Location : Mumbai
Since : September 2015

Since 1970, Topsgrup has been in existence and serving the high profile VIP clients with its service in Mumbai, India. The company offers the rescue and help service to the VIP people such as Bollywood celebrities, politicians, etc. with their emergency helpline numbers. With a single call by the registered customers of the company, the company sends the nearest rescue van for help. The Topsgrup assists during medical, fire and vehicle emergency faced by the high profile clients.

The Challenges Faced By the Company

As Topsgrup is an emergency helpline service provider with emergency numbers. They need to stay available all the time. Moreover, they need quick mechanisms by which they can instantly send the nearest van to rescue their customer in an emergency. With the system, they were using earlier, they were facing certain issues such as:

  • No clear logs for each call
  • No mechanism to track the emergency vans’ location
  • Slow system to verify and match the information about the caller
  • No mechanism to track calls and agent activities
  • No reporting facility
The Solution Provided By Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Back in 2015, Topsgrup approached Elision Techolab LLP to get a more reliable, stable and secure solution with custom features. The core agenda to be met was to introduce a system which can strengthen their contact center and service. Also, they can get the clear logs and reports of each activity took place.

Below is the step by step procedure followed by our team to assist Topsgrup to get the desired solution:

  • Our business development team had a detailed discussion with the representatives of the Topsgrup to understand the existing system and their expected solution.
  • The BD team passed the gathered information to our development team, which proposed following solution:
  • Setup and installation of our custom contact center solution so each incoming and outgoing call can be handled via it. This call center solution also added more advanced features for calling compared to the earlier system used by the company.
  • We integrated this call center solution with the CRM system so the agent can fetch the related information for the call they handle. Moreover, the proposed system tracks the CLI of an incoming call to fetch the address of the caller from the database from the TOPS line CRM database.
  • We added GPS tracking and coordination mechanism in the system by which an agent can locate the nearby TOPS van to be sent to rescue in minimum time possible.
    • We added call recording to keep track of each call.
    • The contact center solution of Elisiontec has custom reports based on the criteria of area, complaint, crime, etc.
  • Our designing team ensures to provide the user friendly admin and user panel to keep it easy to use.
  • Our QA team managed to ensure we deliver 100% bug free system.
    • The solution is deployed for the Mumbai branch of the company.
How it works?
  • The registered customers call on the emergency numbers, which is routed and received over the Elision Contact Center solution.
  • The agent receives the call system fetch information of the caller such as an address and other details so the agent can give a quick and personalized answer to the caller.
  • The agent registers a complaint.
  • The collected details are passed to the dispatcher who has the system to locate the nearest Topsgrup van using the mounted GPS tracking mechanism.
  • The dispatcher team contact the Van team via our Contact center solution through a call or an SMS, and Van go to address the complaint at quickest possible.

All the calls and SMS are routed through Elision Contact Center solution which uses the Sangoma PRI card. The Sangoma PRI card makes call routing seamless and stable for the whole contact center as well as customers.

E1 PRI Line
Key Features Provided:
  • Inbound calling
  • Outbound calling
  • SMS support
  • Call recording for all calls
  • Sticky agent so the caller can talk to the same agent, he talked last time
  • 3rd party GPS tracking system integration with our solution
  • Real time call logs and reports
  • Custom reports based on area, complaint, etc.
Functional Environment of offered Solution:

We have offered a turnkey contact center solution with custom features. A quick brief of functional environment is listed below:

  • Domestic Contact Center Solution with 5 seats
  • 16 extensions
  • 2 PRI Lines
  • 2 Port Sangoma PRI cards
  • 1 Analog gateway with 16 ports
Result Obtained

With the implementation of our proposed solution, the company was able to achieve the following results:

  • 100% uptime registered with our contact center software and Sangoma Hardware which made system stable.
  • Seamless inbound and outbound calling is achieved with Sangoma PRI cards.
  • Complete security of data.
  • Failover support
  • Unified agent and customer interaction
  • Clear logs and call recording
  • Detailed and custom reports
  • Improved service model
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Remote access of the system
  • Easy management
Result Obtained

With the implementation of our proposed solution, the company was able to achieve the following results:

  • Better customer relationship model with independent calling solution
  • Uniformity in response to customer for all calls
  • Complete communication solution with all required channels: voice, SMS, email.
  • Complete ownership of process, data and system. This saved a lot of time of staff of the branch and each department
  • Stable solution with 100% uptime with help of Sangoma hardware
  • Seamless calling experience by integrating PRI lines with the contact center solution using Sangoma PRI card
  • Increased customer satisfaction by 98% as they get routed to the most skilled agent
  • Improved work proficiency of staff by 97%
  • Brand benefits due to professional communication features such as IVR
  • Remote access to the system using the web based solution
  • Custom and real time reports to measure different working areas and improvement areas
  • Disaster recovery to keep the system running even in case of failure
  • Scalable and flexible system which can easily get customized with feature enhancement in the future
  • Reduced cost of operations by 89%
  • Increased ROI by 78%
  • And more
Customer Testimonial:

We are really happy that we switched to the contact center solution offered by the Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It is very advanced and detailed compared to our previous system. It gives us all required features, so now we are able to serve our customers in a better way. We have improved our service model and customer satisfaction ratio. Thanks to Elisiontec.

What Elision Wants To Say?:

It was great working with the Topsgrup. It was a different project as they needed some custom features. We are happy to make this project successful. We are thankful to the team, which coordinated with us during requirement understanding and deployment phase. They are still our customer and we are looking forward to help them for many more years with our services.