Location :Mumbai, Maharashtra
Since : Jan, 2013
“Automated office IVR from Elision helps Natural ICE Cream corporate office to handle daily Office calls & Franchise inquire automatically.”

Established in 1984 in Mumbai, Natural ice cream has been pioneer in making artisan ice creams using only fruits, dry fruits, chocolates, milk and sugar. They add no preservatives or stabilizers in their product. This idea was conceptualised by Mr. R S Kamath, CMD of Kamaths Ourtimes ice creams Pvt. Ltd

The best way to turn something into a great success is to use your knowledge about the one thing you are passionate about. The success story of Natural Ice Cream lies in the extensive knowledge of Mr. Kamath who created a revolution in frozen dessert in India. He used his expertise in fruit and the traditional process of making ice cream. Deep in tradition and true to our roots, Natural Ice Cream redefines the combination of traditional and modern creativity.

They have combined traditional and contemporary methods of making ice cream at their 25,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art factory in Mumbai

  • ➔ Single Site deployment
  • ➔ Domestic Setup
  • ➔ Total No. of Analog Lines : 4
  • ➔ Total Office Extensions: 30
  • ➔ MATRIX FXS Gateway : 32 Port
  • ➔ Panasonic ePBX
  • ➔ Elision IVRS server
  • ➔ 3rd Party CRM Application
Challenge :
  • 1) IVR based call routing
  • 2) Integrating 3 different modules : Elision IVR server, Panasonic Epbx, Matrix Gateway device.
  • 3) 3rd Party CRM integration via API to get customer records updated.
  • 4) Getting caller Id from analog lines and provide in API for CRM integration.
Solution from Elision :

Natural Ice Cream Choose IVRS setup Solution from Elision for their entire Head office telephonic setup which is located in Mumbai. Below modules / functionalities were chosen as part of service from Elision.

  • 1) IVR System for handling automated incoming calls
  • 2) Multi language IVR setup with multi levels
  • 3) Multilevel IVR has option for language selection & franchise application via IVR.
  • 4) Digital Voice Recording for all calls
  • 5) Auto call transfer from one extension to another if it is not answered by first extension.
  • 6) Attending the call even though person is not available and provide options to leave a Voice Mail
  • 7) Pre-Recorded Advertisement for customers who are in Call Queues
  • 8) Office Extension setup
Customization Offer:
  • 1) Use of existing Panasonic Epbx and route the incoming calls through the IVR giving an multi options to customer
  • 2) Integrating 3rd party CRM with the IVR system to fetch existing customer data via phone number.
  • 3) Listening of Voice Mail directly from phone by providing input from phone Keyboard i.e DTMF
  • 4) Listen to recorded calls by IVRS system from the third party CRM application.
Key Business Benefits:
  • 1) Print and provide only one number for all the departments in advertisements and brochures.
  • 2) Will impress callers and increases the reputation of your brand name by greeting with Welcome Message.
  • 3) Excellent customer satisfaction
  • 4) Attending the call even though person is not available.
  • 5) Multilingual greetings to the caller.
  • 6) It is very useful when you have to distribute same type of information to every caller.
  • 7) Elision IVR works 24 hours a day and it never greets a caller with tired voice
  • 8) Auto call transfer from one extension to another if it is not answered by first extension
Call Flow Explanation:
  • 1) Customer Calls on phone number of natural office and Call Lands on Panasonic ePBX
  • 2) Panasonic ePBX forward to Matrix GW
  • 3) Matrix sends the call to IVR Server which will play WELCOME message & entire IVR as per Natural requirement.
  • 4) User will be prompt with Language option (Hindi / English) & than (press 1 for Franchise & press 2 for Operator). Once user press 2 call will forward to Matrix GW.
  • 5) From Matrix device a phone will be connected to Reception desk.
  • 6) From Matrix phone extension at Reception can transfer call to any Panasonic ePBX extension.
Diagrammatic Explanation: