace all changes made in the customer or prospect record along with the details of the time and the name of the agent that made the change.
  • Call center dialer widget in the CRM solution:
    • The CRM solution gets a click to call functionality in the lead records.
    • Whenever an agent clicks on the lead record, a call gets generated within the CRM solution, but via the call center software running in the background.
    • The agent can see the call center dialer widget in the CRM solution during the live call and can take certain actions such as
      • Call hold
      • Call pickup
      • Call mute
      • Call unmute
      • Call transfer
    • Once the call is finished, the agent can add the disposition via the widget in the CRM system that will be added to the call center solution.
Results Obtained:

The team of Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd created the complete IT and VoIP infrastructure for Life and Insurance company as per the requirements defined by Priyank. All integrations were performed to increase automation in operations so all customers and prospects are handled with the best customer service. The team Elision performed required configurations of server and system remotely to make the website and the whole IT infrastructure live for this Australia based insurance company. Since then, Life and Insurance company has been using the solution provided by Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd and achieved the following results:

  • Received a one stop solution for the whole company
  • Started and expanded business with efficient operations
  • Achieved cost saving up to 58.32%
  • Achieved agent productivity by 98.85%
  • Handled 100% leads during the stipulated time
  • Assured best management of all records, documents, etc.
  • Reduced call abandoned rates up to 85.67%
  • Increased customer satisfaction up to 92.98%
  • Increased business growth with 600% speed.
  • Extended business offerings to increase revenue channels
  • Amplified customer retention up to 97.83%
  • 99.99% uptime of the system
  • And more

Life and Insurance company is one of the delighted customers of Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The business started with the solutions offered by Elision and till date, the company uses all the solutions of Elision. Since then, this insurance company in Australia also uses the customization and development services offered by Elision for its call center software, CRM solution, and web properties.

Customer Testimonial:

I gave up my job to provide a better life to Australians by giving them much needed life insurance covers. I had a clear vision and that’s why I wanted a partner instead of a vendor. I found that partner in Elision as they understood my vision and helped me achieve the same with their extraordinary services and the most efficient solutions. The team of Elision is skilled and versatile. They gave me many valuable suggestions from a technical perspective to help me serve my customers better. I am still using their services and thoroughly impressed with the same. – Priyank, Founder, Life and Insurance company

Our Experience:

Priyank is an enthusiastic guy and I must say he is a visionary entrepreneur. We are glad to provide him exactly what he wanted and some value added services as well. Some parts of the projects were very challenging from a technical perspective, but with our skilled team, we could achieve those as well. We appreciate the patience and support Priyank shown throughout the project cycle. We look forward to working with Priyank and Life and Insurance company for many more years.